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Printing of advertising panels and business signs

Advertising signs: the choice of maximum visibility for a controlled budget.
Advertising signs, business signs, nameplates or real estate signs: the printing of rigid panels is useful for professionals, local authorities and even private individuals.
At COPYMAGE, we offer you several formats, supports and cutting forms in order to personalise all your your advertising panels as much as you like. An ideal way to stand out from the competition while controlling your budget!


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The ideal support for your prize-giving events


Standard A2 size printing


Custom sign printing


Thickness 3mm or 5mm
Made to measure - Available in 4H


Ultra light, ideal for commercial presentations or decorative posters


Customised akilux construction sign


Ultra strong and light PVC Forex panel


Ultra light and strong, in 3 thicknesses: 3, 5 or 10 mm. 


Very light product - Matte printing
5mm or 10mm - Available in 4h


Custom sign printing


100% customised plate in brass, plexiglass, PVC or aluminium Dibond


Formats and finishes for advertising panels at COPYMAGE

When you order your billboard printing, you can choose between several formats up to A0 or opt for a customised format. The possibility of choosing a large format such as A0 is ideal for allowing your billboards to be visible from a great distance.

As far as finishes are concerned, there are a large number of possibilities: 

  • PVC forexis both light and very resistant. This material is rot-proof and allows the advertising panels to to resist to bad weatherall for a very very affordable price. Its smooth, white surface makes information visible from both near and far. It is ideal for decorating business premises as well as points of sale or commercial establishments.
  • Plexiglas printingPlexiglas is atransparent and strongmaterial. It is a high-end medium that allows images and photos to be highlighted with a high degree of brilliance, making it perfect for creating decorative displays in your premises.
    Plexiglas printing can be used to create original and modern business signs or to create exterior signs on a business façade to catch the eye while letting light through to the interior. The thin protective film that covers it makes it very resistant to UV and humidity.
  • Akilux, also known as PVC honeycombis as light as cardboard. Very economical, easy to transport and to install along a fence or on a balcony, this material is preferable for one-off displays such as during a building site, for displaying a building permit or a property sale for example.
  • White aluminium or brushed aluminium are materials used for the creation of advertising panels that are designed to remain in place for many years because they are extremely resistant. Aluminium-dibond is aparticularly robust material: durable, rigid and smooth, it can be used for indoor and outdoor advertising.
    Its white or metallic surface is
    justas effective for decorating a space as it is for signage. Design and aesthetics, this material is ideal for decorating public areas that wish to convey a prestigious image.
  • The featherboard, also called SmartXThe featherboard, also known as featherboard, is intended for indoor use only. Lightweight and inexpensive, it is perfect for seasonal decoration, for example during the holidays or sales.
    is also a medium used by graphic designers wishing to print models but also by many artists and architects because it allows them to obtain a professional result by presenting their graphic proposal or their plan on a rigid medium and in volume while controlling their budget .

Our advice: consider adding the option "drilling at the four corners to your order so that you can hang all your billboards where you want them easily and quickly.

The different uses of billboards 

Advertising signs can be used to to clearly indicate the name of a sign, to decorate a shop or to act as a shop front. Often used by trade professionals to highlight a product or promotion, rigid signs are highly valued for their solidity and resistanceThey are very appreciated for their strength and resistance, whether they are placed indoors or outdoors.

Available in a variety of sizes, signs and billboards can also be used to decorate a workspace or guide or to guide the public during a trade fair or seminar for example.

Sometimes also used as a photo printing mediumFor events such as weddings or birthdays, rigid board printing can be used to customise a selfie frame, ideal for guests to keep as a souvenir. For events such as weddings or birthdays, printing on rigid panels can be used to customise a selfie frame, ideal for guests to keep memorable souvenirs of the event.

Among the advertising panels available on this page, the signage panels are among the most useful. They can be used for : 

  • Delimiting a work zone or a construction site
  • To share essential essential information (change of owner, emergency exit, etc)
  • Indicate specific areas such as fishing or such as fishing or hunting areas, bicycle paths or pedestrian zones
  • Reporting a prohibition (private property, place forbidden to the public, no parking, etc)
  • Promoting a property for sale or rent for sale or rent

Frequently asked questions about rigid panels 

What are the advantages of an outdoor and indoor billboard? 

In addition to their practicality, especially when it comes to signage, advertising panels are excellent communication media.

Indeed, a well-designed sign printed on a high-end medium will not only make it easier for your potential customers to find you, but will also make you stand out from the competition. stand out from the competition. The materials intended to be displayed indoors can help you to personalise your premises at a lower cost.

Both durable and budget-friendly, rigid panels can last for years and can withstand weather and climate changes perfectly if the material is well chosen. They are a popular communication medium for their effectiveness, and their large size will ensure that you are visible from a great distance to attract new customers.

How do you create an impactful and effective sign? 

It all depends on how you intend to use your rigid signs. If you are printing a professional sign, it is essential to to include information that makes it easy for your customers to contact you easily:

  • Name and surname
  • Profession and specialisation 
  • Opening hours 
  • Telephone and/or email contact details. 

As far as the actual billboard is concerned, the key is to be clear and concise. You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of potential customers and make them want to know more. You should therefore not overload your billboards with information. Here are some key points:

  • Prioritise the information and get to the point
  • Choose a simple and legible font
  • Adapt the size of the font to the location of your outdoor billboard: the further away it is from the road or passageway, the larger the writing should be
  • Make sure you choose the printing medium according to the future location of your sign (placed indoors or outdoors)
  • Use elements related to your graphic charter (logo, colours, etc.) to ensure immediate recognition of your company.
  • Make sure that the size of your sign will fit properly in its final location.

Our advice: stand out from the competition by playing the card of originality thanks to the personalized cut!