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Multi-collaborator business card printing


In Products > Business cards

Save time and money with multi-collaborator card printing

At COPYMAGE, we allow you to be prepared for any situation by always carrying a quality business card obtained at a low price, thanks to the amalgam printing of a multi-collaborator business card. Amalgam printing allows you to print several card models in a single order, either to give your employees the benefit of your order or to vary the designs.


At COPYMAGE, we allow you to be prepared for any situation by always carrying a quality business card obtained at a low price, thanks to the amalgam printing of a multi-collaborator business card. Amalgam printing allows you to print several card models in a single order, either to give your employees the benefit of your order or to vary the designs.


  • 24 hour delay
  • From 5 employees 
  • Reduced rates based on quantities 
  • Laminating & varnishing option

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File type recommended : PDF
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The different formats and sizes of multi-collaborator business cards

When ordering a multi-collaborator business card, you can choose between :

  • A cardA simple, space-saving and classic card
  • A double cardfolded card, which allows more information to be displayed while keeping a compact size when folded

We also provide you with several formats for your printing:

  • The standard format, 85 x 55 mm
  • The mini format, 70 x 28 mm
  • The square format, available in 3 sizes: 5.5 x 5.5 mm, 6 x 6 mm or 6.5 x 6.5 mm
  • The large format, postcard type, 100 x 150 mm

You can choose a printing of the front side of your card or the front and back depending on your needs. Printing the reverse side of the card allows you to personalise a multi-collaborator business card even more, but leaving it blank allows you to have a free space to write down a date for an appointment or a personalised note to your prospect.

The paper used and the different finishes available for your business card template

Your business card will be printed on 400g coated paper coated paper to ensure excellent durability and a high quality finish. For even more prestige, you can also add a finish to your card, for example :

  • A glossy laminationwhich offers excellent colour rendition and is eye-catching thanks to a glossy effect
  • A matt laminationA matte lamination, ideal to obtain a sophisticated look and soften the colours for a sober and elegant result
  • A soft-touch laminationalso known as peach skin, which gives a finish similar to that of matt lamination while adding a very pleasant velvety touch
  • A selective varnish, which allows you to highlight one or more elements such as a logo, a slogan, etc.
  • A 3D selective varnishselective varnish, which will play on the relief and the texture of the card by adding a thickness on the elements of your choice

The laminating and varnishing options can be applied to the front of your card only or to both sides. Please note, however, that the selective varnish cannot be placed near the edges of the card. 

Finally, you can opt for a touch of originality by choosing the "rounded corners" option, as opposed to the usual square corners. This option also prevents the corners of the cards from becoming corrugated.

The special features of the amalgam business card

Unlike a traditional business card order, the multi-collaborator business card order allows you to centralise the card replenishment needs of several employees (minimum 5) of the same company in a single order. 

Thanks to a a PDF file file you provide and a mailing operation, we print the desired quantity of cards made from the same template with different contact details. This allows you to group together in a single order batches of business cards for several employees, in order to benefit from discounted rates and not have to place several orders one by one.

Multi-collaborator business card printing is also a great way to ensure that all business cards are consistency between all the business cards of the employees of the employees of the same company, in order to convey a more professional image.

In addition to personalising the contact details of several employees, amalgam printing also makes it possible to vary the design of business cards. It is very popular with companies that have several branches with different graphic identities or simply when you want to convey different advertising messages on the back of your business card.

Printing cards for several people makes you more efficient. COPYMAGE also offers you various services business card printing Discover our models of square shape or foldedor our express business card printing service. express business card if your deadlines are tight!

Frequently asked questions about multi-collaborator business card printing

What are the different uses of this type of personalised business card?

Following a move of premises, a redesign of the company's graphic identity, a change of email addresses: creating a multi-collaborator business card allows you to order new cards for several people for several people, or even all the employees of a company in a single order to save time and better manage the budget allocated to supplies.

Multi-employee business card printing is also the ideal solution during a recruitment wave: it allows you to order business cards for all new employees in one order and thus to prepare welcome kits with everything you need for an efficient start to your new job.

In general, business cards are very useful as they allow you to quickly pass on your contact details to a colleague. With a multi-collaborator business card printed on quality paper and including high quality finishesyou can easily stand out from your competitors.

To be handed out at a trade fair, inserted in a magazine or stapled to a leaflet, the business card can also be used to to note the date of an upcoming meeting on the back of the card. Easy to keep, it is practical and very useful.

How to make an effective and impactful multi-collaborator business card?

We advise you to ensure that your multi-collaborator business card answers the following questions: who? what? where? how?

This means that your card must include information that allows the card holder to know who gave them the card, what company they work for, where they can find it (either physically or on the web) and how they can contact them. 

In general, we advise you to be clear and conciseAvoid overloading your card and don't hesitate to use the back of the card to show the company logo or a slogan for example. You can easily remove information that is not used very often such as a fax number or a landline telephone number in order to save space.

Finally, remember to make your card easily identifiable by using elements that match your company's graphic charter: colours, typography, logos, etc. 

What information should be included in the file to be attached to my order?

An order for a multi-collaborator business card must indeed be accompanied by a file accompanied by a file that allows us to have the necessary information to print all your cards. You must therefore attach to your order :

  • An Excel file containing all the columns of personalisation data (surname, first name, job title, telephone number, email, etc.), adding one line per employee.
  •  A PDF file containing the layout of the business card (colours, designs, logos, etc.) and indicating the areas where you want the information in the Excel file to appear.

With these 2 files, we will carry out the mail merge operation free of charge which will allow us to personalise as many business cards as there are employees concerned and as many lines on the Excel file.

If you wish to place an order for a multi-collaborator card for a small number of people (up to about 5), you can simply send us a PDF file consisting of the visuals of the 5 cards already personalised. 

Once we have received your files, we will take care of the imposition and printing of your cards to ensure an optimal result and a reduced price.

If you need help, don't hesitate to contact our advisors who are available to assist you from A to Z for all your communication support printing projects. Similarly, our advisors take the time to check each file systematically and free of charge before printing so that they can contact you quickly if necessary.

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