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Printing of kakemonos and roll-ups in Paris

Indoors or outdoors, in sales outlets or at trade shows: kakemonos and roll-ups are undoubtedly among the communication media most used by professionals, regardless of their field of activity.


The kakemonos, banners and roll-ups allow you to promote a new product, to warn passers-by of an upcoming opening of your business or of a special offer in progress.


Attractive, easy to install and infinitely reusable, these are essential supports for an effective communication strategy! COPYMAGE offers the best value for money on the market.


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Supplied with a carrying case
Optional: M1 (fireproof)


The lightest, most convenient POS material to take with you! 


Supplied with a carrying case
Optional: M1 (fireproof)


Express 4H
Delivered with carrying case


The ideal support to dress up all your exhibition stands


Lightweight, convenient to mount and economical to support


Portable POS to communicate everywhere 


XL Roll-up in giant format (200 x 300 cm) guarantees you a very high visibility


Format 85x200cm

Classic PVC 450g/m2


Discover the range of kakemonos and roll-ups at COPYMAGE

The terms kakemono and roll-up are used to designate a vertical advertising and event display system, used to communicate or promote a product or range at a point of sale.

These communication tools are available in different forms:

  • The roll-upThe roll-up : also called totem kakemono and to be distinguished from the banner, whether it is printed on the front or on both sides, it is the essential ally of your professional events and of the animation of your point of sale. This self-supporting communication support rolls up in its structure and is installed in a few seconds, it is ideal for frequent use.
  • The large size roll-upsIf you want to maximize the visibility of your banners on both sides, this large format printing offers you more printable surface to communicate your information.
  • The banner format, L or X, depending on the shape of the structure on which the canvas of your advertising support is installed. The X format is lighter and more economical, while the L offers more stability.
  • The hanging kakemonoThe suspended kakemonos : made up of a resistant tarpaulin and two metal bars designed to keep it perfectly in place, the suspended kakemonos are visible from far away and allow you to save space on the floor by being hung on the wall or ceiling. Ideal to inform your commercial targets when you do not have much space. Please note that only one-sided printing is possible on this format.

Technical characteristics of the kakemonos and roll-ups

All the self-supporting advertising supports and the supports of PLV proposed by COPYMAGE are composed of a tarpaulin on which will be printed your visual and of an aluminum structure which allows to stretch the tarpaulin and to keep it in place.

The self-supporting roll-ups and kakemonos are made up of 3 elements:

  • A vertical telescopic mast to stretch the tarpaulin
  • Swivel feet to allow the entire structure to stand upright
  • A roll-up cover to roll up the tarp and store it when not in use

The suspended kakemono is composed of two aluminum bars that will be clipped at the top and bottom of the suspended tarp to keep it taut and readable.

The weight of a personalized kakemono varies according to the model and is between 3 and 7kg, which makes it an easily transportable communication medium.

As for the size, there are three possibilities. Note that the dimensions correspond to the visible part of the tarp.

  • Standard size: W. 85 x H. 200 cm
  • Size XL : W. 150 x H. 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm
  • Format XXL : L. 200 x H.300 cm

If you choose the standard or XL size, you can choose between a 500g tear-resistant tarpaulin or a 340g fireproof M1 tarpaulin. For the XXL size, we use a 270g fireproof M1 polyester fabric.

Your cheap roll-up or your kakemono with COPYMAGE: a support as effective as practical

The size of kakemonos and roll-ups make them very effective event communication media because they are visible from a distance. If they are not intended to hold a lot of information, they are largely sufficient to promote a service lacking visibility, a flagship product of your company, or simply to make signage.

The success of a kakemono or a roll-up is the alliance between the effectiveness to communicate or enhance its brand image, and the ease of installation and storage found with very few large communication media.

Once stored in their covers or carrying bag, they can be easily transported to a closet or storeroom, as long as the temperature is not too low or too high and the room is not too humid.

Similarly, they are extremely easy to install: a few seconds are enough to unroll them and fix them on their bases, supplied with every order. For even more ease, COPYMAGE delivers your products already assembled: the structure and the visual are assembled, all you have to do is unroll the visual and put it in place.

Both light and mobile, the kakemonos and roll-ups can be moved at will according to your desires and needs.

Frequently asked questions about kakemonos and roll-ups

What is a fireproof M1 tarp?

If you are preparing a trade show or an exhibition for the first time, this term may not mean anything to you. However, this standard is essential because many trade show organizers require that all communication media such as advertising kakemonos, roll-ups, posters or tarpaulins be coated with a fireproof M1 coating.

The M standard is a standard that classifies materials according to their reaction to fire: will they produce flames, drips or simply smoke or ashes? The M1 standard is for non-flammable products, which will not produce flames if they catch fire. This standard is required in many trade shows, exhibitions and other enclosed areas open to the public for safety reasons.

How to create an effective personalized kakemono or roll-up?

As mentioned before, the purpose of a kakemono is not to spread a large amount of information, as would be the case with an advertising leaflet for example. Here, the goal is to quickly capture the attention of passers-by, whether on the street, in a commercial area or at a trade show.

To do this, your message must be clear, visible from top to bottom and impactful: it must arouse curiosity and make people who see it want to get closer to you and your store to discover your products and services.

We therefore advise you to carefully choose the information you wish to display on your tarpaulin and to prioritize them so that the reader has direct access to the main ideas you wish to convey.

Remember also to play the simplicity card: passers-by will probably not stop to read the inscriptions on your advertising kakemono or your roll-up, so prefer a visual that speaks and a few bullet points to large paragraphs.

For even more effectiveness and visibility, consider installing your stand in a high-traffic area or waiting area such as a hallway, an aisle, an entrance or a food court, without moving it too far from your booth or your store.

Is it possible to set up a roll-up or an advertising kakemono alone?

Of course. The tarpaulin on which your visual is printed is already attached to the support upon delivery, which greatly facilitates its installation.

To set up your advertising kakemono or roll-up, simply unroll the tarpaulin and attach it to the other end of the telescopic pole using a clip-on strip. The feet only need to be deployed to ensure complete stability of the support, both indoors and outdoors.

Uninstallation is also very simple: the tarpaulin rolls up automatically in the reel, all you have to do is put the kakemono back in the cover provided. 

And with a hanging kakemono, it's even easier! Simply attach your communication support to the wall like a flag, or hang it from the ceiling using the two rods clipped to each end of the printed sheet. The "click-clack" fastening system of the aluminum bars is very reliable and simplifies considerably the installation on your exhibition stand or your point of sale.

How can I best prepare my file for printing?

To guarantee a high quality rendering that meets the challenges of your communication campaign, we check each visual before printing a tarpaulin for an advertising kakemono. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to take into account when preparing your file for optimal printing:

  • The file provided must be of the following dimensions: 85 x H. 200 cm
  • The colors of the visuals must be in CMYK format to appear correctly on the banner
  • For the roll-up, remember to leave an empty area of 20 cm at the bottom of the file because this part will remain in the roller and will not be visible
  • For the hanging kakemono, remember to leave an empty area corresponding to the fixing supports that are the lower and upper rods.
  • The visual communication supports that we propose here are large size supports, the images used must be of very high definition and in large format so as not to be pixelated during printing.

In case of doubt or hesitation, don't hesitate to ask for a proof print which will allow you to have a concrete idea of what your advertising kakemono or your roll-up will look like once printed. Our teams are also available by phone to answer all your questions and guide you through your order.


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