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Professional invitation card printing


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Make an impression with a professional invitation card

Often used for private events such as weddings or christenings, the invitation card to be printed is also useful in the business world. Indeed, where an email risks blending into the mass, a professional invitation card allows you to invite your partners to an important event in a neat and more official way. COPYMAGE offers you a wide range of personalisation options to create a professional invitation card that reflects your image.

Often used for private events such as weddings or christenings, the invitation card to be printed is also useful in the business world. Indeed, where an email risks blending into the mass, a professional invitation card allows you to invite your partners to an important event in a neat and more official way. COPYMAGE offers you a wide range of personalisation options to create a professional invitation card that reflects your image.

  • Time limit 4H
  • Customised format possible
  • Wide choice of paper
  • Laminating or varnishing finish

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File type recommended : PDF
Accepted files : pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, eps


The different formats and papers available for printing invitation cards

A professional and personalised invitation card is not intended to carry a lot of information, so it is available in a number of relatively small formats, which allows it to be easily distributed from hand to hand or by post.

These different formats are the following at your COPYMAGE printer:

  • A6 format (10.5 x 14.8 cm)
  • A5 format (14.8 x 21 cm)
  • Format ⅓ A4 (9.9 x 21 cm)
  • Square format (15 x 15 cm)

For more originality or to be able to note more information on your cards (address, map, etc.), you can opt for a folded or double-folded business invitation card. Your card will then be in A5 open and A6 closed format.

Regarding the paper weight, you can choose between four papers:

  • The 300g coated paper and the 350g coated paper are rigid papers, available in glossy or matt versions. The matt version gives a modern and deep look, while the glossy version offers a better colour rendering for a vibrant result.
  • The thick 480g and ultra thick 750g papers allow you to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on your guests. By choosing the 750g paper, you can also colour the edge in blue, red, black or white and give your invitation card an extra touch of originality. 

Finishing touches to embellish your invitation cards

To personalise your business invitation card even more and make it a communication medium that reflects your image, we suggest that you apply a laminate or a varnish to it. You can choose to apply a finish only on the front of your card or on both sides.

Here are the customised options available to you:

  • Matte lamination, for a sober and elegant look
  • Glossy lamination for a bright and colourful result
  • Soft-touch lamination, for a matte visual effect and a silky touch
  • Selective varnish, to highlight an element by adding a highlighting area
  • 3D selective varnish, for the addition of a glossy relief varnish on a specific element of the card

To complete your business invitation card mailing, we offer an option that includes a matching coloured envelope

When should I send a business invitation card?

For individuals, the invitation card to be printed is the ideal medium for inviting friends and family to a birthday party, a baby-shower or a stag or hen party. Less formal than an invitation, it is also more modern and simple. 

At the professional level, the invitation card can be useful to invite partners to an event organised by the company but also to encourage them to attend a trade fair in which you are participating. Endlessly adaptable, the business invitation card makes a lasting impression and makes those who receive it want to find out more about the event you are announcing.

A business invitation card can be sent by post, but it can also accompany mail and parcels sent by your company or be distributed at a trade fair to invite participants to a future event (inauguration, launch of a new product, etc.).

Do you want to multiply your communication media and adapt your printing to all occasions? Discover the other references in our invitations category: correspondence cards, thank-you cards, advertising cards, postcards... Choose from a wide range of products! You won't miss a chance to send the right message at the right time to your business partners.

Frequently asked questions about invitation cards

Why choose a professional invitation card rather than another medium?

Would you like to send a personalised invitation or thank-you note to your business targets?

The electronic invitation is practical and free, but it offers much less visibility and the risk of it being lost among dozens of advertising emails is increased. We therefore advise you to use the electronic way to send a reminder a few days before the event rather than the invitation itself, ideal for latecomers who have not yet responded.

The choice must therefore be made between creating a card and an announcement. Announcements are widely used by individuals and professionals alike for important events, and you can order them via our "invitations / announcement" tab. However, depending on the event and the theme, an invitation may seem too formal.

The professional invitation card is the perfect compromise between these two solutions because it is both simple and impactful. It allows you to convey a serious image while leaving a lasting impression on those who receive it. Its format offers great freedom in terms of creativity for the visual, which is perfect for highlighting the values and image of your company.

How to increase the impact of the card on employees?

You have chosen to stand out from the crowd by printing a professional invitation card rather than sending a simple email invitation, so you might as well play along and continue to stand out from the crowd with your design!

The ideal is to ensure that your invitation card to be printed is in keeping with the event in question, whether in terms of the theme or the context (end-of-year party, inauguration, trade fair, etc.). So think about establishing a graphic charter dedicated to this event which will be used on all the communication media that will result from it.

To add a modern touch to your business invitation card but also to provide more information about the event you are organising, think of the QR code! By scanning this code with their smartphone, your guests will be able to access a website or a teaser video for example.

Is it possible to print invitation cards at the last minute?

Do you have a problem with your business invitation card (change of date, wrong format, etc.), do you not have enough or have you simply forgotten to order some? No problem. Thanks to our modern, high-performance printers and machines, we can offer you printing in 4 hours.

Send us your file before noon and you can pick up your order four hours later directly from our Parisian print shop. If you can't come, we can deliver your order by courier anywhere in the Paris area.

How to prepare your business invitation card for printing?

For your business invitation card to be exactly what you want, it is essential that your file meets a few criteria. For example, your design should have bleed and cut lines to prevent any elements from being cut off during the cutting process.

Secondly, high resolution, high quality images (300 dpi minimum) and CMYK colourimetry will ensure that the images are rendered in accordance with your expectations in terms of colour and pixelation.

Finally, we recommend that you always send us your files for printing a professional invitation card in PDF format. This format allows you to freeze the elements and is ideal for preventing the layout from changing depending on the software used.

If you are not sure about two lamination options or two formats, for example, do not hesitate to order one or more proofs. Once you have received a copy of each invitation card to be printed, you will be able to make a choice more easily and we will start printing your order.

If necessary, our advisors specialised in the printing of communication media and professional invitation cards are available by telephone from 9am to 6.30pm to answer all your questions and guide you through the ordering process.

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