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A4 printing


In Products > Printing

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Entrust your A4 prints to COPYMAGE: professional quality, choice of finishes and 4-hour express delivery guaranteed.

Informative posters, product sheets, advertising brochures: A4 is the most popular print format. format is the one we all useIt is the format we all use when printing classic documents, especially on our home printer.

Informative posters, product sheets, advertising brochures: A4 is the most popular print format. format is the one we all useIt is the format we all use when printing classic documents, especially on our home printer.

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The different types of paper available for A4 printing

As for printing A3 or A5you can choose between different types of paper to print your documents in A4 format:

  • Standard white paper is the one most often used, the classic paper we all know. It is the one that will offer you the best value for money.
  • Coated paper is a paper coated with a specific product that makes it more resistant but also to obtain a better colour reproduction. It is the ideal paper for printing photos as it will allow you to obtain a result as close to reality as possible.
  • The laid paper shows fine horizontal lines that give the document a more traditional appearance.
  • Textured paperis a paper with an original, slightly grainy texture, which makes it possible to achieve asophisticated, high-end result . It is often used to make invitations or menus for special events.

The papers offered by COPYMAGE exist in different weights ranging from 80g to 300g to adapt to your different needs and constraints: economical and light for a temporary support or, on the contrary, rigid and very good handling for a very qualitative aspect of your support.

The dimensions of the A4 print

If of course you use it very frequently in your daily life, do you know the origin of the A4 format? 

It is the most widely used format in France, both in the private and professional sectors. This is also the case in Japan, unlike other countries such as Canada and the United States which use a specific format, the US Letter format. 

The A4 print size is set by a standardstandard, the ISO 216 standard. This standard formalises all the formats used in the printing industry and provides a basis for the size of the documents to be printed.

With its dimensions : 210 x 297 mm, or 21 x 29.7 cm, the A4 print size is half the size of an A2 and a quarter of an A0.

The uses of A4 print format

Like the A5 format, which is very commonly used for printing flyer distributed during street-marketing operations, the A4 printing format is more often chosen when the quantity of information to be transmitted is substantial, as is the case for product sheets, menus, etc.

At an event such as a show, an open day or a conference, a document in A4 format can be used to inform all participants about the programme for the day and to add a map of the venue if necessary.

This type of document is also ideal for sales pitch sheets containing all the pre-established answers for sales representatives to help them during sales negotiation meetings.

Remember that your A4 document can be folded in half. Once closed, it will take up the same space as an A5 document but with twice the surface area, ideal for presenting your products and services. Discover the COPYMAGE range of leaflets and all its format and finishing options for a practical and effective communication medium!

Frequently asked questions about A4 printing

Is it possible to get a proof before confirming my order?

Yes, this is quite possible. A proof is available as an option for each of the documents we offer for printing, whether it is for an A4 print, a flyer print or a business card order.
If you are interested in this option, you will receive a print proof which will allow you to see the final result you can see exactly how your order will look once it is finished. that you will obtain once your order is printed.
Once you have checked that the result is to your liking, all you have to do is reply to us to give us your approval so that we can start printing.

Is the A4 print order only for companies?

Absolutely not, you can order an A4 print without having to do so for professional purposes or on behalf of a company. Many associations as well as public services use this format to print documents to display in their premises or to send to their members.
We also regularly receive requests to print CVs, letters of interest and other documents.We also regularly receive requests to print CVs, cover letters, diplomas or even tickets for shows..
Each document is checked by us free of charge by us before printing, you don't have to worry: we will contact you before printing A4 if we detect any problem on your file.

Good to know: at the bottom of the page you will find a guide to ensure that your document to be printed complies with the standards concerning cut lines and bleeds. This guide will ensure that nothing is missing from your document once it has been printed by our machines.


Why have A4 documents printed by a professional printer? 

While it is possible to print A4 documents yourself, using a printer ensures a professional and high-quality result. professional and high quality result.
By using a printing company, you can choose between several types of paper and paper types and weights and have your documents laminatedyour documents if you wish.
Similarly, printing A4 documents in large quantities in-house can be expensive and expensive and time-consuming.
Entrusting this task to a professional printing company like COPYMAGE will allow you to work on other projects while we take care of your printing.

How quickly can you deliver the A4 print?

We do our utmost to adapt to the needs of our customers. For this reason, we offer you several solutions for delivery or collection of your order:

  • The classic 48-hour delivery, offered for purchases of 40€ or more, excluding taxes. 
  • Daytime delivery to the location of your choice by courier 
  • Express delivery in less than an hour, so you can collect your order yourself from our printing works at 8 Rue Saint-Roch in Paris

Thanks to our continuous production system and our high-performance machinerywe can offer you to collect your order for printing flyers, product sheets or any other document within 1 hour.

By delivering your delivering your file before 12:00we will be able to deliver your order your order the same day by courier or directly from our print shop located at 8 Rue Saint-Roch in Paris

If you have an urgent request for an A4 print or another format, it is best to contact us directly by telephone so that we can discuss the feasibility of your request.

Which envelope should I choose to send my documents without folding them? 

When sending an A4 document such as a letter, it is usual to fold it in three and send it with a DL envelope (100x210mm) envelope. This is the classic envelope format.

However, if you want to send a document in A4 print format without folding it so that it remains intact, such as a product sheet or an event programme, you should opt for a C4 mailing envelope.

This envelope measures 229×324 mm, so you can easily fit an A4 size document in it without having to fold it.

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