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Printing in A1 format


In Products > Printing

The A1 format: the format that adapts to all situations!

Advertising materials, decorative posters, architectural plans, at Copymage we accompany all your prints in A1 format.

Second largest format after the A0, the A1 format measures 594 x 841 mm which makes it an ally to make all your communication elements visible from a distance, both indoors and outdoors.

Advertising materials, decorative posters, architectural plans, at Copymage we accompany all your prints in A1 format.

Second largest format after the A0, the A1 format measures 594 x 841 mm which makes it an ally to make all your communication elements visible from a distance, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Time limit 4H
  • 16 papers to choose from
  • Laminating, varnishing and laminating options
  • From 1 copy

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Possible uses of the A1 format

Because of its large size, the A1 format is frequently used for advertising and decorative posters. The A1 format is ideal for:

  • decorate your trade show booth
  • decorate the walls of your office
  • animate a wedding hall
  • display your promotions in the window
  • communicate your new temporary summer hours
  • relay the next concert or show you are organizing
  • display the prices of the products sold in front of your stand during the fair


These A1 posters can be produced by your professional printer for indoor or outdoor use. Moreover, because you don't always need a large number of copies for your A1 decorative posters, at Copymage, we offer you toprint your poster by unit.

The A1 format is also a popular format for technical professions: engineering, architecture, building. Indeed, it is ideal for printing architectural drawings allowing to show all the details of the project.

The A1 format, a very handy large format

In the ISO 216 nomenclature, which lists the paper formats used in France and Europe, the A1 format is the second largest format.

The A1 format is exactly half the size of the A0 format, which is the reference format and the largest of the range with 1 square meter of printable area.

In this paper size chart, the number after the letter A indicates the number of times the reference size A0 (841 × 1189 mm) must be folded into two equal parts to obtain the size in question.

The A1 format allows the realization of many large size communication supports: decorative posters, stickers or architectural plans for example.

The dimensions of the A1 format

The A1 format measures 594 x 841 mm.

This makes it the second largest paper size in the A line after the A0 size.

Contrary to popular belief, the larger the number next to the A, the smaller the size of the paper. Conversely, the smaller the number next to the A, as in A1, the larger the sheet of paper.

Each format with a larger number than the previous one is therefore twice as small in size:

  • by dividing the A1 format in two, you obtain a sheet of A2 format,
  • by dividing the A1 size into three, you get an A3 size sheet,
  • by dividing the A1 format into four, you obtain a sheet of A4 format,

Frequently asked questions about the A1 format

What resolution for A1 images?

Depending on the media you wish to produce in A1 format, you will have to choose a more or less important resolution.

For large visuals intended to be seen from a distance, especially large formats such as A1, it is not always necessary to choose a high resolution.

However, for the printing of decorative photographs, it is better to choose a higher resolution in order to guarantee the quality of the illustrations.

Translated into pixels, the A1 format varies according to the resolution in dpi ("dots per inch" in English) that you will choose:

  • for a resolution of 300 dpi, you will need a photo of 7 016 x 9 933 pixels,
  • for a resolution of 200 dpi, you will need a photo of 4 684 x 6 622 pixels,
  • for a resolution of 72 dpi, you will need a photo of 1686 x 2384 pixels.

How to print in A1 format?

It is best to use a professional printer like Copymage for all your A1 size printing.

  • Your A1 printing project will benefit from thelatest high definition plotters that will guarantee the best color reproduction of your illustrations. Only professional printers have these plotters which guarantee a very precise printing.
  • You can choose from a wide range of quality papers, whose weight will ensure the quality of the rendering, and finishes adapted to your A1 format support.
  • At Copymage, you benefit from free verification of your files before printing (image resolution, bleed, cut lines, neutral zone, etc.).
  • You'll get your A1 format creations within the allotted time, even when you only have 4 hours with the Express option we offer at Copymage!

Which paper and finishes for your A1 prints?

Several types of paper can be used for your A1 prints:

  • White paper is a classic paper, frequently used for all types of printing.
  • The coated paper is a paper on which one or more layers of products were deposited in order to obtain a smoother surface. The use of this paper favors a better restitution of the printed colors.
  • The laid paper has an aged appearance due to the fine horizontal lines visible in transparency.
  • Textured paper is slightly grainy which gives it a prestigious, elegant look. This paper is often used for printing invitation cards or greeting cards.

Regarding the weight of the paper, at Copymage, you have the choice between:

  • 80 g/m2 paper - this is the paper usually used in personal printers,
  • 100 g/m2 or 135 g/m2 paper - these papers offer a firmer hold and are often used for higher-end communication tools.
  • 170 g/m2 paper - this paper is called semi-rigid. It makes the printed material more rigid and allows the poster to be hung in A1 format without having to frame it.
  • 300 g/m2 paper - this is a rigid paper that opens up many possibilities in terms of lamination, and is particularly suitable for high-end media.

The A1 format is a large format that will enhance your communication elements. For this reason, at Copymage we advise you to take care of the finishing by choosing a lamination adapted to your support:

  • The glossy lamination is ideal to magnify the photos, it offers a great intensity to the colors.
  • Matte lamination offers a modern, more formal look that is suitable for prestigious communication materials.
  • The soft touch lamination adds a peach skin effect to the matte finish of your A1 print, making it silky to the touch.
  • The selective varnish allows you to highlight certain elements of your A1 print by making them more brilliant.
  • Laminating is also available for your A1 format printed material - it extends the life of your material through its protective effect.
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