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Printed training book


In Products > Brochure & Folders

Bound and 100% personalised training book 

When organising training courses, whether in-house or as a training centre, the same materials are regularly used to to illustrate what is being explained throughout the course. By opting for training book printing via a professional printer such as COPYMAGE, you will obtain training books that are personalised and resistant, allowing for numerous manipulations.

When organising training courses, whether in-house or as a training centre, the same materials are regularly used to to illustrate what is being explained throughout the course. By opting for training book printing via a professional printer such as COPYMAGE, you will obtain training books that are personalised and resistant, allowing for numerous manipulations.

  • Time limit 4h 
  • Metal or plastic spiral, various colours
  • 100% flat document opening 
  • Several formats & orientations possible

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The formats available for printing a training manual 

Just like the other products in our category of brochures and folderswe offer different print formats for your for your training book :

  • A6 format (14.8 x 10.5 cm)
  • A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm)
  • A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm)
  • A3 format (42 x 29.7 cm)

The A4 format is the most common format, often oriented in landscape format in order to be able to insert numerous images, infographics and graphics illustrating the trainer's words. The A5 format format is more practical to carry around and can therefore be used as a guide or memo.

Types of bindings for training book printing 

For the printing of training books, we offer you various types of bindings spiral, plastic or metal. The spiral binding is ideal for printing a training manual because it allows the book to be opened and laid completely flat, making it comfortable to read and take notes. This makes it more comfortable to read and take notes.

Contrary to popular belief, your training book can be up to 600 pages long without any problems when it comes to binding it. 

Two options for spiral folder for the binding of your printed training manual:

  • The plastic spiralThe plastic spiral is not only economical but also very practical as it allows you to add sheets as you go along. The colours available are black, white, blue, red and green.
  • The metal spiralThe metal spiral, which is more solid, gives a more professional and high quality look. The colours available are black, white, silver, blue and red.

While most orders for training book printing are in portrait format (also known as French orientation), it is entirely possible to choose landscape orientation (Italian orientation). The portrait format is used like a notebook or a book, it is practical and classic. The landscape format on the other hand is less common, but it offers more possibilities for layout and allows graphics and computer graphics to be inserted into the training manual without having to shrink them.

The different paper weights for printing a vocational training booklet

You have two options when choosing the type of paper for your training book printing, 80g or 90g:

  • The 80g paper is the standard paper that we regularly use via our personal printers. It keeps your training manual light and easy to read.
  • The 90g paper paper is slightly thicker and gives a more qualitative result. Our advice: use this paper weight when printing training books with relatively few pages.

Frequently asked questions about printing training books

Why print a hard copy of a training manual? 

It is true that nowadays, many training courses take place online and when they are organised face-to-face, the note-taking is done on the computer.

However, studies have shown that training conducted in a physical way makes it easier for learners to learn and better understand what is being taught. Similarly, note-taking on a computer presents a significant risk of loss of concentration.

By choosing to print a professional training booklet to be completed on a daily basis, you ensure that you keep the participants' full attention. Similarly, handing out a training manual at the end of the session can allow people with note-taking difficulties to leave with a good foundation to work on later. later on.

The little extra: they can easily be sent by post to the distance learners. 

Why entrust the printing of a book to a professional printer?

Although the printing of training books can be done in-house, it is very time-consuming and can quickly become expensive, particularly because of the cost of ink. Using a professional printing company allows you to save time while ensuring an optimal result.

In addition, a professional printer such as COPYMAGE will be able to offer you different customisation options for your book in terms of finishes, choice of paper, formats, etc. 

Finally, it is a good way to ensure that the binding is done properly with a professional binding machine. 

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How to customise the cover page? 

The cover page of your training manual is essential as it will allow the reader to directly identify the content of the manual and its source. 

By opting for visually appealing visually appealing options when ordering your training book printing. Show your professionalism and and highlight your expertise with the various customisation options we offer for the cover page.

We suggest you choose a different paper weight or colour for the cover page, as well as several laminations: 

  • matt laminationideal for dark colours, gives a prestigious and more modern look
  • glossy laminationThe glossy lamination allows the images to be highlighted with perfect colour rendition
  • soft touch laminationwith a soft touch peach skin coating

If you wish to highlight one or more elements, you can opt for selective varnish or 3D selective varnish. The first option, selective varnish, allows you to highlight an element such as the company name The first option, selective varnish, allows you to highlight an element such as the name of the company or the title of the course in order to make it more impactful. The 3D selective varnish will allow to play on the relief of the document by adding thickness to the element you wish to highlight.

Finally, you can decide whether or not to add a transparent cover to the training book binding to protect the document while still allowing your personalised cover page to appear. 

What margins should be added to the document for a perfect binding? 

In order to be able to insert the sheets of your training manual into the spiral you have chosen, we will perforate them with professional machines. 

To prevent the perforation from obscuring some of the information on the pages of your document, we strongly advise you to to check that you have a margin of 1.5 cm 1.5 cm margin on the left-hand side of each page.

To ensure that we deliver documents that meet your expectations, we check each file free of charge before before we send it to print. If in doubt, you can also contact our customer advisors by phone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6.30pm.

How to prepare your print training book? 

Consider customising the cover of your training booklet for each student to engage them in their learning journey. The direct mail and digital printing offer you the opportunity to take personalisation to the next level.

Reading comfort should not be neglected, as it is at the root of your training. Within your training booklet itself, integrate visuals and diagrams to make the text easier to read, better spaced out and, above all, illustrated to facilitate attention and understanding.

Don't forget to to include a summary to simplify the transition from one topic to another as the programme progresses. Usually, training books are structured starting with an introduction, followed by a development of the different modules covered, and ending with a conclusion summarising all the key notions that have been taught throughout the programme.

Last but not least, it is important to legally protect your training materials! There are several options available to you for this:

  • Add a copyright
  • Watermark your name or the name of your training organisation
  • Distribute your training book in PDF format to prevent tampering

Developing a comprehensive learning programme takes time and investment: by properly protecting your work from duplication you prevent someone else from using it without getting credit for it.

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