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In Products > Covid-19

Customised floor vinyl


In Products > Covid-19

Impactful and economical, opt for vinyl floor stickers


Particularly used in premises open to the public, customised floor vinyl is an ideal medium for communicating, informing and guiding, for example to remind visitors to respect sanitary rules or confidentiality zones. With COPYMAGE, you can print your Vinyl with a variety of finishes for a professional result on an ultra-resistant and non-slip surface.

Particularly used in premises open to the public, customised floor vinyl is an ideal medium for communicating, informing and guiding, for example to remind visitors to respect sanitary rules or confidentiality zones. With COPYMAGE, you can print your Vinyl with a variety of finishes for a professional result on an ultra-resistant and non-slip surface.

  • Cutting to size
  • Heavy-duty vinyl backing
  • Non-slip and waterproof adhesive
  • Indoor & outdoor use

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The different formats and shapes of floor vinyl cuts

To enable them to adapt to all spaces and all your projects, our floor stickers are available in different formats: 

  • Format A2 (42 x 60 cm)
  • Format A1 (60 x 84 cm)
  • A0 format (84 x 120 cm)

If none of these three formats meet your floor paper requirements, you can also opt to print a custom-madeto the dimensions of your choice.

When it comes to cutting your vinyl roll for floor adhesive, you can opt for : 

  • A square cut
  • A rectangular cut-out
  • A round cut
  • A tailor-made cut

The custom cutting will be made from the cutting lines that you will indicate in a layer called "cutting". This allows you to make stickers 100% personalised with the shape of your choice to fit perfectly with all your projects.

Everything you need to know about the material on which the stickers are printed

Floor stickers are printed on two types of 100 micron white vinyl: 

  • The monomeric vinylMonomer vinyl is more economical and is ideal for customised stickers for indoor use. It is used more for occasional decoration.
  • The polymer vinylwhich is more resistant and therefore more suitable for outdoor use, can remain in place for several years.

On this vinyl, we then add a 125 micron textured lamination which provides an anti-slip finish. This lamination also provides additional protection for the floor vinyl, making it more resistant to repeated use. 

The different uses of the floor sticker 

Floor vinyl is a communication medium because it is inexpensive, durable and easily customisable. With custom cutting, you can for example print stickers to indicate the direction in the shape of steps or arrows to indicate the direction of the visit in a department store. More playful shapes such as animal paw prints can be used to guide youngsters to a play area or a dedicated department.

The high visibility of this medium makes it a very tool for communicating about about a promotion, a competition or a current sales period for example. The Floor Vinyl is a fun fun communication tool which allows for greater originality, both in terms of graphic style and the visuals chosen.

Placed on the floor of a pharmacy, bank or post office for example, floor stickers can clearly delineate a zone of distance between between customers in order to respect the anonymity and security of all.

Finally, at a trade fair, the floor sticker is the ideal support to to guide visitors to your stand or to an activity or to an activity you wish to promote.

You need other types of adhesives and stickers ? No problem! COPYMAGE offers you many other types of adhesive vinyl prints: stickers for your bumpers, stickers with transfer film , transparent stickers, stickers with transfer film, sticker sheets, labels for your clothing sales...

Frequently asked questions about Vinyl floor

What are the advantages of adhesive floor paper?

The main advantage of Vinyl Floor is without doubt its accessibility. Where suspended supports require a special installation that is not always feasible, Vinyl Floor can be glued easily on all types of floor without the risk of damaging the surface, even on carpeting.

In addition, it is highly visible and makes use of the available floor space, which is often not used.

Rather reserved for temporary communication, as its lifespan is only a few months, the floor sticker makes it possible to to change the look of a point of sale as often as you like. The end of year celebrations are approaching? Go for stickers in festive colours. Is a sales period starting? Print stickers with percentages to remind customers that it's a great time to get a bargain!

Thanks to its non-slip coating, the floor sticker can be used indoors and outdoors. Printed on ultra-resistant vinylIt can withstand several months of foot traffic without tearing or peeling off. Fire resistantThe vinyl on which we print each floor sticker respects the B1 standard.

How do I apply adhesive floor paper properly?

Our floor stickers can be stuck on on any surfaceHowever, a smooth surface will allow it to stay in place longer.

A Vinyl floor must be glued on a clean, dry and possibly degreased area depending on the substrate. To prevent air bubbles from forming when you start gluing, we advise you to always start in the centre of the sticker of the sticker, pushing the air outwards as you go along, using a scraper.

How can we make sure that the rendering is impactful and visible?

Floor stickers are highly visible adhesive solutions as they stand out from the rest of the as they stand out from the rest of the floor covering, however it is advisable to use bright colours to enhance this contrasting effect.

Also consider making the message readable in a few seconds because passers-by will not stop to look at them. To do this, it is recommended to use images, words or even pictogramswords or even pictograms rather than adding text that takes several seconds to read.

Finally, if you are placing your floor sticker in a shopping area with multiple shops, we advise you to make sure that they are easily associated with your shop. To do this, you can use elements that are in line with your graphic charter for the creation of your visual.

How to prepare the file before printing your stickers?

For this type of printing, it is not necessary to include cutting lines and other elements of this type on your file. On the other hand, in the case of a customised cut, an additional layer in 100% magenta and called "cut" should indicate the outline of your design and therefore its cut shape.

To avoid any problems when trimming your Vinyl Floor, we recommend that you add a 5 mm margin margin all around your visual as well as a internal margin of 2 mm. These margins prevent any text or image from being cut out after printing.

You should also check a few things, such as 

  • the resolution of the images, which must be at least 300 dpi
  • the colorimetry, which must be in CMYK format and not RGB
  • the file format, ideally in PDF
  • vectorisation of elements such as fonts

If you have any doubts about your visual or questions about printing a Floor Vinyl, do not hesitate to contact our teams by phone. Our advisors will be happy to answer your questions and assist you throughout your order.

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