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Printing of stapled brochures


In Products > Brochure & Folders

A cost-effective communication medium with a high quality finish: the stapled brochure

This medium allows companies to communicate internally with your employees as well as externally with your customers or partners. To best meet your communication objectives, we offer you a wide range of customisation options. Discover the different types of stapled brochures or advertising catalogues published by COPYMAGE to inspire you on your next presentation brochure.

This medium allows companies to communicate internally with your employees as well as externally with your customers or partners. To best meet your communication objectives, we offer you a wide range of customisation options. Discover the different types of stapled brochures or advertising catalogues published by COPYMAGE to inspire you on your next presentation brochure.

Delay 4H
Binding : Stapled
4 to 40 pages
Wide choice of papers and formats
Optional lamination on cover
Economical solution for a professional result

Prices for your stapled brochures


The stapled brochure is a document with 8 to 44 pages stapled in the middle. Its cover can be thick and enriched with a matt or glossy finish. Thanks to its attractive price, the brochure is a widely used communication medium in most activities. 

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When should I order a stitched binding from COPYMAGE?

Internal newspapers, journals, magazines or even product cataloguesThese documents are vital for your corporate communication. They can be used as internal communication tools to inform all employees of the company's values and services or to communicate the programme of an upcoming seminar.

You can also use brochures for your external communicationYou can also use brochures for your external communication, when you want to address your prospects, customers or business partners. You can use the brochure as a medium for :

  • Presentation of the company: its history, its values and its main key figures.
  • Presentation of a commercial offer: a new product range, a promotional offer, a new point of sale, etc.

If you are an association or a communityIf you are an association or a community, you may need a brochure when organising events such as a festival. The stapled brochure will allow you to present the festival programme: venues, speakers, participants, activities, etc.

For hotels and restaurantsFor hotels and restaurants, you can order a booklet to present your different accommodation offers, your main activities, the must-see visits of the region or your menu.

Whether you are a large company, an agency, an SME or a start-up, in the private or public sector, entrust the printing of your stapled brochure to COPYMAGE. Within our category dedicated to bound documents, you will find our various products: spiral bound folder, notebook printingand university thesis, dissertation, company report...

Key benefits of brochure printing with COPYMAGE

The technical and logistical advantages of printing your advertising catalogue with COPYMAGE are numerous: 

  • Professional brochure printing allows you to stand out from your stand out from your competitors. Most of the players in your sector are increasingly focusing on the web. By opting for the paper medium, you choose a physical and timeless medium to allow your contacts to keep all the information about you at their fingertips.
  • Of all the solutions for binding your multi-page document, stitched binding has the advantage of being economical.
  • This type of binding consists of binding the two pages side by side with two metal stitches at the fold. Hence the name 2-stitch booklet or saddle-stitch binding. This binding method, as its name suggests, does not cut the visuals between two pages. A guarantee of unequalled reading comfort!
  • At COPYMAGE, we know that each client has a particular objective, so we offer you customisation of your of your advertising catalogue so that it corresponds to a 100% tailor-made solution.
  • If you urgently need to restock your stapled brochure, we offer you the express printing service in 4 hours. We will treat your request as a priority and offer you express delivery by courier or collection from our premises.

What type of presentation leaflets should I choose?

By entrusting the printing of your advertising catalogue to COPYMAGE, you have access to several customisation parameters to make your document unique: format, type of paper, finish and type of binding. You will thus obtain a 100% personalised brochure that corresponds exactly to your communication objective.

You can choose between different formats: A4, A5, A6, square version 21 x 21 cm and if none of these formats suits you, we can print your presentation brochure in presentation brochure in a tailor-made format . Please note that your brochure should be between 4 and 40 pages long, the number of pages should always be a multiple of 4.

Concerning the choice of paper to be used, 

  • For the inside pages, we advise you to start with a between 80 and 135 g to facilitate reading and limit the weight of the brochure that you may have to send by post.
  • The paper is available in matt or glossy coated versions. The former is recommended if you want an elegant look and the latter if your pages contain a lot of images and colours. 
  • For the coverFor the cover, we suggest 170 g semi-rigid paper, which is thicker and therefore gives a better hold and a more upscale appearance to your presentation brochure.
  • Add a finishing option when printing the cover of your advertising catalogue to enhance your material and make it more attractive. You can choose between :
  • A lamination for a sober and elegant look
  • A glossy lamination to highlight your colours
  • A soft touch or peach skin lamination for a matte finish and a soft, silky touch.  
  • A selective or 3D varnish to highlight a specific element of the cover, such as your logo or a beautiful product visual

How do you successfully print your cheap business brochure?

When it comes to printing your brochure, you need to ask yourself the right questions first. 

  • What is the purpose of this brochure?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is the expected outcome?
  • What information should be provided?
  • How many pages and for what budget?

It will then be easier for you to define the different elements that will make up your stitched binding. At COPYMAGE, you will benefit from personalised advice to help you to help you create your document and benefit from cheap brochure printing.

Start by filling in the inside pages. 

  • Consider adding a summary at the beginning to make your presentation brochure easier to read. 
  • Don't forget to balance text and images to make the reading experience as smooth as possible. This will keep your presentation brochure captivating from start to finish. 
  • Feel free to use graphics to illustrate your company's key figures, events, etc. 
  • Add photos of your products to reflect the quality of your offer and photos of your team to show your cohesion and dynamism. 
  • Testimonials from your employees, customers and partners will be a plus to play the interactivity card. 

Pay particular attention to the cover with your logo, company name, contact details, slogan and possibly the topic of the presentation if it is a document to introduce your company and brand, to announce an upcoming event, to summarise the results of the previous year, half-year or quarter.

Although it is a paper-based medium, you can still integrate QR codes codes that link to a page on your website with videos or other media.

Frequently asked questions about stapled brochure printing

What type of binding should you choose for the printing of your advertising catalogue?

At COPYMAGE, we offer three types of binding to meet all your needs. 

  • First, you have inline stitched brochure printing, ideal for small booklets of 4 to 40 pages. 
  • For larger files in terms of number of pages, we advise you to use square back binding book-like binding or to the plastic or metal spiral binding.

Where to distribute your presentation leaflets?

Presentation leaflets are the ultimate tool for presenting your company and your offer and can be used on many occasions to establish contact with a prospect and and start a commercial negotiation.

You can thus give it to your employees during an interview, to your partners or prospects during a sales meeting. In addition to a sign of appreciation, you allow them to learn more about your offer, to pass it on to other employees and of course to contact you again later.

If you receive your customers in an office or sales outlet, don't forget to leave your brochure available on your counter, on a display at the reception desk or in your waiting room. your counter, on a display at the reception desk or in your waiting room. In this way, you optimise every minute with your prospect and allow them to get to know your offer while waiting for your first contact.

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