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In Products > Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive letter printing


In Products > Adhesive Vinyl

Tough, easy to stick on and striking, get noticed with adhesive lettering. 

Adhesive lettering is an essential means of communication for restaurant or shop windows. It can be used to indicate opening hours, signage, events such as sales or simply your company logo. This technique is very affordable and 100% customisable which makes it very popular. 

For promote your services or or to enhance a commercial operation like during a sales period, discover the possibilities of adhesive lettering that we offer.

Adhesive lettering is an essential means of communication for restaurant or shop windows. It can be used to indicate opening hours, signage, events such as sales or simply your company logo. This technique is very affordable and 100% customisable which makes it very popular. 

For promote your services or or to enhance a commercial operation like during a sales period, discover the possibilities of adhesive lettering that we offer.


  • Wide range of vinyls
  • 100% customised cutting
  • Installation kit included (scraper included)
  • Ultra resistant exterior & interior (up to 5 years)

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Printing of personalised adhesive letters

Come and discover COPYMAGE's offer in the field of adhesive letters. For targeted communication on your windows, company vehicles or any other type of support, window lettering is a simple and inexpensive way to attract the attention of potential customers.

High quality customised adhesive lettering with COPYMAGE

Cut to different shapes, the adhesive letters offered by COPYMAGE are of exceptional quality in every respect. We check your files sent in vectorised format and ensure that the printing is extremely accurate.
The possibilities are immense and installation is made extremely simple on a wide range of surfaces, from shop windows to car bodies.
Our prints are remarkably resistant to moisture or UV exposure. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Even extreme temperatures do not cause any loss of quality: in large formats or smaller sizes, the adhesive can withstand variations from -40°C to +80°C.


Choices in self-adhesive lettering  

When ordering from COPYMAGE, we offer you four different sizes in terms of format. The customised self-adhesive lettering is available in the following sizes: 

  • 25×35 centimetres
  • 50×35 centimetres
  • 50×70 centimetres
  • 70×100 centimetres

Different types of vinyl There are also two distinct categories, between monomeric vinyls (economical and recommended for indoor use) and polymers (resistant, recommended for outdoor use):

  • White vinyl
  • Clear vinyl
  • Black vinyl
  • Gold vinyl
  • Silver vinyl 
  • Frosted vinyl
  • Adhesive paper

Depending on your needs, certain finishes can improve the appearance of your personalised adhesive letters. This is particularly the case with the lamination finish which allows you to reinforce the protection of the adhesive lettering. You can choose between a matt lamination in order to emphasise sobriety. The addition of a glossy lamination will enhance the colours. In both cases, a lamination reinforces the protection of the adhesive lettering.

Adhesive letters for your shop window 

Very often, the information on the floor customers to discover valuable new things when they enter a shop. But to attract them to your shop, trade fair or otherBut to attract them to your shop, trade fair or other business, there's nothing better than a print on your window.

Adhesive letters are therefore ideal for for all retailers who want to to communicate about their services or operations.
With lettering that can combine adhesive numbers, self-adhesive letters or any type of logo on a label, retailers use window stickers to decorate the windows of their points of sale and relay a commercial offer or attractive news.

With no need for professional help and a relatively low cost, the relatively low costAdvertising with cut-to-size adhesive letters can be a solution for start-ups. For the latter, a catchy and attractive text will allow the visit of the first customers.

Thanks to their long service life, adhesive letters also also permanently decorate a shop window. a shop window. In the same way, listing available services and articles can be a possibility by using the window lettering offered by COPYMAGE.

Window lettering for large format communication  

While it is true that adhesive lettering is very often used on restaurant windows or company vehicles, it is also misused in many ways to communicate or advertise an establishment or product.

Many companies also use them to decorate the glass walls of their premises or meeting rooms to to communicate an important event to their to their employees or visitors. More simply, this technique is common for establish signage to guide people to reception areas, meeting rooms or simply the toilets. Between opacity and transparency, the result is perfect on any type of surface.

The lower cost, the ease of application and the possibility of leaving the vinyls for several days or years attract new fans every day. COPYMAGE offers you other types of labels and delivery formats, such as plank stickers or customised stickers.

Frequently asked questions about our adhesive letters

Very often, you may have questions about layout, typography or printing. We answer them below. 

How do I install my window lettering? 

Even before you finalise your order with COPYMAGE, make sure you have identified the surface on which to place your future personalised adhesive lettering. Whether it is a question of adhesive numbers, logos or texts, we will be able to advise you in the best possible way so that the result is optimal. 

With a very simple installation, whatever the support, the window lettering has in addition to its attractive price, an irreproachable quality. 

Do not apply your lettering with water. Although many websites advise doing so, water water would cause your adhesive sheets to float to the surface on the surface and disturb the alignment of the sheets.

Prepare your surface by drawing your marks and marking the centres of your lettering in height and width. We recommend that you to use a level to ensure that the sheets are correctly positioned.

Once these adjustments have been made, simply position the window lettering by fixing it to the support with the adhesive tape. Then peel off the free part of the lettering before gently folding it back. All you have to do now is apply the self-adhesive letters to the substrate without the slightest fold, then remove the transparent paper with precision. the transparent paper by pulling it flat. by pulling it flat. That's it!

My typography is complex, is this a problem? 

The technical aspects are paramount when preparing your file and we will deal with every detail. It is crucial to respect the following measures to ensure that the lettering is properly manufactured and then properly installed on a window or other support: 

  • Lines with a minimum thickness of 4mm
  • Adhesive letters with a minimum height of 4cm
  • Vector files (without pixel)

Extremely complex layouts should be avoided, as the passage of the blades can damage the can damage the self-adhesive the self-adhesive film. In this case, we advise you to opt for a self-adhesive vinyl with a transparent backing.

If you have any doubts about the feasibility of your file, our teams will be happy to advise you on the subject. 

Can I put this window lettering on my vehicle? 

The adhesive letters offered by COPYMAGE are a godsend for companies or self-employed people who own a company car. 

With low-cost adhesive letters that are are suitable for installation on carsThis is the most common or easiest way to promote your services. To advertise your business on your commercial vehicle or simply to indicate your contact details, this medium is one of the best ways to do so.

Communication is no longer gathered in one place and the company travels at the same time as its employeesometimes throughout France. Visibility becomes global and potential customers can take note of the information displayed in a few seconds if they are interested in the services communicated.

For all occasions, the installation of COPYMAGE self-adhesive lettering is undoubtedly is undoubtedly a solution to attract new customers. The latter can discover a new point of sale or a service that is unknown to them, while they are in their vehicle or simply on the street.

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