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Ensure maximum visibility for your brand with personalised stationery Whether you're a commercial, industrial or family business, office supplies are essential. You need them internally to better organise your tasks, improve your communication and standardise your work tools.

You can use them for your external communication. Create personalised stationery and other personalised office supplies that you use for prospects, customers and partners to promote your brand. You can order and customise your stationery online at COPYMAGE.

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Customised envelopes with or without window and mailing option.


Ideal for professionalizing your letters


Printing of notepads in your company's colours, the ideal gift!


Wall calendar from A5 to A3 including hanging hook


Many formats, varnish and gold finishes: give your wishes a special meaning


Customised bookmark and delivered in only 4 pieces.


100% customisable
Available in 4H 


Desk pad A3 size, 25 or 50 pages


Intended for correspondence, it contains the information and identity of the company


What are the main office supplies?

Office equipment, as the name suggests, is useful for everyday administrative tasks. COPYMAGE offers you personalised stationery and offers you the choice between various products:

When editing business correspondence, you no longer need to manually fill in your contact details. All your business stationery is already in your company in your company's colours.

Need to print documents or take notes at a meeting? Use customised letterhead or notepads to create unity within your teamyour company. This will easily develop a sense of belonging This will easily develop a sense of belonging among your employees, which is very fundamental and helps to build team cohesion.

To complete your business stationery, think also of other supplies such as desk pads, folders, calendars or envelopes. All of these tools are essential for good office organisation and make it easy to complete all your administrative tasks. If you choose to personalise them, they will allow you to your brand image as well as being as well as being useful.

In the range of personalised office stationery, the stamp is the essential element for personalising your administrative correspondence because it allows you to save you from repetitive tasks while giving you a more professional a more professional look on your documents. COPYMAGE offers you several stamps adapted to your needs: date, ink, loyalty, etc. You can Customise the shape of the stampYou can customise the shape of the stamp, the number of lines included and the information written (company name and logo for example) to write exactly the message you want.

Why order your stationery online from COPYMAGE?

COPYMAGE offers you a wide range of personalised office supplies and many advantages: 

  • Have you just realised that you have run out of personalised note cards or note pads? For any urgent request, we guarantee you an express printing in 4 hours . Do not hesitate to contact our advisors to explain your needs, they will find a solution adapted to your constraints.
  • Do you only need a few copies? At COPYMAGE, we want to provide a solution for small companies. That's why we offer on each of our products very low minimum order quantitiesideal for all your reorders.
  • We know that online stationery is your company's primary communication medium, so we have developed the option of a proof print (Bon à Tirer) which allows you to be sure that the final result of your communication support is in conformity with your expectations before launching the final printing.
  • We undertake to check your files before printing your personalised stationery to respect the printing standards and avoid typos.
  • We offer you a choice of three delivery methods for our online stationery services: mail, courier and collection point in Paris.

Distribute your personalised stationery for your communication

Apart from using the COPYMAGE online stationery offer and supplies to edit and personalise your administrative and commercial letters, you can use them as as a gift to your prospects, customers and partners. You can distribute notepadsYou can distribute notepads, bookmarks, folders with flaps or calendars.

At a trade fair, exhibition or seminar, you can offer a personalised gift as a thank you for their visit. By offering a useful gift, you will have the guarantee that your prospects and partners will use it many times and will offer you each time, a visibility of your brand to their friends and colleagues. It is also a clever way of making your company and your contact details visible on a daily basis to encourage them to contact you again.

What are the advantages of business stationery?  

All companies use stationery, but using personalised stationery can to combine efficiency and mass communication. Indeed, using personalised material throughout the day, when working or talking to colleagues, allows for constant branding without appearing pushy.

For example, stamps can save a lot of time. save a lot of time when stamping when stamping documents or letters, while personalising each document. This will result in a more professional and neat result.

There are many benefits to personalized stationery and other office supplies:

  • In-house, personalise the material that you and your employees use helps to develop a sense of belonging within the company. In addition, your employees will use these supplies outside the company, which is an ideal opportunity to advertise your brand in an implicit way.
  • By personalising your administrative and commercial mail sent to your prospects, customers and partners, you ensure a wide diffusion of your brand. Another advantage is that when your customer wants to contact you, they will find your contact details more easily.
  • You have the opportunity to diversify your gifts and please your prospects. Offer them diaries or calendars, for example, and let the customer choose the one they prefer.

In the hands of your customers and partners, these stationery and office supplies will boost your visibility in the long term and highlight your attention to detail. 

Frequently asked questions about business stationery

How can you effectively personalise all your office supplies?

Personalising your office supplies is an excellent way of communicating implicitly and creating unity among all the materials used by your employees. However, in order for this personalisation to have the desired effect, it is necessary to follow certain rules. 

When creating designs for your online stationery, remember to respect your corporate identity by using your logo, slogan, colours and typography that your company usually uses. When your customers or partners see your administrative and commercial correspondence or office supplies, they should be able to identify you quickly.

To vary your messages and keep your customers' attention, we suggest you use amalgam printing. You can alternate and highlight successively: a new product, a new service or a temporary discount offer.

It is best to show a dynamic and simple identity to :

  • be easily recognisable
  • stand out from the competition
  • to project an innovative and modern image

On each of your products, you can vary the message you want to convey according to your objective: to publicise your company, launch a new product or offer a discount. However, there are certain pieces of information that must be included on your business stationery and office materials: company name and contact details, logo, address, legal form, share capital and SIREN.

How to get your office supplies quickly?

The COPYMAGE team is organised to process your urgent orders in 4 hours on a wide range of products.

Do not hesitate to contact our advisors, they will be able to process your request your request as a priority, from the verification of the file to the printing.

To meet your deadline, we can deliver your order by courier or offer to collect your order directly from our premises at 8 rue Saint Roch in Paris.

What products should you combine with your stamp and stationery order?

In any business relationship, in addition to personalised stationery, you will need many other communication tools to promote your brand or highlight a product or service:

  • The first of these is of course the business card. Indispensable for starting a prospecting process, the business card makes it possible to greatly simplify exchanges between you and your prospects. By personalising it, you can also highlight your professionalism and your attention to detail.
  • Then come the tools for presenting your product or service products or services. To detail the advantages and values of your company, advertising catalogues and other brochures will be valuable assets.

Also consider the alternative of leafletsThese are more compact and economical. They can be perfectly adapted to the presentation of a promotional offer or for a specific event, just like flyers for example.