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Printing of customised self-adhesive posters


In Products > Posters

Communicate effectively at a lower cost thanks to the self-adhesive poster.

As a decoration or as an advertising tool, the self-adhesive poster is a medium that can be used for a large number of projects thanks to its resistance and its wide range of customisation options. With COPYMAGE, order your personalised self-adhesive poster in a few clicks!


As a decoration or as an advertising tool, the self-adhesive poster is a medium that can be used for a large number of projects thanks to its resistance and its wide range of customisation options. With COPYMAGE, order your personalised self-adhesive poster in a few clicks!


  • 180g white vinyl 
  • Durable and waterproof 
  • Cutting shape to size
  • Matt or glossy plastic option

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The different formats and shapes of poster cuts

Printed on 180g white adhesive vinylThe self-adhesive posters are available in various sizes:

  • The A2 format format : 59.4 x 42 cm
  • The A1 format size: 84.1 x 59.4 cm
  • The A0 format format: 118.0 x 84.1 cm

Once printed, your self-adhesive poster will be cut into the shape of your choice using professional machines. You can opt for : 

  • A straight cutsquare or rectangle shape
  • A round cutin round or oval shapes
  • A cut to size in the shape of your choice

Custom cutting is a very popular option as it allows for customise a sticker poster to the maximum a self-adhesive poster, giving it a more original shape that perfectly matches the message or the sector of activity of your company.

If you choose this option, your file will have to include an additional layer called "cut-out".additional layer called "cut-out", indicating the cut-out shape indicating the shape of the cut-out you wish to obtain after the cutting of your self-adhesive poster.

The different lamination options 

Laminating is a very common process in the printing industry because it allows you to reinforce your media while customising them by changing their appearance. We offer two different options for laminating your self-adhesive poster: 

  • The glossy laminationThis is often used for posters with images or photos. This lamination allows you to obtain vivid colours and a greater contrast.
  • The matt laminationThe matte lamination is popular for its modern, high-end look. This lamination adds a touch of sophistication to a personalised adhesive poster.

The different uses of adhesive posters

As a decoration, the personalised self-adhesive poster can be used in company premises or by individuals looking for a more durable medium than a simple paper poster. It will allow you to print your own photosfree images or visuals highlighting the company's or visuals highlighting the company's values. You will be able to personalise your premises and make them more welcoming at a lower cost.

Easy to stick on many surfaces, the self-adhesive poster can also be used to decorate certain pieces of furniture, window bottoms, lift doors or even old, worn and aged wall tiles. 

As a communication mediumAs a communication medium, the self-adhesive poster is very practical because it can be stuck inside or outside a building for a short period of time. Thanks to the personalised adhesive poster, you can give visibility to your products to your products, services and events organised by your company.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of your order to discover the other products in the section posters and posters of your printing company COPYMPAGE : posterposter, rigid poster, architectural plan print architectural plans, advertising posters or even advertising poster... Don't hesitate to discover all the large format communication tools we offer!

Frequently asked questions about the self-adhesive poster 

What are the advantages of these customised self-adhesive posters?

Thanks to the large formats available for printing a self-adhesive poster, you can set up an impactful communication campaign and visible from afar, ideal for attracting the attention of passers-by in a commercial area or busy street.

The self-adhesive poster is widely used by professionals as it is a practical and inexpensive practical and inexpensive. Easy to apply and remove, it can be affixed to any smooth, flat surface without damaging the surface or leaving traces of glue when you remove it.

The posters available on our site are printed on a very resistant vinyl vinyl, which is very resistant vinyl, which means that they will not tear or water or UV damage.. This material allows us to obtain posters with a life of about three years.

How do I apply a self-adhesive poster properly?

Adhesive vinyl is a very simple medium to stick and unstick, but a few tricks can help you get a better result by avoiding air bubbles. Here are the steps to follow to apply your self-adhesive poster in no time: 

  • Start by marking out the surface on which on which you are going to stick your poster. To ensure a straight and centred installation, you can mark the area with masking tape.
  • Once the installation area has been defined, it is essential to clean, degrease andand let it dry. This will allow the adhesive poster to adhere to the surface.
  • Then, glue your poster, starting from the centre and progressively removing the air bubbles with a squeegee or, failing that, a rigid credit card.

Now your poster is in place, you can remove the masking tape and enjoy your new decorative element. For maintenance, a clean, damp cloth will be sufficient to clean the area without damaging the adhesive poster. 

What elements should be included on a personalised adhesive poster for optimum effectiveness?

If you want to print a self-adhesive poster to decorate a personal space, you can use any image you like and print a holiday photo or an image found on the net. For professional use, however, the issue is quite different.

These large self-adhesive posters are often used to attract the eye of walkers in a in a busy area. This means that you will only have seconds to grab their attention and arouse their to encourage them to walk through the doors of your establishment.

For this reason, it is essential to choose impactful visuals with a clear and clear and readable message. Bright colours and short text will help you stand out from the competition and ensure high visibility.

Finally, for indoor use, you can use these self-adhesive posters to promote your company's values or to create a more welcoming atmosphereYou can also use them to create a warm atmosphere by displaying photos of teams or the building at the time of its construction, for a decorative and professional vintage look.

How do you prepare the file for printing your personalised adhesive poster?

At COPYMAGE, we attach great importance to the satisfaction of all our customers, which is why we systematically check each file free of charge before printing. However, in order to obtain a fast result that meets your expectations, we advise you to respect certain criteria :

  • It is advisable to send your file in PDF format. The elements will be frozen, which will prevent elements from being moved during printing.
  • The colorimetry is very important, you must imperatively check that your file is well parameterized in CMYK and not in RGB in order not to have a colour difference between your file and your adhesive poster
  • Also remember to leave a safety margin of margin of 3 mm as well as 2 mm of bleed all around your visual all around your visual in order to avoid any problem when trimming
  • Finally, please note that the images you use to create your visuals must have a high resolution of at least 150 dpi and you must have the right to use them, either by purchasing an image or by using a royalty-free image.
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