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Personalized badge printing


In Products > Business cards

Be easily recognisable with a personalised badge

Badge with neck strap, badge with crocodile clip... It is known by many names and used in many ways: the name badge proposed by COPYMAGE allows you to introduce your employees to your business partners in a way that respects your brand image and is very simple. You can print a personalised badge in 24 hours for all your employees, while keeping your budget under control.

Badge with neck strap, badge with crocodile clip... It is known by many names and used in many ways: the name badge proposed by COPYMAGE allows you to introduce your employees to your business partners in a way that respects your brand image and is very simple. You can print a personalised badge in 24 hours for all your employees, while keeping your budget under control.

  • 24 hour delay
  • PVC or paper backing
  • Mail merge service 
  • Badge holder & perforation possible

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File type recommended : PDF
Accepted files : pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, eps


The different formats and materials available for your personalised name badge

All personalised badges are printed in format of 90 x 54 mmwhich makes them both compact and legible. You can choose between black and white or colour printingYou can choose to have the badge printed in black and white or in colour, on the front of the badge only or on both sides of the badge, front and back.

When it comes to the holder for your badge, you can choose between two alternatives: 

  • The 760 micron PVC badgeThe 760 micron PVC badge is a PVC card that is as thick as a credit card. This plastic card has a long life and a shiny appearance.
  • The paper badgeThe more economical paper badge is printed on 200g semi-rigid paper for a professional and qualitative result.

The options available to personalise your badges

By default, your badges will be delivered on their own, without being attached to badge holders. However, to save time and to ensure a neat resultHowever, to save time and ensure a neat result, you can choose the badge assembly option. In this case, the paper badges will be inserted into badge holders before your order is dispatched, giving you ready-to-use badges. This saves you a lot of time!

Your personalised business badge can also be perforated when it is created so that you can thread a cord through it and hang it around your neck. For the perforation, you can choose between : 

  • A round perforation 5mm diameter hole centred on the length (longest side) of the badge for landscape format, or on the width (shortest side) for portrait format
  • A oblong perforation of 16 x 3 mm centred along the length so that a ribbon or clip can be passed through to obtain a personalised badge in landscape format

For personalise your badge even moreyou can choose rounded corners instead of straight ones. It is also possible to apply a laminate to your on your personalised paper badge to modify its appearance and give it extra protection. The following laminations are available:

  • The glossy laminationwhich offers an excellent colour rendering for an impactful result
  • The matt laminationThe matte lamination adds a modern touch to your badge. This matt colour adds sophistication to your personalised badge.

Trust your printing company COPYMAGE for fast and accurate printing

Your professional badge should convey a serious serious image of your company while being legible. Often underestimated, it is a communication tool in its own right that allows you to highlight your professionalism and attention to detail.

Thanks to our know-how and our large fleet of state-of-the-art machines and printers, we can offer you high quality professional badges available in only 24 hours. This speed is essential because it allows all professionals who wish to have all the equipment they need to participate in an important event, even at the last minute.

Trusting COPYMAGE to print your badges also means you can benefit from interesting rates thanks to the transfer technique that we use. Thanks to this technique, each badge can be personalised with the names and functions of each guest from a simple Excel file. COPYMAGE then takes care of the mail merge for free.

You should also know that we take the time to to systematically check each visual, free of charge, before printing an order before printing an order in order to guarantee our customers an optimal result that meets their expectations. Also, the proof option option can allow you to visualise the result you will obtain after your order and thus validate that the result is in line with your expectations.

The different uses of the personalised business badge

The professional badge is a practical and useful communication tool, but that is not its only use.But that's not its only use. At many events with a large number of visitors, the personalised badge allows access to certain areas such as rooms reserved for exhibitors or to certain private conferences for example. It therefore acts as an identification badge.

Usually worn around the neck, a personalised badge can also be pinned to a jacket or shirt to make it more visible. It bears the name of the wearer so that other participants can know the name and function of the of the person they are addressing at a trade fair or seminar.

At association events or seminars, badges also make it easier for the various participants to get to know each other thanks to the names and services of each person attached to their jacket. They also make it possible to quickly identify the organisers of a festival or sports event and thus know who to contact if a question or problem arises.

Note that name badges are not the only customisable products offered by COPYMAGE! If you need other printable materials to communicate with your business partners and pass on your contact details, we are also there for you: we offer you various models of business cardwith selective varnish or 3D selective varnishselective varnish, or a square shape or folded.

If you are in a hurry, don't hesitate to use our express express business card printing service ! And of course, if you need another type of communication medium printed, don't hesitate to browse through our range of personalised printing services.

Frequently asked questions about the professional badge

How can you distribute your badges quickly and efficiently?

To ensure that each participant gets their badge quickly and can take up their position, we advise you to store them without their fasteners, whether they be neck cords or pins. This will allow you to line up the badges in a box, ideally in alphabetical order, especially if you have many.

Placed in self-service on a table or a counter, the cords can be available to the workers who will attach them to their badge before putting them around their neck. 

This method allows you to be more efficient in handing out badges and thus to avoid queuing for their badges and wasting time. to get their badge and waste time.

What kind of holders are available to hang the badges on?

To enable every professional to attach his or her personalised professional badge as he or she wishes, we offer two types of holders: 

  • The badge holderA flexible, transparent badge holder that allows you to attach your badge to an item of clothing using an alligator clip and a pin
  • The plastic pouch with a neckbandThe neckband has a hook for hanging the badge. The neckbands are available in orange, yellow, green, blue, red, black or white.

How do I prepare the file for printing badges?

For a clear and accurate printout of your design, we recommend that you only use images with a high resolution of resolution of more than 300 dpi and to check that the fonts and image links are vectorised. The colourimetry of the document should be in CMYKand your file in PDF format format to ensure that no elements are displaced.

For print a large quantity of badges for each employee, you can send us a PDF file with the graphic template that you want to appear on all your badges, as well as a customised PDF template as an example to to perfectly define the zones on which you wish to print the information relating to each employee. Our advice: make this example with relatively long names and surnames to check that everything fits without breaking the layout.

Finally, include with your order an Excel file file with different columns representing the different information to be written on the badge (name, first name, function, etc.). This will ensure that we print the right number of personalised badges with the right information.

Good to know: our advisors systematically check all the files free of charge and carry out the merging of advertising and printing of all the individual badges in a record time of 24 hours.

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