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Serial poster printing


In Products > Posters

Print your poster in series and benefit from discounted rates for successful communication! 

Thanks to COPYMAGE's experience and know-how, you can print a wide range of materials in large quantities in colour and in high definition. Inaugurations, sporting events, election campaigns, new product launches: communicate easily and quickly about your professional events throughout the year.

Thanks to COPYMAGE's experience and know-how, you can print a wide range of materials in large quantities in colour and in high definition. Inaugurations, sporting events, election campaigns, new product launches: communicate easily and quickly about your professional events throughout the year.

  • Up to 25,000 copies 
  • Degressive rate according to quantity
  • For indoor use only 
  • Professional quality printing  

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Available formats for poster printing

COPYMAGE allows you to choose between several formats to print in large quantities, in order to select the one that best suits your visual. We offer the following formats: 

    • A4 format(29.7 x 21 cm): standard format, this is the most economical format for printingposters, either individually or in large quantities. It is ideal for creating posters to be displayed in a small area or with relatively little information to be displayed.
    • A3 format(42 x 29.7 cm): the most used of the small formats, it is the good compromise between price and visibility. It allows you to display a lot of information that can be seen from a distance and is therefore ideal for hanging in a shop window or in a hall, for example.
    • A2 format(59.4 x 42 cm): this is the most popular format for printingadvertising posters and posters because it is the perfect compromise between a very large poster and the formats mentioned above.
    • A1 format(84.1 x 59.4 cm): ideal for all urban poster campaigns, this large format is practical because it offers excellent visibility without necessarily needing to get close to read what is written on it.
    • A0 format(118.9 x 84.1 cm): the largest format in the range, the A0 format allows you to create a poster that will be visible from a great distance. It is the perfect format to put a poster in a large window to attract the eye of passers-by.

If none of these formats meet your needs, you can also print large quantities of custom-made posters.

The different paper weights for printing posters in large quantities 

The weight corresponds to the thickness and weight of the paper you choose. The higher the weight of the paper, the thicker and more durable your poster will be. Here are the different options we offer and their advantages:

  • 135g, a thin and flexible paperideal for a poster to be framed. It is the most economical of the range.
  • 170g, thicker than than the previous one but still flexible, it is perfect for printing a poster to be framed.
  • 240g, a more rigid paper which allows posters to be affixed as is to a wall while resisting the passage of time.
  • 300g, the thickest of the range. This paper offers a high quality and even better printing.

In each case, you can choose between the matt version or glossy version of each paper.

  • The matt version is very popular because it brings modernity and prestige to your to your communication medium.
  • The glossy version is ideal for printing photos as it is similar to photo paper and offers excellent and offers excellent colour rendition..

Laminating options for high volume printing

In addition to the paper you choose to print your posters in large quantities, you can choose between different lamination options. 

Laminating is a process commonly used in the printing industry which consists of to apply a thin plastic film to the poster in order to personalise to personalise and protect it.

The following options are available to you: 

  • Matt lamination Matte lamination: softens the colours and is ideal for giving a high-end effect. Often used on dark colours, it adds a chic touch to a graphic design.
  • Glossy lamination Glossy lamination: it adds pep to a visual by highlighting the bright colours. Ideal for printing photos, it highlights contrasts.
  • Soft-touch lamination Also called "peach skin", it combines a matt finish with an original and modern velvety appearance.

The advantages of large-scale poster printing 

As a well-known medium, posters are useful for to convey a message effectively because they are eye-catching and visible from a distance. 100% customisable, they allow you to target potential customers perfectly by making them want to know more about the company, brand or association that created the poster.

The second advantage of posters and billboardsespecially when you choose to print them in large quantities, is the quality/price ratio of these communication media. With COPYMAGE, you benefit from a degressive rate depending on the number of prints. So you can carry out all your projects without breaking the bank!

To ensure that you get the best possible discounted rate, consider amalgam printing This allows you to print the visuals corresponding to several communication campaigns (promotional offers, new products, different points of sale, etc.) in a single order. Similarly, you can print several different visuals in order to diversify the reading and vary the message conveyed by these campaigns. In other words, it is an original way to address your commercial target.

Frequently asked questions about printing posters in large quantities 

How to prepare a file for printing in large quantities? 

After your posters have been printed in large quantities, they will be cut out with a cutter. To avoid your visual being cut off from a part of the text or image, it is necessary to allow 5 millimetres of bleed and 3 millimetres margin on all the edges of your visual.

If necessary, you will find a guide to margins and bleeds at the bottom of each page of our site to help you carry out this manipulation easily depending on the software you are using. 

The second and third points to check are the vectorisation of the text and the quality of the images:

  • When printing large quantities of posters, your artwork will probably need to be stretched to fit the actual printed size. By sending us a vectorised PDF filefile, you can be sure of a clean result.
  • Make sure that the images on your visual have a minimum resolution of 300 dpito prevent them from becoming pixelated if they need to be enlarged.

How do I ship my order? 

Thanks to our modern and powerful machinery located in our Parisian printing works, we are able to print in large quantities all the communication media you want that you require and this in record time !

If you place your order before 9am, it will be ready for dispatch the next day. Some of our communication materials are also available available by express delivery within 4 hours.

Once printed and trimmed, your documents will be shipped and delivered anywhere in France within one or two working days depending on the shipping method chosen. If you are located in the Paris region, you can also opt for same day delivery by courier or for collection by Click & Collect directly at our print shop, located at 8 rue Saint Roch in Paris.

What additional communication materials can you print with COPYMAGE? 

For an effective communication campaign, don't hesitate to add to your poster printing order an order of order of flyers to be distributed during a street-marketing operation.

In addition to posters, which will bring you visibility and awareness, flyers will allow you to directly reach your future customers and encourage them to take action via a a scratch-off game or an immediate discount offer communicated on the flyer that you will have given them in person.

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