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Stickers with transfer film


In Products > Stickers & Labels


Easy and quick to apply thanks to the sticker with transfer film

A die-cut sticker, like adhesive lettering, can be difficult to apply. With our transfer film, it becomes very easy to apply. The sticker with transfer film is ideal to decorate a wall or to create a modern and original communication support. Its transfer film allows a simple and fast installation particularly adapted to the most complex stickers or those of big sizes. The weeding (action which removes the superfluous vinyl in your cutting) is realized by hand.

A die-cut sticker, like adhesive lettering, can be difficult to apply. With our transfer film, it becomes very easy to apply. The sticker with transfer film is ideal to decorate a wall or to create a modern and original communication support. Its transfer film allows a simple and fast installation particularly adapted to the most complex stickers or those of big sizes. The weeding (action which removes the superfluous vinyl in your cutting) is realized by hand.


  • Easy to install
  • Sticker all sizes 
  • Clear, white or micro-perforated vinyl 
  • Indoor and outdoor use 

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Advantages of stickers with transfer film

What distinguishes a sticker with transfer film from conventional stickers is that the film makes it possible to to stick the sticker more easily. This technique is often used for large format stickers or stickers cut into complex shapes to avoid creasing during application.

If you want to apply a sticker consisting of several elements that are not connected to each other, such as a sentence, choosing a sticker with transfer film will ensure that the positioning of the elements perfectly matches your design, or that the letters with your design, or that the letters are correctly correctly aligned.

The semi-transparent transfer film used for our stickers allows you to visualise the final result perfectly before you stick it on for the best possible result.

Practical and multi-purpose, the sticker with transfer film can be be affixed to a wallwindow, a mirror or any other flat and smooth surface.

Like any other type of sticker you can find in the adhesive vinyl categoryThe transfer film sticker can be used both indoors and outdoors. Printed on high quality vinyl, your sticker can UV and weather resistant for several years for several years without fading.

Would you like to know more about our other types of adhesives ? Don't hesitate to discover our references in the field of window stickersand stickers for your bumpersstickers stickers with transfer film or transparent transparent stickers.

The different shapes and sizes available for your sticker with transfer film

Small or large, choose the format for your transfer film sticker and the shape you want to give it from several options.

In terms of different formats you can choose between :

  • The A2 format (59.4 x 42 cm)
  • The A1 format (84.1 x 59.4 cm)
  • A0 format (118.9 x 84.1 cm)

If necessary, you can also create your own personalized sticker with transfer film by choosing a customised format.

In terms of form, here are the options available to you:

  • The straight cutsquare or rectangle
  • The circular cutin round or oval shape

If you need or want more originality, you can opt for a customised cut to the shape of your choice.

The different types of media for your transfer film stickers

If the look of your sticker with transfer film depends largely on your visual, the choice of vinyl on which it will be printed is also important. COPYMAGE offers you a wide choice of vinyls for your printing: 

  • The transparent vinylTransparent vinyl is ideal for allowing passers-by to see the interior of a shop through the sticker and thus arouse their curiosity, as it allows only the coloured parts of the visual to be highlighted. As the edges of the sticker blend in perfectly with the glass, this type of vinyl gives a more precise and neat effect, ideal for more complex shapes that would not be possible with adhesive lettering.
  • The white vinylThe white vinyl is the most common type of sticker, making the sticker opaque and the colours more contrasting and vivid. It can also be used to hide what is behind a window, such as offices, to ensure total confidentiality.
  • The micro-perforated vinylThe micro-perforated vinyl, which hides the interior of a shop while allowing light to pass through, can be used to completely cover a shop window.
  • The vinyl for window stickersThe vinyl is glued on the inside to be visible on the outside in order to increase its life span.
  • The adhesive letteringThe adhesive lettering, very much used in the restaurant industry, allows you to add an inscription on a window (name of the business, opening hours, sales, etc.) thanks to a sticker cut to the shape of the letters without any superfluous border.

The choice of finishes for your personalised sticker with transfer film

Once you have chosen the shape and size of your transfer film sticker, you can choose the finish. Laminating or white backingHere is some information on these two options, which may or may not be applied to your substrate.


Ideal for adhesives intended for outdoor use, lamination is a process designed to to add protection to your material to make it even more resistant to UV and humidity.

This technique consists of encapsulating your sticker film between two thin sheets of plastic film to ensure a longer life for the sticker. a longer life span and to facilitate its maintenance.

Laminating can be used to personalise your transfer film sticker by giving it a matt or glossy matte or glossy appearance.

White support

White backing is an option that can be applied to clear vinyl. Indeed, if you opt for a transfer film sticker print on clear vinyl, the white areas of your visual will be transparent and the colours will be less vivid, they will have a translucent appearance similar to a stained glass window.

The white support option allows you to white areas to appear on transparent vinyl on transparent vinyl and to opacify certain areas according to your wishes.

Frequently asked questions about stickers with transfer film

How do I apply my sticker perfectly?

As you can see, the role of the transfer film is to help you stick your sticker on the flat surface of your choice. To do this, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Place your sticker flat on a tableor on the floor depending on its size
  • Using a squeegee lightly rub the substrate to ensure that the design is perfectly adhered to the transfer film
  • Place the sticker in the desired location without removing the backing by holding it in place with tape placed in the middle. Check that it is correctly positioned and parallel to the surface.
  • Fold the top of the sticker towards you to peel off the backing, starting with a top corner. Once the backing is halfway off, cut it off so that you can stick the sticker to the surface, starting at the bottom. Use the squeegee to fix the sticker and remove air bubbles.
  • Once the top part of the sticker is in place gradually peel off the backing sticking the adhesive as you go along with the scraper.
  • When the sticker with transfer film is well bonded to the chosen surface, you can carefully peel off the transfer film.

If you notice that your sticker is coming off at the same time as the film during the last stage of the installation, don't hesitate to take your scraper and rub a little harder on the areas that don't stick to the wall. 

Also remember to to clean, degrease and dry the surface to which you wish to apply your transfer film sticker. To help you position it correctly, you can mark out the area beforehand with masking tape.

When should I use a customised sticker with transfer film?

Whether large or small, stickers with transfer film can be used as decoration or as a communication medium. Indeed, they allow to to communicate effectively on a brand or a product but also to decorate a shop window and to highlight an and to highlight an upcoming event such as such as a change of ownership, an inauguration or a sales period.

Large formats are often used to visibly display the name of a business on a shop window with lettering or to promote a product range.

By choosing a sticker with an opaque transfer film, you can also use it to insulate offices and ensure that the anonymity of the anonymity of business anonymity of the commercial exchanges taking place on your premises. On the other hand, it is also a popular medium for craftsmen who wish to to display their contact details very visibly on the windows on the windows of their company car.

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