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Square brochure printing


In Products > Brochure & Folders

The square brochure: the ideal support to stand out from the crowd

Among all the possibilities available to you for designing your brochures and folders, the square brochure is a choice that combines elegance and originality.

At Copymage, we offer many finishes for your square brochure.

Among all the possibilities available to you for designing your brochures and folders, the square brochure is a choice that combines elegance and originality.

At Copymage, we offer many finishes for your square brochure.

  • Time limit 4H
  • Binding: Stapled
  • 4 to 40 pages
  • Wide choice of papers & formats
  • Optional lamination on cover
  • Economical solution for a professional look

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The advantages of the square brochure

The advantages of the square brochure are numerous, let us remember three main ones:

  • First of all, the square format brochure appeals by its modernity and originality. It allows your brand to stand out from the crowd andattract the attention of your customers and prospects.
  • Secondly, choosing to design a square brochure demonstrates your creativity and independence of mind. This square brochure becomes the ambassador of a bold brand image.
  • The square brochure offers a nice printable surface and is easy to lay out. The text and illustrations are naturally airy, which makes it very comfortable to read.

What finishes for your square brochure?

  • The size

At Copymage, we offer two standard sizes for your square brochure:

  • The 20 x 20 cm format: a 20 x 20 cm square format brochure offers an appreciable printable surface that allows beautiful illustrations to be displayed alongside structured and hierarchical texts. It will find a place of choice on the counter of your store.
  • The 15 x 15 cm format: its smaller size makes your 15 x 15 cm square format brochure easy to carry by your customers and prospects. It will be a great marketing asset during professional events.

But the possibilities are much wider because at Copymage, we offer to make your brochure in a custom square format. You are free to choose the dimensions.

  • Inside pages

For the inside pages of your square brochure, we suggest you choose a paper with a weight between 80 and 135 g/m2. A lighter weight will allow you to conduct a communication campaign by mail while keeping shipping costs low. A heavier weight will give more elegance to your brochure with each page being slightly thicker.

Regardless of the weight you choose, we invite you to choose between coated papers (i.e., the paper benefits from the application of a layer of mineral products) matte or glossy. The matte coated paper offers a chic and sober look, while the glossy coated paper allows a better enhancement of the colors of the illustrations.

  • The cover

For the cover, it is customary to choose a paper with a slightly higher weight than that of the inside pages to stiffen and consolidate your support. A semi-rigid paper of 170 g/m2 will for example offer an excellent holding and a very high quality aspect to your square brochure. Again, you can choose this paper in matte or glossy version.

Then, at Copymage, we offer a choice of several complementary finishes that will add an extra touch of originality and elegance to your square brochure:

  • A matte, glossy or "soft touch" lamination will nicely finalize the cover of your square brochure while increasing its resistance.
  • A selective varnish or a 3D varnish that will highlight your company's logo or the flagship product of your range for example.
  • Binding

For a square brochure, we advise you to choose a stapled binding (also called "saddle stitching" or "two metal stitches") which combines sobriety and elegance. By allowing each page to open completely flat, the stapled brochure offers great reading comfort and allows illustrations or even text to run across two adjacent pages.

However, this binding method has two limitations:

  • The total number of pages in your square brochure must be a multiple of 4.
  • The total number of pages in your square brochure should be between 4 and 40 (this maximum number may vary depending on the weight of the paper chosen).

If you wish, you can also bind your square brochure by other methods:

  • Spiral binding can be an economical and quick alternative that will make your square brochure look like a notepad.
  • The glued square back binding, available only from 40 pages, will give a "catalog" look to your square brochure.

Frequently asked questions about the square brochure

What other brochure formats are possible?

Beyond the square brochure, there are many other formats to choose from.

  • The A4 format (297 x 210 mm) is a classic and efficient format for a brochure. It allows you to obtain a brochure which will have the shape of a large format notebook offering, consequently, a large printable surface for your texts and your illustrations.
  • The A5 format (210 x 148 mm) is a very popular format for the design of commercial or advertising brochures. This compact format makes the brochure easily transportable by customers and prospects.
  • The A6 format (148 x 105 mm) allows you to produce brochures the size of a postcard. This format is very practical for a marketing campaign by mail or a hand to hand distribution in the street or at the entrance of a trade show.

Finally, at Copymage, we offer to make your brochures to measure, allowing you to choose the exact size and shape.

What other products are available in square format?

Apart from the square brochure, other communication supports can be realized in square format:

  • The flyer: a square flyer can be the clever complement to a square brochure. It is an excellent marketing tool, simple and economical to print, and can be distributed by mail or to passers-by in the street. The originality of the square flyer will not fail to catch the attention of your prospects and lead them to the square brochure that will echo it.
  • The square business cardsThe business card must be memorable to be effective. Square business cards are a great way to make an impression on people you meet at trade shows, for example. Again, if your square brochure is reminiscent of the format of your business cards, you immediately create an outstanding overall brand image.

For all your realizations, in square format, as well as in other formats, do not hesitate to contact us:

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