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Custom window printing


In Products > Window dressing

Opt for window stickers, readable both indoors and outdoors

Used by many professionals, customised window stickers allow you to communicate effectively while personalising a shop window. With COPYMAGE, print your adhesives quickly on a quality vinyl film and take advantage of numerous customisation options.

Used by many professionals, customised window stickers allow you to communicate effectively while personalising a shop window. With COPYMAGE, print your adhesives quickly on a quality vinyl film and take advantage of numerous customisation options.


  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Clear or white vinyl
  • Customised dimensions
  • Easy to install & remove

Price of your window vinyl


Printed and cut adhesive vinyl can be used to communicate and dress up a shop window by creating a unique and customised decor thanks to the customised cut. It can also be used to make a sign or a panel.

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The formats and shapes of cut-outs available to you

To enable you to communicate effectively thanks to window stickers perfectly adapted to your window decoration projects, we offer you different formats:

  • The A2 format (42 x 60 cm)
  • The A1 format (60 x 84 cm)
  • A0 format (84 x 120 cm)

If none of these formats suit your needs, you can also opt for the customised window sticker format to choose the dimensions of your window sticker yourself.

After printing, your stickers will be cut with professional machines to give them the shape of your choice. You can opt for :

Here again, it is possible to personalise your window sticker by choosing a customised cut for any size of window. In this case, you will just need to add a layer to your file called "cut" on which the cutting lines will appear.

Media available for mirror sticker printing

The window decals we offer are printed on a highly resistant monomeric vinyl film designed for all types and sizes of glass, with a maximum life span of three years. Vinyl film is a material that is difficult to tear and is not affected by moisture or UV rays.

To allow you to customise the look of your adhesive, we offer two options:

  • Transparent vinyl film, which is translucent and allows the interior of the shop to be seen through the glass. This vinyl allows the edges of the adhesive to blend in perfectly with the glass, which is very useful when printing complex visuals.
  • White vinyl film, which is totally opaque and therefore offers better colour rendition. This vinyl can also be used to hide what is behind the glass and therefore create a confidential area in offices or rooms that are not accessible to the public.

If you wish to opt for a transparent vinyl while making certain parts of the visual of your window sticker opaque, you can choose the "white backing" option. This option allows you to add an opaque area underneath the colours on the film, ideal for displaying white elements that are transparent by default. With this option, you need to add a layer to your visual called "support white", indicating the areas you want to make opaque.

The different uses of window dressing

A shop window can quickly seem empty, especially when it is large enough. However, it is an excellent medium for communicating and informing customers. Thanks to window stickers, you can create a personalised window sticker that will allow you to decorate your window and quickly personalise it according to the time of year: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.

100% customisable, made-to-measure window stickers are an original, easy-to-install and inexpensive means of communication. Window dressing is ideal for announcing a change of ownership, a destocking period or private sales.

Finally, window tape is very much in demand in sectors requiring a certain degree of confidentiality, such as banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, etc. Indeed, this adhesive allows the interior of an office or a sign to be blurred while allowing light to pass through.

Features and benefits of customised window graphics

What makes window stickers so special is the way they work. Unlike traditional adhesives, window stickers are intended to be placed indoors while being visible from the outside. Printed with a mirror effect, the window sticker makes it possible to send a message to those inside the shop as well as to those in front of the window.

Although all of our stickers are printed on high quality, UV and weather resistant vinyl film, the fact that they can be adhered indoors significantly extends their lifespan. Easy to maintain, the window decals can also be easily removed at the end of a marketing campaign without damaging the substrate or leaving glue residue.

Another advantage of vitrophanie is that placing the adhesives inside an office or business exempts you from the tax on advertising and signs (TLPE), which only concerns elements placed on the facade. An excellent way to communicate effectively while saving money!

And if you want to multiply your communication supports, COPYMAGE offers you other models of adhesives and stickers to deploy during your advertising campaigns. Feel free to browse our references for bumper stickers, stickers with transfer film or transparent stickers.

Frequently asked questions about customised window graphics

How to apply adhesive cleanly and easily?

For your window sticker to adhere perfectly, the film must be applied to a clean, dry and grease-free glass surface. Always start with the centre of your adhesive and gradually work your way to the edges, removing air bubbles with a squeegee or a rigid payment card-type support.

To help you centre your adhesive on the glass and ensure that it is straight, you can mark out the area before hand with masking tape.

What do I need to know before creating the window sticker design?

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your adhesive, especially if you want it to cover your entire window. We therefore advise you to measure the surface several times and to leave a margin of a few centimetres, which you can remove neatly with a cutter in case it goes over.

Next, think about contacting the town hall or the prefecture of the town where your business is located to find out if there is a RLP (Local Advertising Regulation) which establishes very precise rules in terms of visual communication. If this is the case, an authorisation request will have to be made before you can display your stickers in your window.

How to prepare the file for printing?

To ensure that the images in your file are of excellent quality when printed, we recommend that you use very high resolution images (minimum 300 dpi). Also, it is essential that your file is vectorised to ensure that the images do not move if they need to be enlarged or shrunk.

To avoid elements being displaced by the software used on your window sticker, we recommend that you send us all your files in PDF format.

Finally, remember to check the colour settings of your file: the colours must be in CMYK format and not in RGB format, which is only used for visuals intended for the web. If you make a mistake, the colours printed on your window sticker will be different from those you selected in your design software.

COPYMAGE guarantees your complete satisfaction by systematically checking each file received free of charge before printing.

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