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Greeting card printing


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Professional greeting card printing with varnish and gold

Used by individuals as well as businesses, greeting cards are an excellent way to send a personalised message to a client, employee or loved one on a special occasion such as the holidays. With COPYMAGE, you can have a personalised greeting card printed in your company's colours in a very short time.

Used by individuals as well as businesses, greeting cards are an excellent way to send a personalised message to a client, employee or loved one on a special occasion such as the holidays. With COPYMAGE, you can have a personalised greeting card printed in your company's colours in a very short time.

  • Express 4h
  • Thick paper 350g
  • Laminating, selective varnishing and gilding possible
  • Assorted envelopes

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The many advantages of greeting cards

Personalised and easy to send, greeting cards are traditionally used at New Year's or Christmas time by professionals and individuals alike because they have many advantages. Indeed, beyond the ease with which they allow a message to be passed on, they also make it possible to create or reinforce the link that a company can have with its customers or its commercial partners.

They are also the perfect opportunity to thank your partners for their trust or to tell them about a future project you would like to work on with them. Often less formal and solemn than greetings sent to a company by email for purely commercial purposes, they are the ideal medium for renewing links with former employees or attracting the attention of new companies.

If you choose to send them during the New Year period, greeting cards can be accompanied by a few lines about the past year's achievements or announcing a new strategy, an important project or the development of a new good or service. This way, all your employees can be kept informed of the evolution of your company.

For individuals, printing greeting cards is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, even for those who live in other regions or countries. More original than a text message or email, they will allow your loved ones to keep a souvenir of the end of the year.

The advantages of using a professional printer

Choosing toprint a greeting card in paper format and send it to your employees is an excellent idea because it allows you to make a lasting impression and to stand out from your competitors, particularly by personalising the greeting cards thanks to the various finishing, paper and cutting options offered by COPYMAGE.

Located in the heart of Paris, at 8 rue Saint-Roch, our print shop has a large fleet of the latest high-performance machines designed specifically for printing communication media. Thanks to these machines and our know-how, we are able to offer you large quantities of greeting cards printed in just 4 hours, while maintaining a very high quality finish. An ideal option for printing a greeting card at the last minute if you are behind on your greetings or out of stock.

By entrusting your greeting card printing project to a professional printer like COPYMAGE, you can save time and focus your attention on other tasks while our teams print and cut your cards. If you need to, you can contact your account manager at any time and ask any questions you may have or make changes to your order if it is still possible.

Once your order is ready, you can have it delivered by courier to the location of your choice in the Paris region or come and collect it directly from our print shop. Are you located outside Paris? No problem, your order will be sent to you by post or via a carrier depending on the volume of the order, as quickly as possible.

The different format and paper options

Generally, greeting cards are printed in fairly small sizes so that they can be sent easily by post, however, we know that some of our customers like to have a larger surface area to write a longer message or add photos to their cards. For this reason, we offer a choice of two simple and two folded formats:

  • The square format (15 x 15 cm)
  • The A5 format (14.8 x 21 cm)
  • The A5 folded format, which corresponds to an open A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
  • The folded square format (15 x 15 cm closed, 15 x 30 cm open)

The folded formats are delivered open and have a groove that allows you to fold them easily when folding them without the risk of the paper cracking or tearing. For simplicity and colour coordination, you can accompany your order of greeting cards withpersonalised white or colouredenvelopes to match the size of the cards.

All our greeting cards are printed on 350g satin paper, which is a semi-rigid paper offering a high-end finish that is much appreciated by our customers as it allows us to convey a prestigious image of the company sending these cards. This high quality paper also allows us to offer you a wide choice of finishes that will allow you to personalise your cards even more, but also to leave a lasting impression on your customers and make them want to keep them on their desk or pin them to a jumble sale, for example.

Frequently asked questions about greeting card printing

What finishes are available for this product?

The different finishing options that can be applied to the greeting cards are as follows:

  • Matte, glossy or soft touch lamination, which allows you to play with the look of your greeting cards. Glossy lamination offers excellent colour rendition and highlights the photos, while matte lamination gives a more chic and sober look. The soft-touch lamination offers a peachy feel that makes the card pleasant to hold.
  • Simple or 3D selective varnish, thanks to which you can highlight certain elements of your greeting cards (logo, slogan, signature, date of the new year, etc.) by adding relief or gloss to them. This way, they will stand out more and be more visible than the rest of the card.
  • Gilding, which makes it possible to obtain an even more upscale and festive look by adding a specific ink to certain elements. You can choose from bright gold, matt gold, rose gold or silver ink.

How can we make sure we get the best possible result?

Every file we receive for printing a greeting card or any other communication medium is systematically checked by our advisors, free of charge, to ensure that everything is correct and that the printing can be started. However, you too can make sure that your greeting cards are exactly what you want by taking the time to prepare your cards in advance (visual, message, colours, etc.).

Generally sent at the time of the end of the year, greeting cards are the ideal opportunity to stand out, so don't hesitate to be as original as possible and todare to play with the different options we offer to obtain a festive and memorable result. If you wish, you can contact our advisers by telephone or email to obtain advice or additional explanations concerning the different finishes offered on our site.

Finally, remember to ensure that the file you are going to send us for printing is in PDF format, with the colourimetry set to CMYK. Also, the cut lines and bleeds must be visible. Finally, please note that it is essential toadd layers to your visual called "varnish", "gold" or "silver" in order to indicate the areas on which you wish to apply a varnish or gold.

When to send greeting cards?

Greeting cards as we know them have been in use since the 1930s and are now a must for companies that want to reinforce the bond they have created with their partners during the year. As a result, you will certainly not be the only one to send a card to your customers and it is possible that it will be lost among a large number of cards.

Sending a personalised card with a high quality finish is a great way to stand out from the competition, but timing is also important. To ensure that your card arrives on time and is read by your customers, we advise you not to send it too early or too late. Ideally, you should send your cards just before the start of the Christmas holidays, so that your customers will find them when they return from their holidays.

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