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Postcard printing


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Postcards: make the choice of originality and creativity for an impactful communication.

To share your fondest holiday memories or communicate in an original way about a product or service that your company offers, postcard printing is fun, compact and inexpensive. With COPYMAGE, print a 100% personalised postcard format with different finishes and a wide choice of high quality paper.

To share your fondest holiday memories or communicate in an original way about a product or service that your company offers, postcard printing is fun, compact and inexpensive. With COPYMAGE, print a 100% personalised postcard format with different finishes and a wide choice of high quality paper.

  • Time limit 4H
  • Wide choice of papers
  • Luxury finishes available 
  • Possible amalgam impression

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Printing of communication materials in postcard format

Creating a business postcard: the different formats and paper weights available 

The classic postcard format is the A6 format (10.5 x 14.8 cm), but you can also choose a different format such as :

  • The A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm)
  • The format ⅓ A4 extended (9.9 x 21 cm)
  • The customised format for personalised postcard printing

Custom postcards are usually printed in landscape orientationHowever, you can opt for a portrait format if you wish.

As for the paper on which your personalised postcard will be printed, we offer three options: 

  • Matte paper 350ga prestigious semi-rigid paper
  • Olin 300g papera high quality, lightly textured paper
  • 600g thick paperA very thick, strong card stock that will give your postcard extra weight and impact

The different finishes for your online postcard printing

The finishes to be added to your postcard format support allow you to bring a luxurious and original look and thus enhance your brand image. We offer you five different finishes to make a good impression on your recipients:

  • The matt laminationfor a sober, chic and modern look
  • The glossy laminationfor a contrasting effect that intensifies colours and enhances the visuals
  • The soft-touch laminationfor a velvety, soft touch finish
  • The selective varnishwhich allows you to add a highlight on a selected area such as your logo, a pictogram or a visual on your postcard
  • The 3D selective varnishwhich adds relief to an element to be highlighted

Please note that the back of the postcard is generally intended for a word written in pen. To ensure that the message is visible, we advise you not to apply lamination to this part, or to opt for a matt lamination which still allows you to write on top. 

To complete your postcard format mailing, we suggest you choose matching envelopes in terms of colour and format. A great way to show your attention to detail!

The different uses of the postcard format

Companies, shopkeepers, artists, associations, individuals: the personalised postcard is useful in many projects because it allows a large amount of information to be displayed in a mini format that is easy to keep. 

They are used, for example, to promote an event or communicate a product launchbut also to communicate with customers by slipping a personalised postcard into a parcel or bag at each checkout. Their compact format is ideal for distribution during a street-marketing campaign.

Finally, online postcard printing is very popular with photography enthusiasts and parents who appreciate being able to print their own postcards of their favourite holiday moments. 

Would you like to go one step further and invite your business partners to an event following your personalised postcard mailing? To complete your range of of invitations and announcementswe also offer other models: invitation card, advertising card, correspondence cardbut also thank you card. Trust your printing company COPYMAGE to print all your communication media!

Frequently asked questions about the postcard format

Why choose the postcard format rather than another?

There are many different communication media, from small cards to large posters. Using a postcard format allows you to stand out and to be more original than distributing a flyer, for example, which is quite common in advertising campaigns.

Postcards can be personalised as you wish and have a major advantage: you want to keep them and even display them. By choosing an aesthetic or amusing visualBy choosing an aesthetic or amusing visual, you will make your customers want to display the personalised postcard they have received and thus advertise you without even realising it.

Inexpensive and easy to personalise, postcard format materials are ideal for creating appointment cards because they are easy to hang on a wall reminder or fridge. Widely used in the medical sector, they can be used to record multiple appointments on a single document and serve as a memory aid.

Finally, the postcard format is very practical because it can be easily distributed, but also slipped into a parcel or left self-service on a counter.

How to ensure the success of a personalised postcard as a communication medium?

As we mentioned earlier, the aim of a personalised postcard is to be pleasant to look at and attractive so that it is kept and displayed.

To achieve this result, we advise you to take the time to carefully choose the image or text you want to appear before printing your postcard before printing your postcard online. Don't hesitate to take inspiration from decorative elements and current trends: inspiring quotes, amusing phrases and puns, etc.

If you are planning a long-term campaign, it may make sense to use amalgam printing to print several different visuals in one order. This way you can vary the images, keep your campaign attractive and increase order volumes while benefiting from degressive rates offered by COPYMAGE.

This is a major advantage because the diversity of messages and visuals can encourage prospects to keep several of your postcards, display them next to each other on their wall and thus multiply your visibility.

Be careful, however, if you are free to personalise the front of your postcard the front of your postcard, the back must respect certain standardisation rules. Indeed, zones for franking, the recipient's address and codes must be present and separated by a dividing line.

The franking area cannot be placed wherever you like, it must appear in the top right-hand corner of the card and must be 74 x 40 mm.

How do I prepare a file for printing?

Before sending us your file for printing in postcard format, it is necessary to check that it includes safety margins margins, as well as bleedof 5 mm as well. These blank areas ensure that no part of your visual is lost during the cutting process.

If your file includes images, we advise you to ensure that they are in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) so that they remain of good quality even if they have to be shrunk or stretched. Also, all images used should be royalty-free images that you can use freely, or that you own yourself.

Finally, the colours used must be in CMYK format (and not RGB) for a rendering equal to that obtained on a computer.

In order to avoid elements moving depending on the software used to print, it is ideal to send us your document in PDF format. This format allows you to print your file exactly as you want it.

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