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Invoice book printing


In Products > Stationery

Quick and efficient, use the carbonless invoice book for all your transactions.

Essential to all private or public establishments, the invoice book saves time by completing only one sheet to obtain two, three or four duplicates to be distributed among customers and suppliers. With COPYMAGE, personalise your invoice booklet for a professional result in your image.


Essential to all private or public establishments, the invoice book saves time by completing only one sheet to obtain two, three or four duplicates to be distributed among customers and suppliers. With COPYMAGE, personalise your invoice booklet for a professional result in your image.


  • 24 hour delay
  • A3, A4, A5 format
  • In individual bundles or blocks 
  • 2, 3, 4 sheets

Price of your invoice books


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File type recommended : PDF
Accepted files : pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, eps

The formats and papers available for your print

To enable you to have small notebooks to take everywhere and larger formats for large orders, we offer several notebook sizes: 

  • The A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm), small and convenient to carry
  • The A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm), which fits perfectly into a briefcase
  • The A3 format (42 x 29.7 cm), for a better overall view of your accounts

The first page of the invoice bundle, which you will write on with a biro, is made of white CB paper 60g. The last page of the bundle is printed on yellow CF paper 60g. Intermediate sheets, if any, are printed on green, blue or pink CFB 60g green, blue or pink paper.

For greater rigidity and writing comfort, the cover of your invoice booklet is printed on 180g paper on the front and 350g on the back. on 180g paper on the front and 350g on the back. A grey divider is added to the booklet to avoid the retranscription of information on the next bundle.

The invoice booklet may consist of pages printed in black and white or in colourThe invoice book can be printed in black and white or in colour, on both sides or only on the front side. Printing on the reverse side is usually used to show legal notices and other general terms and conditions of sale.

Bindings, finishes and options to apply to a notebook

To enable you to distribute copies of each invoice to your customers or accountant quickly and easily, we offer you books consisting of two, three or four carbonless sheets. Here are the different options:

  • A booklet with duplicatecomposed of two sheets, one white and one yellow
  • A booklet with triplicatecomposed of three sheets, one white, one green and one yellow
  • A booklet with quadriplicatescomposed of four sheets, one white, one green, one pink and one yellow

Invoices and their duplicate sheets are presented in a choice of : 

  • In the form of bundles of separate sheets.
  • Grouped together in a block, glued together using the glued square spine technique, in portrait or landscape format. 

Each block can contain 25, 50 or 100 bundles easily detachable according to your needs.

When ordering your invoice booklet printing, you will be able to choose one of the following options to personalise the sheets: 

  • Perforation To facilitate the classification of documents, we perforate four holes on A3 and A4 invoices and two holes on A2 notebooks
  • Numbering For a better management of your accounting, we number the pages of your invoice book when printing it

Printing an invoice with COPYMAGE: the specifics of the invoice book

What makes the invoice booklet different from a normal booklet is its ability to issue multiple sheets of the same invoice without having to write them all out one by one thanks to a chemical process. By filling in the first invoice with a biro, you apply pressure to the next sheet or sheets, which are impregnated with a specially developed chemical.

The pressure produced by the pen will allow to reproduce the inscriptions made on the first sheet The pressure produced by the pen will allow you to reproduce the entries made on the first sheet on all the subsequent sheets, so that you obtain several versions of the same invoice. Once the invoice has been completed, you can detach the additional sheets to give them to the right person and keep the original for your internal accounting.

This is an important time-saver because the invoice booklet you don't have to fill in several invoices or making photocopies. It is also a very good way of ensuring that your accounts are always up to date.

And beyond your invoices, COPYMAGE helps you personalise all your stationery online. So don't hesitate to browse this section to discover ourink stampsor date stampsorder formsordelivery notes, d'envelopesor even ourletterhead printing service.

Frequently asked questions about the invoice booklet

What information must be included in your file to print an invoice?

The invoice is the material proof of a commercial exchange between two parties, it is an official document which must therefore include certain elements. The legal information that must appear on an invoice are as follows:

  • The identities of the seller and the buyer (name, address and billing address if different, SIRET, etc.)
  • The seller's VAT number 
  • The date of issue of the invoice and the date of the sale
  • The invoice identification number 
  • The quantity, name and unit price of all goods and services sold
  • Any reductions applied to the total amount of the invoice 
  • The applicable VAT rate and amount
  • The amount to be paid before and after tax
  • Conditions concerning the payment of the invoice, discounts or penalties in case of late payment or impossibility of payment
  • Purchase order number if applicable

For easier reading, we advise you to put the more administrative information on the back of the of the invoice, while the front will only contain the essential elements for the customer (amount, discount, VAT, information about your company, etc.). You can also put your logo on the invoice to personalise the document.

How to prepare the file before printing?

The invoice is primarily an administrative document, so it must be perfectly legible and clear. For this reason, we advise you to use simple, medium-sized fonts. Before sending us your file, it is strongly recommended that you check that the fonts are vectorised in order to guarantee an optimal result.

To ensure your complete satisfaction upon receipt of your order, our advisors systematically check all files received free of charge before printing.

What are the advantages of personalising notebooks?

Whether it is an invoice book or not, personalising a book allows you to to standardise all documents issued by a company to convey a more professional image. It is also a good way to make documents related to your company easily identifiable for your business partners, who will know directly which company sent them the invoice. Again, putting a logo on your invoice is a good way to do this.

Opting for a personalised invoice book means you don't have to print invoices on a desktop printer and you don't have to worry about not having to worry about the layout and and the standards associated with invoicing. It's an ideal way to save on ink and ensure professional and compliant invoices.

Finally, the personalised booklet allows you to visibly display your company's contact details so that all your customers can contact you easily and quickly to obtain more information about a date, a wording or an amount on an invoice.

Thanks to their compact size and hard cover, our notebooks can be taken be taken anywhere to enable you to produce a large number of personalised invoices with a high quality finish.

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