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Custom sticker printing


In Products > Adhesive Vinyl

Cover your entire window with a custom-made sticker

Thanks to the customisation options offered by COPYMAGE, have your sticker printed to the exact dimensions of your window for a neat and tidy result! Ideal for communicating, dressing up a shop window by creating a unique and customised decoration. It can also be used to create a sign or a panel. 

Thanks to the customisation options offered by COPYMAGE, have your sticker printed to the exact dimensions of your window for a neat and tidy result! Ideal for communicating, dressing up a shop window by creating a unique and customised decoration. It can also be used to create a sign or a panel. 

  • 100% customised dimensions
  • Clear, white or micro-perforated vinyl
  • Indoor and outdoor use 
  • Waterproof and UV resistant

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The different shapes and sizes of cut-outs for your custom-made sticker

Custom vinyl is ideal as it ensures that you cover the entire area required, however you can also opt for a pre-defined cut-out shape: 

The cutting of your custom-made sticker allows you to play the card of originality by opting for an adhesive to the image of your business. Do you have a shop selling glasses? Choose a vinyl in the shape of a frame with transparent lenses that let the curious see the models available in your shop!

The different media available for printing stickers 

To enable you to personalise all your glass media as you wish, we provide you with different printing media for your customised sticker:

  • The transparent vinyl 100µ: ideal for a more discreet communication, it offers a translucent rendering that lets you see the other side of the window.
  • The vinyl white monomer : This option is more visible because it is completely opaque. It allows you to highlight a current event such as a sales period in an impactful way thanks to the vivid rendering of colours. Available in different weights
    •  80µ: intended for use for less than 1 year, it has excellent removability. It is easier to apply on a wet surface.
    • 95µ easy to apply: intended for use for less than 1 year, it has excellent removability. Can be applied dry (caution: do not use water).
    • thick 150µ: Thanks to its thickness, the installation is simplified.
  • Easy to apply grey-backed polymer vinyl 100µ: Very used for outdoor signs, its thickness and grey back give it an excellent opacity and allow it to cover the surface without revealing what may be underneath. Its structured adhesive allows for a bubble-free installation (caution: do not use water).
  • The micro-perforated vinyl Micro-perforated vinyl: widely used for vehicle customisation in particular, it offers a one-way glass effect that opacifies the interior of a space while allowing light to pass through.
  • The window sticker Thanks to its mirror-effect printing, window stickers can be placed on the inside and readable from the outside, which ensures a longer life span.

An expert COPYMAGE advisor will accompany you from A to Z on your project. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you a customised self-adhesive that perfectly matches your objectives. 

Finishes to apply to your adhesive vinyl

In order to allow you to further personalise your customised sticker and to ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer you two finishing options to add to your media: 

  • The lamination This process consists in encapsulating your vinyl between two transparent plastic films to make your adhesive even more resistant. Particularly recommended for a custom-made adhesive intended for outdoor use, this finish also allows you to the final look of the substrate by making it the final look of the substrate by making it more shiny or more matt.
  • The white support This option concerns printing on a transparent vinyl on which, by default, the white areas on your file will appear transparent when printed. Similarly, the colours will be translucent and therefore less vivid. If you wish to counteract this effect, you can add the "white support" option on all or part of your vinyl.

The different uses of custom-made adhesive 

Customisable from A to ZThe customised sticker can be very useful in many situations, whether to communicate, inform or hide an area.

During a period of sales or private sales, for example, custom-made adhesive tape can enable a retailer to to use its shop window as a fully-fledged communication medium to make current promotions highly visible. On a more permanent basis, the customised sticker is an ideal medium for indicating the opening hours of a shop, letting people know that it has a wifi connection, etc.

In offices, adhesives are often used for signageIn offices, stickers are often used for signage, to indicate meeting rooms, toilets, common rooms, etc. Similarly, custom-made stickers can be used to easily obscure a wall to enhance privacy in offices, while still allowing light to pass through.

Feel free to browse through the many types of adhesives offered by COPYMAGE to cover all your communication needs: stickers for your bumpers, stickers with transfer film , transparent stickersstickers, mid-cut stickers, sticker sheets, labels for your clothing sales...

The many advantages of custom sized vinyl

All the models offered by your online printing company COPYMAGE are printed on vinyl, because it is an extremely resistant and almost tearproof material. extremely resistant and virtually tear-proof material.. Humidity, wind, frost, UV: nothing will alter the rendering of a customised sticker, even if it is stuck on the outside, which ensures it has an excellent lifespan.

Easy to applythe custom-made adhesive is also very easy to easy to remove when you want to change when you want to change the decor or communicate on a new product. Moreover, it leaves no traces of glue and does not damage the walls.

This support allows you to to optimise the space available on windowsIt can be used to optimise the space available on windows, shop windows or the glass walls of meeting rooms, for example. With the customisable format, you can to cover the entire surface in no time In no time at all, you can choose a visual that can be sober or more original according to your desires. Placed indoors in professional premises, vinyl stickers can make offices more friendly and welcoming.

Frequently asked questions about the customised sticker 

On which surface can a custom-made vinyl sticker be stuck?

The customised sticker is generally intended to be affixed to a glass surface such as a shop window or windows in order to optimise this available surface or to opacify the interior of premises. However, it is perfectly possible to stick your customised sticker on a wall or a partition, this does not change the solidity and durability of the sticker.

Good to know: the customised sticker is THE medium to choose for to personalise a company car by decorating the windows and wings of the car, thanks to its customised size and the durability of the medium.

How do I apply a custom-made vinyl sticker properly?

A custom-made vinyl sticker is very easy to applyHowever, it becomes more difficult when it comes to applying very large stickers. In these cases, we recommend that you call on the services of professional installers, whom we can advise you if necessary.

For a smaller vinyl or if you still want to do the installation yourself, it is essential to ensure that the substrate is clean, free of grease and completely dry. We recommend that you always start in the centre of the adhesive and work your way towards the edges, removing air bubbles with a squeegee as you go.

A custom-made vinyl sticker can be affixed to all smooth and flat surfaces, however it is difficult to reposition because of its size, so it is recommended to proceed with care and to have help if it is a large format.

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