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Commercial brochure 2,3 parts


In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

For effective sales meetings, choose the 2 or 3-part sales brochure.

When you take part in an event, such as a trade fair, exhibition or open house, you meet a large number of prospective customers to whom you must to whom you must present your products and services in a concise manner.

To help them discover your brand and to encourage them to find out more, test you or sign a quote, what better communication medium than the 2 or 3-part brochure ? 

When you take part in an event, such as a trade fair, exhibition or open house, you meet a large number of prospective customers to whom you must to whom you must present your products and services in a concise manner.

To help them discover your brand and to encourage them to find out more, test you or sign a quote, what better communication medium than the 2 or 3-part brochure ? 

  • Time limit 4H
  • Laminating and selective varnishing or 3D finishes 
  • Wide choice of formats and folds
  • Delivered folded, ready for distribution

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How to personalise your advertising brochure?

Choose from the many options of formats, papers and finishes that COPYMAGE offers to make your brochure an effective communication medium and 100% in your image.

The choice of format

When designing your advertising brochure, first choose the format that suits you: 

  • A4 open format of 29.7 x 21 cm for a 2-panel leaflet with one fold. This is the most commonly used format with double-sided printing for easy access to your business information. 
  • A4 open format for a 3-part brochure with one fold. You have 6 useful pages to detail the maximum amount of information according to the different folds proposed.
    • The rolled fold allows the information in the leaflet to be discovered gradually.
    • The two rolled folds guarantee a surprise effect for the information presented on both sides of the document with a central opening.
    • The parallel or zigzag fold gives an accordion fold to map your offers or products.
    • The window fold has 2 flaps that allow you to open first an inside page, then a second one for a 2-step reading.
  • A5 open format of 21 x 14.8 cm with 2 flaps and a central fold for a more compact size and easy handling. 

The choice of paper weight

You must choose the paper weight according to the final result you are looking for, whether it is a 2 or 3 part brochure:

  • A 90 g paper paper, thinner and lighter for standard printing. It is perfect for mass distribution during a street marketing operation.
  • A 115 g paper paper offering a little more hold for repetitive handling. It also offers good value for money.
  • A 135 g paper paper, thicker and more resistant while remaining flexible, for a more elegant look for sales brochures to be left on your reception counter.
  • A 170 g paper flexible or semi-rigid, thick and robust for a better hold and a more qualitative appearance
  • A 350 g paper paper to give a very high quality finish to your communication medium and therefore to your brand.

The choice of finish

The different types of finish offered by COPYMAGE in the product range leaflet brochure you allow to enhance your commercial brochure, give it a prestigious appearance and attract the eye of prospects.

  • Matt lamination for a sober look, with fewer reflections and a chic finish.
  • Glossy lamination with a glossy surface for brilliant colours. It is perfect for media with a lot of visuals.
  • Soft touch lamination matte and with a soft texture with a peach skin effect for a very pleasant silky touch.
  • Selective varnish to highlight or even emboss areas with the 3D varnish varnish, such as your brand, your logo or your advertising visual. When choosing this option, you must select a 5th5th colour called "varnish" to show the COPYMAGE team which areas of your file are affected.

When should I use a 2-panel brochure or a 3-panel brochure?

The commercial brochure is a communication mediumalternative to the advertising leaflet, which allowsto disseminate a large amount of information:

  • Emphasise your competitive advantages to convince your prospects or partners.
  • Promote a particular offer such as the launch of a new product range, a new service or a new website. 
  • Presenting the programme of a trade fair, event, festival or festival. 

The different uses of this type of sales brochure

Once your 3-page, 2-page or 4-page brochure has been printedyou can then use it in several ways:

  • Distribute your leaflets on the street or at a trade fairIf you also combine your brochure with a company gift, a postcard or a or a postcard or advertising flap folder with the various presentation documents of your company.retake and highlight a promotional offer or a competition, you can competition, you you multiply the chances of hitting the bull's eye and catching the attention of passers-by.
  • Leave your sales brochures on your reception desk: your visitors have the opportunity to help themselves and learn more about your company. to learn more about your company. You can use this waiting time to introduce your customers to the rest of your range or to highlight a new service.
  • Target your customers: Send them, by mailto the prospects and customers in your database. By targeting very precisely, you can ensure that the content of the sales brochure is relevant to your target and thus maximise the return on investment of your mailing campaign.
  • Build customer loyalty and improve customer relations: of course, sales brochures are the perfect tool to illustrate your pitch during a sales meeting. By handing it over at the end of your interview, you also ensure that it is visible on your prospect's desk and thus multiply the opportunities for them to be contacted.By handing it over at the end of your interview, you also ensure that it is visible on your prospect's desk and thus multiply the opportunities for him to contact you again.

What are the advantages of a sales brochure?

The 2 or 3-part brochure has many advantages for your company:

  • A document which, when folded on itself, is is very compact in size and therefore easy to carry, share and store. When unfolded, you get a 4 or 6 page leaflet offering a larger surface for expression than the flyer.
  • The 2-panel or 3-panel brochure is an effective and inexpensive medium for mass communication.
  • High-quality medium, with a generally thicker cover for a better hold, the commercial brochure is optimised to allow for numerous manipulations. Made to last over timeIt is generally used by companies to present timeless information such as the company's values, its products and services.

By ordering your 3-panel or 2-panel brochure from COPYMAGE, you benefit from many other logistical advantages:

  • A fast processing of your order with express printing: we prioritise your order to print your documents in less than 4 hours and delivered the same day.
  • A systematic and free verification of your files before printing: we undertake to check the document before printing to detect any typos and ensure that it complies with the printing constraints and options you have chosen.
  • 3 delivery options: by mail traditional, by courier in Paris and the Ile de France region or by click & collect by picking up your order directly at our offices located at 8 rue Saint Roch 75001 Paris.
  • A degressive price according to the quantity ordered: the larger the volume of commercial brochures you order, the more attractive our prices will be.

Frequently asked questions about the sales brochure

How to make an impactful advertising brochure?

Whether you opt for a 4 or 6 page brochure, you will have a fairly large printing area which allows you to display a lot of information. However, the point of a brochure is not to say too much, but rather to make those who read it want to know more. 

To create an effective effective and impactful sales brochureTo create an effective and impactful sales brochure, we recommend that you start by creating an attractive cover that catches the eye and makes your prospects want to see your brochure. You only have a few seconds to convince them, so make sure you are clear and concise.

For the inside of the brochure, it is important to carefully select the information you want to include. Add key attention-grabbing elements in the form of bullet points Keep the layout simple and clear, and use visuals rather than text. and prefer visuals to text, which are more meaningful.

The purpose of the 3 or 2-panel brochure is not only to present your company and your offer, but to turn your prospects into customers. The sales arguments must be powerful and respond to their problems. You can create a surprise effect in reading the information by playing with the folds and flaps at your disposal, which will allow you to keep the reader's attention. In any case, prioritising the information is essential for a fluid and dynamic reading.

Also remember to include your logo, your slogan and your company as well as your company's contact details on the brochure to ensure that every prospect can contact you quickly if they need to. Your website and social networks should also be easily visible.

Finally, for your sales brochure to be effective and impactful, it is essential that those who have it in their hands can directly associate it with your company. For this, we advise you to base your choice of colours and typography on your graphic charter. 

What little touches should be added to the document to make it more personal?

In an age of dematerialisation, it's a great idea to stand out from the crowd by to stand out by printing a paper advertising medium. However, it is important to link your traditional materials to your website so that your prospects can discover all your products and services.

To do this, you can add a QR code to increase traffic to your site through your commercial brochure. With this code, you can offer your prospects a direct link to a video presentation of a product, an interview with a company director or a promotional offer. It is the ideal way to enrich the reading experience of the physical medium.

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