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Printing of order forms


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Printing of personalised order forms on carbonless paper

An essential medium for all traders and craftsmen, the order form printed on carbonless paper is used by professionals in almost all sectors because it acts as an implicit contract between the seller and the buyer. It also allows orders to be taken directly, in the restaurant industry for example. At COPYMAGE, we offer you the option of printing a100% personalised order form in your company's colours, available in just 4 hours.

An essential medium for all traders and craftsmen, the order form printed on carbonless paper is used by professionals in almost all sectors because it acts as an implicit contract between the seller and the buyer. It also allows orders to be taken directly, in the restaurant industry for example. At COPYMAGE, we offer you the option of printing a100% personalised order form in your company's colours, available in just 4 hours.

  • Time limit 4h
  • A3, A4, A5 format
  • In individual bundles or in blocks
  • 2, 3, 4 sheets

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How carbonless paper works

When you order a purchase order print, you can choose between a 2, 3 or 4 sheet model. The slips are the small sheets that are located just behind the sheet on which you will write with a ballpoint pen. Thanks to the carbonless function of this paper, the inscriptions made on the first page of your order form to be printed will be reproduced and thus visible on the following sheets, thus allowing you to automatically have several duplicates of your order form. But how does it work?

It's very simple: the sheets are covered with a chemical substance specially designed to react to pressure. When you press the first sheet of your order form with your ballpoint pen, the pressure will activate the chemical elements of the sheets, which will turn black and leave a trace identical to the one made with your pen. This is why it is recommended to use only ballpoint pens (rather than felt-tip pens) to complete an order form or any other carbonless paper document.

The advantage of this paper, particularly for the creation of a purchase order, is that it saves time. Indeed, a purchase order often has to be issued in several copies: one for the buyer, one for the supplier, one for the accounting department, etc. Thanks to the personalised purchase order with carbonless paper, you only have to complete the order once in order to have several duplicates to distribute to the parties concerned, so you don't have to waste time filling out two, three or four orders by hand.

The benefits of personalised vouchers

Personalised order forms are not only very practical but also economical as they avoid the need for multiple forms or the use of ink by printing the personalised screen for each order.

Compact and easy to carry, they are generally printed on small formats, especially for daily use, so your printable order forms can easily be slipped into a briefcase, a computer pocket or an apron pocket in the restaurant or hotel industry.

Using personalised order forms with carbonless paper also allows for better organisation within the company as each form can be detached and filed in seconds.

Personalisation creates a visual unity between all the media used by the company, whether it be order forms, delivery notes, letterheads or envelopes. It is an excellent way of conveying a professional image, while allowing your customers to recognise order forms from your company and contact you easily.

Papers and formats for order forms 100% in your image

Each order form can be printed in colour or black and white,on the front only or on both sides. Please note, however, that you cannot write with a pen on the back of your order form as long as the sheets are attached to it, as this could make it illegible. We therefore advise you to use this part of the voucher to display legal information, for example.

The carbonless pads can hold 25, 50 or 100 bundles and are available for orders of at least 25 copies. For the format, we offer two options:

  • The A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm) is larger and therefore more suitable for taking orders at points of sale, especially for large orders
  • The A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm) fits perfectly in the hand and is more practical for taking orders in a restaurant or bar

Whether A4 or A5, your order form pad can be printed in landscape or portrait format, depending on your needs. The personalised order forms are available in bundles of 2, 3 or 4 separate sheets or in bundles that are glued together to make them easily detachable.

A carbonless bundle is printed on 60g paper, with a 180g soft cover and a 350g cardboard back, which makes the bundle more robust and offers a better writing support. In each block of purchase orders to be printed, a cardboard divider with a grammage of 500 g is present so that it can be slipped between each bundle when filling a purchase order, thus avoiding that the writings are retranscribed from one bundle to another.

The different options available for customization

The binding of your order form will be done using the glued square back technique, which offers a clean and neat result. For the binding, you can choose between :

  • French binding: the gluing is done on the smaller side, so your voucher is oriented in portrait format
  • Italian binding: the gluing is done on the longest side of the voucher, so it is oriented in portrait format

If you wish, you can select a perforation option when ordering the order form to be printed. Thus, your order forms will have 2 holes for the A5 format and 4 holes for the A4 format. These holes will allow you to file your order forms or their duplicates more easily in the binders provided for this purpose.

Finally, we offer a numbering option that allows you to have all your vouchers numbered for easier archiving. By default, it starts at 001, but if you wish, this numbering can start at the value of your choice, which you just have to indicate to us when ordering.



Frequently asked questions about the order form

What legal information must appear on the order form?

Indeed, order forms are among those media on which it is compulsory to include certain legal information such as the company's contact details or its identification number in the trade register, for example. Here are the details that absolutely must be added to all your order forms:

  • The company's SIREN number
  • The RCS of your company and the city where it is registered
  • Theaddress of the organisation'shead office
  • Any references to winding-up proceedings or to a tenant-manager or manager-agentsituation

This information is essential and failure to include it could lead to penalties such as fines for your business. To avoid problems and keep your order forms simple and clear, we recommend that youuse the back of the order form to show this information.

Is it possible to change the categories on the

Absolutely. In order to make it possible for all companies to opt for personalised order forms, we have chosen to allow you to personalise the information and tables on your order forms. This way, you can make sure that the order forms are perfectly adapted to your business and the products you offer.

Do you work in the catering industry and want to save the waiters time when taking orders? Choose a carbonless pad with a large enough format to allow you to display all your products on the same page. This way, the waiters only have to tick the dishes to be prepared and indicate the number of dishes. This also makes the vouchers easier to read for the kitchen staff.

How to get clear and practical order forms?

To ensure that your order forms are perfectly legible, we advise you to choose relatively simple fonts that are neither too thin nor too thick. Also, avoid choosing font sizes that are too small, which would be difficult to see, or too large, which would take up too much space on your vouchers. If you want to add your logo, slogan or a larger visual, we recommend that you put it on the cover instead.

If necessary, you can order one or more proofs to compare the different fonts and choose the most suitable one. Our advisors are also available by telephone, email or directly in our print shop to answer all your questions and guide you in the best possible way when choosing your personalised order form.


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