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  • Copymage, imprimeur de paris 5, vous accompagne dans tous vos projets en se chargeant pour vous de l’impression de tous vos supports de communication. 2022 02 1
  • Copymage, imprimeur de paris 5, vous accompagne dans tous vos projets en se chargeant pour vous de l’impression de tous vos supports de communication. 2
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COPYMAGE, the printer in Paris 5 that supports professionals

Imprimeur paris 5

Entrust all your printing projects to your printer in Paris 5 COPYMAGE

Whatever type of company you work for, you will need to have communication materials printed to help you communicate with your employees or publicise your company: business cards, annual reports, order forms, posters or flyers.

COPYMAGE, a printer in Paris 5, can help you with all your projects by printing all your communication media for you.

Good reasons to use a printer in Paris 5

Implementing an impactful marketing strategy that is consistent with your company's values is essential for building awareness, acquiring new customers and building a good reputation.

To convey the message of your choice and transmit your values, you need a variety of communication media such as correspondence cards, letterheads, kakemonos or advertising tarpaulins, which are available in the online shop of your printer in Paris 5.

While it is technically possible to print some materials yourself using a conventional printer, this greatly reduces the possibilities and does not allow you to create materials that are enhanced by professional paper and inks, or by options such as lamination, gilding or varnishing.

Calling on a professional printer such as COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 5, gives you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different media in several formats, shapes or colours, and to apply finishes designed to ennoble them and increase their impact.

Entrusting us with all your printing is also an ideal solution to free up your time and avoid worrying about the quality of the media you receive: we willprint your visuals in high definition on paper or other media specially designed for this purpose for an impeccable and professional result.

Customer service that meets your expectations

Professionals have busy days, deadlines to meet and obligations that leave little room for the unexpected, and the teams at COPYMAGE understand this. For this reason, your Paris 5 printer makes sure to offer you a customer service that meets your expectations and corresponds exactly to what you need to work in good conditions. This includes in particular:

  • Systematic and free verification of all files sent to us for printing,
  • Assigning a dedicated advisor to each client to answer all your questions accurately without having to recontextualise each request,
  • The establishment of a customer service department located at the heart of our printing plant, close to the technical teams, for clear and rapid responses,
  • The presence of a 4-hour option, allowing you to pick up your media only 4 hours after your order for a last minute restocking,
  • The provision of technical templates, guides and product sheets to help you understand how each support works and the options available,
  • Theproof option , which consists of receiving a model of a communication medium that is similar in every respect in order to compare several options or to have a clearer idea of the final result before printing the total quantity,
  • The ability to take your order by phone, email or at a meeting in our print shop if you wish to discuss your project with us rather than ordering on the website.

Elements put in place by your Paris 5 printer to help youunderstand with greater serenity all your marketing support orders, in order to carry out communication campaigns in the best possible conditions.

Still not completely convinced? Trust the more than 11,000 professionals who have entrusted their printing projects to COPYMAGE before you, and who have expressed their satisfaction on our Google page, giving us an overall rating of 4.9/5!

Good to know: so that you can save as much time as possible, your Paris 5 printer also offers a courier delivery service throughout the Paris region as well as Click & Collect, which allows you to collect your order directly from our print shop.

A wide range of communication materials

Entrusting the printing of your communication media to a professional like COPYMAGE, printer in Paris 5, also allows you to have a very wide choice of communication media . Here are some of the most popular materials that we offer on our site:

  • The business card: essential for all professionals, the business card makes it easy to give your contact details to your prospects but also to stand out thanks to an original format or finishes.
  • The flyer: ideal for mass communication, the flyer is an economical and modern medium that can be handed out by hand during a street-marketing operation or slipped into a parcel, a letter or a shopping bag.
  • The stapled brochure: company presentation booklet, annual report or promotional brochures can be easily consulted once printed in the form of a stapled brochure of 4 to 40 pages.
  • Theposter: to decorate your premises, to inform the public, to guide visitors or to communicate on products and services, the poster is available from small and compact A4 format to very large A0 format.
  • The roll-up: to be taken to trade fairs or seminars, or to be placed on the ground in front of a point of sale, the roll-up is a robust and eye-catching support which has the advantage of being able to be installed indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Stickers: modern and original, stickers are a very versatile medium as they can be used as goodies as well as being stuck on the floor, on a shop window or even on a professional vehicle.
  • The carbonless order form: available as a delivery note or invoice, carbonless books save precious time because they automatically duplicate the information written on the first page,
  • Stamp pads: also designed to save you time, the custom stamp pad allows you to mark loyalty cards or sign official documents in a few seconds in a clean and professional manner,
  • Tarpaulins: very large format, customised tarpaulins are visible from a distance and can therefore be installed on a building site, on the side of a road or on the front of a sign in order to hide scaffolding, to publicise an opening or to highlight a promotion.

Original, varied and of high quality, all the media offered by COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 5, can be personalised thanks to options adapted to each of them: lamination, varnish, gilding, binding, lamination, eyelets, etc. With some products you will also be offered attachment systems such as hooks or easels for example.

To find out more, don't hesitate to consult the technical data sheets available on all the pages of our online shop at COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 5: you will find details on each medium as well as information on the formats and options available to customise them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer advisors who are available by email, telephone or in our print shop. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the most appropriate media for your campaigns.

Need a printer in Paris and the Paris region? Take advantage of our printing service throughout the Ile-de-France and particularly in Paris 6, Paris 13 or Paris 14.