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COPYMAGE, printer in Paris 12

As a professional, you inevitably need to print communication materials to promote your business or your products. Town hall of the 12 8

COPYMAGE, printer in Paris 12 for professionals

As a professional, you inevitably need to have communication materials printed to promote your company or your products.

To save you time and allow you to have high-quality materials that reflect your professionalism, COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 12, can print all the materials that are essential to your business: business cards, flyers, bound folders, personalised envelopes and kakemonos. A good way to showcase your professionalism.

Enhance your image with quality materials

The communication and marketing strategy you put in place to publicise your business is very important because it helps to build your reputation and attract the interest of potential customers. The sales and profits that you will subsequently make will therefore flow from it.

For this reason, it is strongly advised to always take care of your campaigns and this also involves choosing quality communication media that convey a professional and high quality image of your brand, while highlighting your attention to detail.

Whether you are looking to highlight a product or service, promote an upcoming event or present your company to prospective customers, COPYMAGE, a printer in Paris 12, offers you a wide selection of top-of-the-range materials that meet your needs and constraints.

Among the most popular media are posters, flyers, posters, window stickers and bound folders. business cardsThe most popular media include posters, flyers, stickers, window stickers and bound folders, all of which are used regularly by a wide range of professionals in all sectors.

For special events andoccasions, you can also find a selection of XLL tarpaulins, roll-ups or greeting cards to send to your prospects at the time of the end-of-year celebrations in particular on the site of your Paris 12 printer.

Finally, we offer you more office-oriented materials with which you can create visual unity and save valuable time, such as order forms, delivery notes, letterheads or customised notepads. ink stampsThese include order forms, delivery notes, letterheads and personalised notepads .

Customisation options designed to enhance your media

There are many advantages to using a professional printer such as COPYMAGE, a printer in Paris 12, to print your communication materials, and one of them is the possibility of benefiting from numerous customisation options.

Thanks to our large fleet of state-of-the-art machines dedicated to printing on all media, we can offer you options to embellish, protect or personalise your media.

Here are some examples of the possibilities offered by your printer in Paris 12:

  • Laminating: ideal for media such as posters, this option involves encapsulating a medium between two sheets of plastic to protect it from dust and moisture,
  • Laminating: designed to reinforce a medium such as a poster, laminating consists of attaching the medium to a PVC, aluminium dibond or foam sheet, which makes it more rigid and easier to hang,
  • Laminating: intended to embellish and protect a medium such as a poster, flyer or leaflet, this option consists of applying a light glossy, matt or soft-touch (peach skin effect) plastic coating to one or more sides of the medium,
  • Selective varnish: do you want to highlight a particular element on a visual? The classic or 3D selective varnish is made for you and allows you to add highlighting or relief to a text, a logo or an illustration,
  • Gilding: Like selective varnish, gilding can be applied to the areas of your choice on a visual to embellish it and give it a more luxurious look, ideal for more chic and sophisticated events or for parties,
  • Binders: specific to bound files, brochures and other documents of this type, binders are available in glued square back, stapled, metal or plastic spiral binding, in many colours,
  • The choice of formats: stickers, posters, business cards, posters and other kakemonos available on the online shop of your printer in Paris 12 are available in many formats for all occasions,
  • Paper choices: so that every professional can easily find the right compromise between budget and strength, all paper media are available in many weights, from the softest to the most semi-rigid.

On some special materials, such as XXL tarpaulins, you can also find special options such as fasteners and eyelets designed specifically for this type of material.

Good to know: depending on the product, you can also choose thecustomised option and thus create a 100% unique medium, which corresponds perfectly to your project, both in terms of format and cutting shape!

What your printer in Paris 12 can offer you

Trusting a professional printer such as COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 12, also offers perfect advantages for professionals who want to ensure they receive high-quality communication materials while saving a maximum amount of time.

At COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 12, we offer you personalised support by assigning each of our customers an adviser who is able to answer all your questions and follow up on each of your orders. This service is made all the more effective by the fact that our advisors work in our Paris printing plant, alongside the technicians.

Similarly, our advisors take the time to systematically check each file you send for printing, free of charge , to ensure that everything is in order and that the cut lines and bleeds are present, thus avoiding any disappointment when you receive your order.

To ensure that every professional can use the services offered by COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 12, we have also chosen to multiply the channels available for taking orders. You can use our website but also contact us by phone or email, or come and present your project to us at the print shop.

Do you need an urgent restocking of business cards, flyers or bound files? COPYMAGE, a printer in Paris 12, offers you a wide range of products available as an express option, which are printed in just 4 hours.

Once your order is ready, you can collect it from the print shop thanks to Click & Collect, or choose to have it delivered anywhere in France. Are you in the Paris region? Take advantage of our courier service and have your order delivered to the location of your choice to save even more time.

Finally, you should know that COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 12, also offers scanning and digitisation services for all your small or large format documents, as well as the printing of architectural plans to scale on tracing paper, ideal for superimposing several plans and having a perfect overview of a project.

Do you have any questions about the products or services we offer? The teams at COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 12, are available now to discuss all your projects with you by telephone on 01 42 61 00 33 or by email at!

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