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Die-cut stickers

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With our custom die-cut stickers you can easily promote your brand, event or activity! Our thick, high quality vinyl resists and protects your stickers.
Resistant to rain, sun and scratches.


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In Products > Stickers & Labels

Die-cut stickers

17 503

With our custom die-cut stickers you can easily promote your brand, event or activity! Our thick, high quality vinyl resists and protects your stickers.
Resistant to rain, sun and scratches.


  • Deadline D+4
  • Cutting to the shape of your visual
  • Tough and waterproof
  • Matt, glossy or transparent vinyl
  • From 50 copies 
Select a size
Select a quantity (from the same visual)
Customized quantity
Must be a multiple of 10

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Free delivery anywhere in France

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You can add your files later from your basket, your personal space, or send them by email.

Precise cutting to the shape of your visual

Send us your photo, logo, drawing etc. and we will create a vinyl sticker to the exact dimensions you require. 

Tough and waterproof

Our stickers are made on an ultra-resistant vinyl that protects them from rain and sun.


Free delivery in 4 days

We produce your stickers within 4 days and delivery is free. For a faster delivery time, please contact us. 

Our other products

Formats and shapes available for vinyl sticker printing

The personalised sticker is intended to be printed on a small format in order to make it easily distributable and stickable on a variety of media. However, you can still choose between several sizes :

  • 5 x 5 cm
  • 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • 10 x 10 cm
  • 12.5 x 12.5 cm

If required, you can also choose the dimensions of your personalised label yourself using the custom size.

After printing and laminating your personalised sticker, you will have to cut it out, during which you can also add a more original touch to your communication supports. Here are the cutting forms that we offer:

If you opt for a customised sticker, the personalised sticker will be cut into the shape of your choice. Please note, however, that for a customised cuttingyour sticker must not exceed a size of 12.5 x 12.5 cm.

The finishes you can choose for your personalised self-adhesive label printing

The personalised sticker printing is carried out on an 80g vinyl 80g vinyl adhesive papervinyl adhesive paper, which is both economical and resistant to UV and humidity.

One of the main advantages of a personalised sticker is of course the possibility of making it unique and in your image. To do this, we offer you several laminations to apply to your design which will allow you to obtain a different look while protecting your sticker. The laminations available are : 

  • The matt laminationwhich brings sobriety and modernity to a sticker
  • The glossy laminationwhich enhances the colours and gives a sparkling effect

Are you convinced of the relevance of stickers for your communication campaigns? Don't hesitate to discover all the products in our range of adhesives and stickers We offer you in particular stickers for your bumpersstickers stickers with transfer film or transparent, labels for your clothing sales, or even window stickers according to your needs!

Opportunities to use the personalised label

Very popular with start-ups for its excellent quality/price ratio, the personalised sticker can be distributed in the street during a street-marketing operation, but also at a trade fair, for example. Placed on a counter or a self-service desk, it will undoubtedly will undoubtedly attract the attention attention of the curious.

The personalised sticker is an excellent medium for creating goodies to be handed out at an event or added to a parcel or bag at a checkout for example. 

During a concert or an association event, they help to convey a sense of belonging by giving participants the opportunity to highlight their presence at the event and their commitment to a cause or their support for a club.

Finally, they can be part of a welcome kit to offer to new to new employees in your company. A simple and inexpensive gesture that often makes a difference and starts to build trust.

The advantages of a personalised self-adhesive label

Its small format and design make the personalised sticker an excellent medium for a and humorous communication strategy which encourages prospects to keep it to decorate objects they use daily and thus advertise you for free.

In addition, they are extremely resistant and waterproofThey can therefore be stuck outside, on a wall or on a car for example. Back in fashion for a few years, stickers are fully customisableFrom design to cutting and the choice of support, which offers great freedom in terms of creation.

The sticker is ideal for combined with other communication media, such as such as the flyer, which will complete the message and present the details of a promotional operation or an event.

Frequently asked questions about the personalised sticker

What is the minimum number of copies that must be printed in order to place an order?

In order to allow all those who wish to communicate through the personalised sticker, the minimum number of prints for each order is 50 copies only.

Thanks to this low minimum quantity of prints, you can change the design of the the personalised sticker that you distribute and renew your marketing campaign over and over again. A sales period approaching? An annual event coming up? Communicate effectively without having to sell off large stocks in record time or risk wasting them.

It should be noted, however, that a printing in larger quantities allows you to benefit from reduced rates, so it is essential to carefully evaluate the number of personalised labels you will need to carry out your communication campaign.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of an order to print several visuals corresponding to different campaigns thanks to amalgam printingThis will allow you to better manage your budget and your stocks. Indeed, amalgam printing allows you to vary the visuals while benefiting from degressive rates depending on the number of prints.

What are the requirements for printing a personalised label?

To avoid disappointment, our advisors take the time to check each file systematically and free of charge before printing an order for communication media. 

However, to save time and to enable us to print your personalised stickers correctly, we would like to give you some points to check before delivering a file to ensure that it is correct: 

  • the presence of cutting lines
  • CMYK colorimetry
  • a file in PDF format

The file you send us when you order a personalised label must be in PDF format so that no elements are displaced during the printing process. Also remember to check that the colours are in CMYK format and not RGB, which is a format reserved for the web.

If you wish to opt for the "custom cut" option, you must indicate the cutting area by adding a fifth colour, called "cut". fifth colour, named "cut-out". This fifth colour must be 100% black or 100% magenta and have a 0.2 point thick border.

If you are unable to make these settings for your personalised self-adhesive label, please refer to our guide to cutting lines and bleeds at the bottom of the page, or contact our advisors directly who can guide you according to the software you are using.

How do you create an original and appealing visual?

Custom label printing is done on a relatively small surface, so it is not possible to display a lot of information on this medium. The ideal is to create an attractive visual that attracts attention by using a humorous catchphrase, a word, a visual or a striking or touching icon, in order to make the recipient of your personalised sticker want to use it to personalise a notebook, a computer, etc.

If you are short of inspiration, don't hesitate to consult websites such as Pinterest for example. Finally, remember to make sure that the personalised sticker can be directly associated with your company by playing on the colours and typography corresponding to your your graphic charter. Don't hesitate to show your website address in a smaller font on one edge, for example, so that those who want to can find you easily.

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