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Administrative supplies in your company's colours

It is often the attention to detail that makes all the difference. And there is a category of communication media that is as discreet as it is effective: administrative supplies.

Administrative supplies are an essential part of your business relationships. They facilitate and structure your daily interactions with your customers. Using well-designed office supplies, adapted to your own activity, is an undeniable source of time savings, productivity and an opportunity to develop your brand identity.

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Printing of personalised flap folder with logo


Personalized stamp
integrated ink


Facilitate and record your orders with carbonless sheets.


Facilitate and record your deliveries with carbonless sheets.


Booklet of carbonless sheets A4, A5


Facilitate your invoicing system with carbonless slips.


3 essential administrative supplies for your communication

Ink pads, invoice slips, delivery notes, order forms, flap folders, etc.: you use these office items in your interactions with your customers and partners. You use these office items in your interactions with your customers and partners. Why not take advantage of this to promote your company and its brand image by opting for advertising office supplies?

Let's take a look at how three essential administrative materials (ink stamps, delivery notes and flap folders) can become subtle and effective communication tools for your company.

Stamp pads: a multifunctional office supply

Stamp pads allow you to validate andauthenticate important documents by indicating your company details, the stamp of your administrative department or the current date. Many official documents require, for example, the signature of the director and the company stamp. This applies to commercial contracts, partnership agreements, some HR documents, etc. Stamp pads are therefore essential administrative supplies. They are also powerful commercial tools, for example for quickly filling in your customers' loyalty cards in a personalised way.

While including all the necessary information, your stamps are vehicles for communicating your brand image. They are absolutely customisable administrative supplies, each feature of which is likely to reflect your graphic identity.

  • The shape

We offer ink pads in various shapes. Rectangular, these office supplies offer a conventional, formal and sober image. The round stamp is ideal for placing your logo. The square stamp is more original and more personal.

  • Textplate size

At Copymage, you can choose between 5 stamp sizes (26 x 9 mm, 38 x 14 mm, 58 x 22 mm, 64 x 26 mm, 70 x 25 mm). Depending on the size, you can arrange your text on 3 to 7 lines.

  • The colour of the ink

Three colours are available: black, blue and red. These three colours do not send the same message. Using red for an "URGENT" stamp makes sense, but it would be surprising to choose this colour for an administrative supply indicating your company details. Please note that the ink in the stamps we offer are all indelible.

With this information, you can create ink stamps that are adapted to the uses you wish to make of them, but also to your customers and your professional partners.

Carbonless delivery notes: ubiquitous administrative supplies

Delivery notes are those documents that trace the pick-up, transport and delivery of goods. They clarify the relationship between supplier, carrier and customer. They certify that the goods have been received under the agreed conditions (date, contents, etc.). These administrative supplies therefore have an important legal value, particularly in the event of a dispute between the seller and the buyer.

It is therefore essential to design your company's delivery notes so that they can include all the necessary information: the products involved, the dates and times of delivery, the buyer's address, a space for him or her to sign, etc. But again, delivery notes are administrative supplies that also deserve to be personalised to reflect your company's identity.

  • On the copy that will be given to your customers :

Your company details should be clearly and legibly displayed. The delivery note will then become a kind of business card that will allow your customer to contact you easily. Also, don't hesitate to include your company's logo, which will make this administrative supply recognisable at first glance.

  • On the cover of the block

The cover of this administrative supply is also fully customisable. The cover is a semi-cardboard sheet that protects the carbonless delivery notes and provides a space for communication. You can choose to decorate it with your company colours, put your logo on it or any other element that will allow you to be identified effortlessly.

Note that these elements are also valid forother types of administrative supplies such as order forms or invoices. By coordinating all of your administrative supplies with your corporate identity, you increase the number of soft communication channels to your customers and prospects!

Flap folders: administrative supplies that promote your brand

Used for filing, transporting or transmitting documents, flap folders are one of the most widely used administrative supplies in the industry.

  • Internally, they allow you to organise your invoices, to store important correspondence, to group together the various elements relating to a project in the same place.
  • Externally, flap folders allow you to bring together your company brochures for a prospect or the various elements of an order to your customer in an elegant way.

These office supplies are useful in all aspects of your business life and can also become ambassadors of your company to all your contacts. When you hand over a flap folder in your company colours to your business partner or prospect, you give your company a professional image. The attention to detail will inspire confidence in your customers and you will project the image of an organised, structured and consistent company.

The personalisation of this administrative supply can be done through several choices:

  • The format: you can opt for the classic A4 format, which is the most common format because it allows you to slip in a standard-sized document without folding it. At Copymage, we also offer an A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm), which is easier to hold and carry - and more original too!
  • The number of flaps: you can choose between a 2-flap folder (with 4 customisable sides) and a 3-flap folder (with 6 customisable sides). The second option is more cumbersome but offers more useful space for communicating your products and services for example.
  • The business card notch: this is a very professional detail that allows you to immediately mark the standing of your company to your prospects. This notch allows you to slip your business card into the folder. This way, your customer will have your contact details at hand without the risk of the flap folder being damaged by a staple.

Other finishes such as laminating and creasing will give a specific style to these office supplies and reflect the spirit of your company.

Administrative supplies, once personalised, are therefore discreet but effective vectors of communication that it is important not to neglect. In addition, in order to have a completely coherent communication, we suggest that you proceed in the same way with the other elements of stationery that we put at your disposal:

  • Envelopes
  • Address tags
  • Wall calendar
  • Notepad
  • Greeting cards
  • Bookmark
  • Letterhead
  • Advertising desk pad
  • Letterhead

Frequently asked questions about administrative supplies

How does a carbonless notebook work?

Delivery notes, order forms and invoice books are administrative supplies that are generally designed in the form of a carbonless booklet. In the course of these various operations, you will have to give a duplicate of the document to different people: the customer, the carrier, the accounting department, etc. To avoid having to write the same document several times, we recommend that you choose carbonless books. These are administrative supplies consisting of a conventional sheet and several sheets coated with a product that reacts to pressure. Once you have placed a hard card underneath these sheets, writing with a biro on the first sheet, you will obtain perfect duplicates in the number of copies needed. When designing these carbonless office supplies, we invite you to choose the number of carbonless sheets you will need: two, three, maybe more?

What are the legal requirements for a delivery note?

Have you decided to personalise your delivery notes? Great idea! Take a moment to check that these administrative supplies comply with the standards set by French legislation before printing them.

The following are the legal requirements for a delivery note:

  • The RCS number and the place of registration of the company
  • The address of its registered office
  • The name and legal form of the company
  • The amount of its share capital

In addition, it is useful to indicate on your delivery notes :

  • Full details of the recipient and sender
  • The order number
  • The agreed purchase and delivery dates
  • A full description of the goods delivered

Finally, these administrative supplies should include a space for customers to sign and make comments (damaged items, wrong goods, etc.).

How do I prepare the file for printing flap folders?

When creating these administrative supplies, we suggest you use the template that we provide on our site. This template allows you to visualise the dimensions of the folder and the technical constraints to be respected during its design.

Please pay attention to the technical specifications of these administrative supplies that we specify concerning the turning margins: they will be different depending on the model of folder chosen.

Once we receive your file, we will take the time to check it for free. And, don't worry, if there are any errors, we will contact you to find solutions together!