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Customised X-banner for professionals


In Products > Roll-up

Lightweight, easy to assemble and economical: adopt the personalised X-banner.

Lightweight, easy to transport and assemble, but above all highly visible, the x-banner is one of the communication media used to promote a product, a service or a company at a point of sale or on a stand at a trade fair in particular. COPYMAGE will print your banner in high definition on a resistant material that does not bend or crease and avoids reflections.

Lightweight, easy to transport and assemble, but above all highly visible, the x-banner is one of the communication media used to promote a product, a service or a company at a point of sale or on a stand at a trade fair in particular. COPYMAGE will print your banner in high definition on a resistant material that does not bend or crease and avoids reflections.

  • 2 possible sizes: 60×160 cm, 80×180 cm
  • Optional printing on M1 tarpaulin
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Ultra light: 2kg

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The advantages of this floor banner

Similar in appearance to a kakemono, the x-banner is a vertical self-supporting stand that can therefore be simply placed on the ground and moved at will. Lightweight and quick to assemble, it consists of a rigid X-shaped structure, which gives it its name, and a customised tarpaulin made up of 4 eyelets located at the 4 corners of the tarpaulin and used to fix it to the structure.

More economical than the roll-up, the x-banner is a very popular communication medium for professionals who regularly participate in fairs and exhibitions because it is extremely light and therefore very easy to install and move. However, beware: this lightness can be a disadvantage in the event of a large number of visitors, as a bad blow could cause the x-banner to fall over. So think about placing it in a place with low traffic.

Another advantage of the x-banner is the visibility it provides. Available in 60 x 160 cm and 80 x 180 cm versions, it is noticeable even from a distance and can therefore allow you to communicate effectively, but also to be easily noticed and to guide visitors to you at a trade fair where there is a lot of competition.

To make it easier for you totake your banner wherever you want, COPYMAGE offers you a carrying bag adapted to the size of your banner. A good way to conquer new prospects with your x-banner under your arm, to be installed in a few seconds wherever you want.

The characteristics of this support offered by COPYMAGE

Economical and practical, this x-banner is perfect for conveying promotional messages in an effective and original way. You can use it to decorate a hall, a waiting room, a shop window or a stand at a trade fair.

For your communication to be effective and to highlight your company, COPYMAGE prints your visual in high-definition four-colour process on a high-quality tarpaulin, specially designed not to bend or fold, and to reflect the sun's rays so that your support is always perfectly visible.

In order to provide each professional with the communication media he needs, we offer you the choice between two types of tarpaulins for the printing of your visual:

  • Matte vinyl tarpaulin: very robust and modern thanks to its matte side, this tarpaulin is of excellent quality and allows you to create high-end supports
  • M1 fireproof tarpaulin: also of excellent quality, this tarpaulin has the particularity of being fireproof and therefore of not catching fire in the event of a fire. A mandatory safety feature in most trade fairs and enclosed spaces.

A recharging system to optimise your support

To help you save even more money and optimise your x-banner, COPYMAGE offers you the possibility of ordering several refills with different designs. Easily interchangeable, these refills allow you to vary the visuals according to the different periods of the year or upcoming events: sales, private sales, end-of-year celebrations and others.

This refill option is also very practical because it allows you to quickly replace a visual without having to buy a complete structure if it is damaged or no longer corresponds to your graphic charter, your needs or your product news. An ideal economical solution for all those who pay particular attention to their budget.

Frequently asked questions about printing on x-banner

Can this type of support be used outdoors?

The main advantage of the x-banner is its lightness, which makes it mobile and very easy to transport. Unfortunately, the lightness of the x-banner is not suitable for outdoor use, so we advise you to look forheavier products such as classic kakemonos or roll-ups for displaying in front of your sign or on the street for example.

On the other hand, you can install your x-banner in the window of your shop to make it visible from the outside. It is recommended to place this type of support in an area that is not easily accessible by visitors to avoid them dropping it.

How is this banner mounted?

Unlike heavier or more complex communication materials that require several people or special tools to install, the x-banner can be installed in a matter of seconds by a single person.

To do this, simply take it out of its transport bag, unfold the X-shaped structure, making sure it is stable, and then install the canvas on the structure using the 4 eyelets in the 4 corners of the canvas. A simple and quick system ideal for those who are used to promotional tours.

What is the difference between an x-banner, an l-banner and a roll-up?

These three media are part of the communication and decoration-oriented printing at a point of sale or at trade fairs and exhibitions, so they are quite similar. But what is the difference between them and how do you choose?

The main difference between these two banner designs is the shape of the structure: one is X-shaped and therefore cross-shaped, while the other is L-shaped and slightly more stable than the X-shaped.

The x-banner is the cheapest and lightest of the three, so it is ideal for dressing up a stand, a shop window or a boutique while keeping your budget under control. On the other hand, for outdoor use, a roll-up, which is more stable thanks to its metal base allowing the canvas to be rolled up, will be more suitable.

What elements should appear on the file for printing?

To ensure that your printing is optimal and successful, it is important to observe the following points:

  • Remember to leave a safety zone of 3.5 cm in diameter at each of the corners of your visual: these are the places dedicated to eyelets,
  • Take into account a safety margin of about 3 millimetres inside the document, by not inserting any important elements in this area,
  • Check that the fonts are vectorised to avoid distortion during printing, and that the colourimetry is set to CMYK, not RGB.
  • Make sure your file is 150 dpi at scale 1, and 300 dpi at scale ½

The good news is that you don 't need to add cut lines, bleeds or swallows to this type of file.

If in doubt, don't hesitate to download the free templates available on our site, which will help you to create your files. You can also contact our advisors by phone or email to ask them all your questions. Once your file has been sent, they will systematically check it free of charge to ensure that everything is perfectly in order.


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