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Personalized stamp


In Products > Stationery

Personalise all your letters with the ink stamp

The personalised stamp is widely used by companies and administrations, but also by individuals. It allows you to write down your details efficiently at the bottom of each letter, to complete a loyalty card in a second, to sign or to file a document. COPYMAGE offers you a personalised stamp that you can personalise and use more than 10,000 times!

The personalised stamp is widely used by companies and administrations, but also by individuals. It allows you to write down your details efficiently at the bottom of each letter, to complete a loyalty card in a second, to sign or to file a document. COPYMAGE offers you a personalised stamp that you can personalise and use more than 10,000 times!

  • Up to 10,000 uses
  • Easy to use 
  • Clean and professional branding
  • Inking colour of your choice
  • Light & robust

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The different types of stamp pads offered by COPYMAGE

COPYMAGE offers you different options for stamp formats to ensure that your stamp is exactly what you need:

  • Classic rectangular stamp formatsimple and sober for standard lines of text
  • Round stamp formatideal for logos or symbols
  • Square stamp formatperfect for more originality when using your personalised stamp

Depending on the text and information you wish to include on each of your letters, we offer you different sizes of text plates :

  • 26 x 9 mm
  • 38 x 14 mm
  • 58 x 22 mm
  • 64 x 26 mm
  • 70 x 25 mm

Depending on the size of the text plate, you can write between 3 and 7 lines. All the inks used in COPYMAGE stamps are indelible. You can choose the colour of the stamp according to your needs between red, blue or black..

If you use several tampons on a daily basis, it can be difficult to tell them apart. To make your daily life easier, we offer you different colours for your professional stamp:

  • White 
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Fushia
  • Orange 
  • Mole

Practical, economical and designed for intensive use, our range of stamp pads has multiple usesSo don't hesitate to order several of them so that you always have the one you need at hand!

Opportunities to use a self-inking stamp

A personalised stamp is generally used by companies to sign official and administrative documents such as an invoice, an order formorder, a delivery note or a quotation by stamping the company's name and address more quickly than if this had to be done manually.

It is therefore the official ally of office workers! Stamping is indeed very practical for facilitate the classification of documents by indicating the categories to which they belong: to be paid, urgent, confidential, to be filed, etc., without having to write down this information manually and repeatedly.

It is also very useful in many situations, for example to date a paper, to mark a loyalty card or to differentiate packages (fragile, urgent, etc.) (fragile, urgent, etc.) to save time. A stamp can also allow you to to stamp parcels for their marking or to show an expiry date on a product label.

In addition to its professional use, the personalised stamp allows you to to add a personal message at the bottom of each letter during a special event such as the end of year celebrations, or to add a recognisable touch to each of your correspondences.

Finally, a self-inking stamp is ideal for marking your books, artwork, greeting cards or invitations. In the private sector, it can be used to personalise invitations or correspondence cards by adding a design to the card or envelope.

COPYMAGE does not stop at the delivery of ink stamps but also offers you other stationery items. Notepads, letterheads or even letterheadsPlease feel free to browse our wide range of products and order all your office supplies!

Frequently asked questions about ink pads

What are the advantages of the stamp pad offered by COPYMAGE? 

Both practical practical and economicalthe stamp pad is part of a company's professional stationery. Our stamps are designed to deliver exactly the amount of ink needed for a visible, clean and smudge-free result thanks to an integrated ink reservoir.

With a capacity of approximately 10,000 uses, you can use your self-inking stamp for several months or even years without it drying out. without drying out thanks to the cover supplied with each model.

The lid clips neatly onto the pad, allowing it to be carried and handled without the risk of staining. Since the ink is already inside the pad's reservoir, you don't need to buy an additional inker.

The small and lightweight stamp pad is easy to use and easy to use and store. Soft-touch zones make it easy to grip the pad for a clean and precise result.

What information should appear on my company stamp? 

It all depends on how you want to use your stamp. If it is to be used to complete loyalty cards or to add a small add a small logo on the bottom of each letter, for example, you can use the logo or a representative symbol.

On the other hand, for personalised stamps intended to indicate your contact details on letters, invoices or parcels, then all information related to your company's identity should be included :

  • Company name 
  • Legal form 
  • Share capital 
  • Address of the head office 
  • RCS registration number
  • Intracommunity VAT number 

Also consider adding a telephone number so that the recipients of your mail can easily contact you can contact you easily if they need to in case of need. If you wish, you can also add your company slogan or logo.

If you want to order a self-inking stamp for your own use, you can you can put whatever you want on itIf you wish to order a self-inking stamp for your personal use, you can put whatever you want on it, whether it be your address, a pictogram or a mention such as "invoices", "important documents", etc., allowing you to quickly and easily file all your papers.

How do I maintain a self-inking stamp?

The ink pads we offer have an excellent life spanthanks to the cover which prevents the stamp from prevents the stamp from drying out. Nevertheless, a few simple maintenance steps can extend the life of your material.

To remove ink residues around the letters or numbers, you can use a baby wipe or a make-up remover wipe which will the rubbery part of the stamp without damaging it. If there is still ink residue on the stamp, you can gently scrub the stamp with a soft toothbrush and a drop of washing-up liquid before rinsing it with clean water and drying it.

To prevent dust from getting stuck between the letters, we advise you to dry your stamp with a microfibre towel or a cloth, but avoid tissues and other absorbent papers.


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