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Annual report printed and bound by COPYMAGE: the guarantee of a professional result

At the end of the calendar or fiscal year, most companies prepare a financial statement or a business report. This report, which is intended to be sent to the company's shareholders and employees, contains a great deal of information about the company and is crucial. At COPYMAGE, we put all our know-how at your disposal to enable you to obtain an optimal result quickly and cost-effectively.

At the end of the calendar or fiscal year, most companies prepare a financial statement or a business report. This report, which is intended to be sent to the company's shareholders and employees, contains a great deal of information about the company and is crucial. At COPYMAGE, we put all our know-how at your disposal to enable you to obtain an optimal result quickly and cost-effectively.

  • A5, A4 or custom sizes
  • Spiral binding or glued square back
  • High-end rendering
  • Laminating available on cover 

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The value of printing the activity report at COPYMAGE

As mentioned above, a company's annual report is a file which contains a great deal of important important information and it is also an essential essential communication medium. For these reasons, it is best to opt for to print a company's annual report rather than sending it by email.

A printed financial statement can also be easily archived for later comparison with other years' statements, which is not necessarily easy if it is necessary to search for an old document among a large number of emails. 

Printing a business report via a professional printing house allows you to save time and money but also to offer your employees, investors and partners a better quality report.

Thanks to the choice of papers and finishing options made possible by your COPYMAGE printer to apply when printing your company's annual report or financial statement, you can stand out and make a good impression by offering a high quality and very neat document.

Available formats and bindings for your financial report

The printing of a financial statement should have a large number of pages, particularly because it should be well spaced out in order to make it easy to read. For this reason, you cannot simply staple the pages of your business reports together. In order to achieve a professional result, we offer two types of bindings:

  • The metal or plastic spiral bindingYou can choose the style of cover (laminated, thick cardboard or PVC, prestige cover, etc.) and which offers many advantages such as express printing in 4 hours or the possibility of a flat opening to improve reading comfort.
  • The glued square back binding This binding is often used for catalogue printing: presented like a book, it offers the possibility of personalising the edge of the document and makes it possible to hold the pages better, even for thick reports. This binding is often used for catalogue printings.

The most commonly used format for printing business reports is A4 formatHowever, you can also choose one of the other formats available or have your report customised. When printed, your financial report can be oriented in portrait or landscape according to your needs. The formats available are :

  • A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm)
  • A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm)
  • A6 format (14.8 x 10.5 cm)
  • Customised format 

If required, COPYMAGE also offers other types of binding, such asstapled brochuresfor other types of documents such asbook printingts.

Paper weights and finishes for annual report printing 

To make your financial statement look more professional and easier to handle, we recommend that you choose a thicker weight350g for the cover.

As for the pages inside the document, here are the different papers we offer: 

  • 115g matte or glossysoft and resistant paper
  • 135g matte or glossyslightly thicker than the first one
  • 120g matte texturedslightly thicker than the first one and more premium thanks to the textured effect

For a professional and qualitative appearance of your financial report, you have the possibility to laminate the cover of your financial report. Laminating allows you to to add a touch of prestige to a document while protecting it. Here are the laminations available for printing business reports:

  • Brilliant rendering which offers a better colour reproduction
  • Matte finishideal for dark colours, which gives a more sober and elegant appearance
  • Soft-touch effect or "peach skin" effect for a matte finish and a silky touch

Why do a financial review?

If the printing of a business report is not compulsory for all companies, it is strongly recommended to produce one in order to monitor the company's activity and ensure its good health.

More than a presentation brochure, a financial report allows you to compare the key figures for the past year with those for the nextIt also serves to reassure and galvanise a company's employees, shareholders and business partners, while sharing a vision of the company with them.

This report contains, among other things, the company's balance sheet and may also be accompanied by a CSR (environmental) report. By combining the printing of your CSR report, the printing of the balance sheet and the printing of the financial report in a single document, it becomes a real company's health booklet.

Frequently asked questions about printing activity reports

What type of binding should I choose for my annual report printing? 

The spiral binding or perfect binding are both suitable for printing a business report, but they do not have the same advantages.

The spiral binders, available in metal or plasticSpiral binders, available in metal or plastic, are often used for course reports, dissertations or training guides. They are economical and practical, allowing the document to be read completely flat, which makes it more comfortable to read. With plastic spiral binding, additional sheets can be added if necessary.

However, they are less suitable for documents with a lot of pages and last less time if they are consulted a lot. 

The glued binders offer a premium premium look to your financial report that is close to a bookstore book. Thanks to the PUR glue used for this type of binding the pages are unbreakableeven after many years. Although this type of binding is more expensive, it provides a very professional professional resultThis type of binding is more expensive, but the result is very professional and ideal for printing an annual report.

How to obtain a readable and impactful financial statement? 

The problem often encountered with this type of document is the large amount of information presented, which sometimes makes the report dull and boring. In order to obtain a document that is pleasant to read but professional, the ideal is to the presentation and layout as much as possible and layout. For example, think about :

  • Airing out paragraphs 
  • Incorporate images and graphics 
  • Choose simple, readable colours and fonts 
  • Add lighter elements such as testimonials or infographics 

To add a modern touch to your annual report printing, you can incorporate QR codes on certain pages. When flashed with a smartphone camera, these codes will allow readers to access media content such as interviews, videos or testimonials.

How to prepare a file for printing? 

In order for us to start printing an activity report, you will need to provide us with a document, ideally in PDF format. We check each file before printing, but here are some tips on how to best prepare for printing your company's annual report:

  • Remember to allow for margins on the edges of the of the pages so that information is not obscured when the pages are pasted or punched
  • Check that your images are in high quality (minimum 300dpi)
  • The colours must be in CMYK format and not RGB for an equivalent rendering
  • Feel free to check again that all pages are in the right order

If you have any doubts or questions about printing a business report or any of our other communication materials, you can contact our customer service by phone. Our advisors are located in our print shop and will be able to answer all your questions.

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