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 Board of customizable stickers practical and quick to stick

With our custom board stickers you can easily promote your brand, event or activity! Our thick, high quality vinyl resists and protects your stickers.
Resistant to rain, sun and scratches.

With our custom board stickers you can easily promote your brand, event or activity! Our thick, high quality vinyl resists and protects your stickers.
Resistant to rain, sun and scratches.


  • Deadline D+4
  • A5, A4, A3 and custom-made sheets
  • Tough & waterproof
  • Matt, glossy or transparent vinyl
  • From 50 copies

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Customised sticker sheet 

The sticker board is undoubtedly one of the most playful and modern communication media that can be found on the market. Often distributed as goodies or added to an order, they can also be used to indicate certain products on sale or to personalise packaging. products on sale or to personalise packaging..
On our website, we offer you many options to personalise your sticker sheet and make it a communication medium that reflects your image.
The little extra: our stickers and labels are delivered with a cut-out in the middle to be easily removed!

The different formats and finishes of personalised stickers

You can choose between a sheet of stickers in :

  • A3, 
  • A4,
  • A5, 
  • 10 x 15 cm, 
  • 21.3 x 27.5 cm

If these dimensions do not meet your needs, you can also opt for a customised sticker sheet. 

As for the stickers, they can be of all shapes : round, squares, ovalor customized to your design. They are affixed to the board in half-cuttingThis technique allows them to be removed easily.

As for the finish, you can choose between choose between matt or glossy. While the matt effect is very popular, the varnish used for the gloss effect allows the stickers to be more vivid and to bring out the bright colours. The choice therefore depends on your priorities and the use you plan to make of your sticker sheet.

The different vinyls available

We chose to use vinyl for the sticker sheet because it is an extremely durable material extremely resistantwhether it be to tears, UV rays and water..
In order to achieve a result that exactly meets your expectations, we offer you several choices of vinyls:

  • Classic white: it is economical and particularly interesting for occasional or indoor use
  • Polymer white: it is more resistant and ideal for outdoor use
  • Transparent: it allows light to pass through
  • Black
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • Frosted: it gives a blurred effect (identical to frosted glass)
  • Adhesive paper 

What are the advantages of our sticker sheets?

Our stickers can be easily and durably and durable on flat flat surfaces as well as on rough surfacesAll this with an excellent price/performance ratio. When used indoors, your stickers will remain intact for many years..

Outdoors, they will not last as long, but they will allow you to promote your company or organisation during a special period: before an event, an inauguration, etc.

In what context should you use our sticker sheets?

The main advantage of printing stickers with COPYMAGE is the ease with which they can be distributed and used.
It only takes a few seconds to apply them to the surface of your choice, especially when they are on a sticker sheet that is easy to remove.

Stickers are often used as goodies because they are fun and allow customers to show their affection for a brand.
The famous Apple brand never misses an opportunity to integrate some of them in the packaging of each product.

The sticker sheet can also be used to keep discounted stickers on hand. A product that is out of stock? Unsold items? A sales period? A sticker on the label of a product is enough to show the customer that it is temporarily discounted. 

Finally, personalised self-adhesive labels can also be used to personalise an order before it is sent or to enhance packaging. 

With more and more people opting for online ordering these days, it's essential to make a difference by taking care of the packaging. You don't have to break the bank to do this: a nice tissue paper and a personalised sticker will do the trick!

Frequently asked questions about customised stickers

Is it possible to order stickers for personal use? 

Of course! The majority of our clients are professionals who are looking for modern and original communication materialsHowever, we also print stickers for associations, public services and private individuals.

Do you run a sports association? Are you a member of a music group or a student association? Proudly display your club's colours on all the surfaces you want thanks to a sheet of stickers that are easy to apply and remove! 

In order to allow all those who wish to order stickers to do so, we have chosen to set the minimum quantity at 50 copies only. 

Is it possible to put several visuals on the same sheet of personalised stickers? 

That's right. We know that the customisable aspect of stickers plays a big part in their success, so we had to make sure we didn't limit your creativity.
You can therefore choose to have several different visuals on the same sheet of stickers and let those who use them choose the one that best suits their desires! Varying the visuals is ideal for a sheet of stickers that you intend to distribute to clients or at an event.

This feature is also very useful for shops that use stickers to indicate sale items: you can choose different discount percentages or set up a colour code. 

How do I specify the cutting area for printing? 

In the case of a sticker with an original and personalised shape, we will need a separate file indicating the shape you wish to give to the cut-out.

To do this, simply add an extra layer to your file on which you will create a fifth colour (Black 100% or Magenta 100%) that you will rename "cut-out". 

Also remember to add a 0.2 point fillet around the area to be cut out to take into account the thickness of the line drawn in Photoshop or Illustrator for example. 

With these additions, we will be able to cut your stickers perfectly to your design. 

You need help with your order for customised self-adhesive labels

We do our best to make it easy for you to order simply and quickly We do our best to make it quick and easy for you to place an order for a sticker sheet or any other communication medium available on our site. However, we know that sometimes our customers need help to choose their products or to place an order.

For this reason, we have a team of professional advisors available by telephone throughout the week. Our advisors work in our Parisian printing plant and are therefore close to the technicians and machines. They are perfectly capable of informing you about the feasibility of a project or answering all your questions. 

If you urgently need a sticker sheet, do not hesitate to contact us directly by telephone. In some cases, it is possible to benefit from an express printing formula that allows you to pick up your prints after only a few hours in our print shop or by courier delivery.

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