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Wedding menu printing


In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

Impress your guests with a personalised wedding menu

The meal is an important part of a wedding ceremony, as it is not only the gourmet part of your wedding, but also a special moment during which your guests get to know their table mates, celebrating this special day. To ensure that your wedding menu is as special as your event, COPYMAGE offers a number of finishing options for a 100% personalised and high quality menu.

The meal is an important part of a wedding ceremony, as it is not only the gourmet part of your wedding, but also a special moment during which your guests get to know their table mates, celebrating this special day. To ensure that your wedding menu is as special as your event, COPYMAGE offers a number of finishing options for a 100% personalised and high quality menu.

  • Time limit 4h
  • Single, double and customised formats
  • 350g stiff paper
  • Optional lamination and gilding

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The advantages of a professionally printed menu

Once they are seated at the table, your guests will be immediately curious about what they are about to eat and will be looking for a wedding menu. At this type of event, everything must be taken care of down to the last detail, so it would be a shame to settle for a simple menu printed on a blank sheet of paper and placed on the table. By using the services of a printer like COPYMAGE, you can be sure that you will receive high quality, 100% personalised menus that will impress your guests.

With the various personalisation options and paper choices we offer, you can make your wedding menu a decorative element in its own right, highlighting your attention to detail. In addition, a menu printed on quality paper with a neat layout will be ideal for showcasing the delicious food you have selected for the ceremony.

Available in several formats, our wedding menus can be placed on every table, on every plate or in a large format at the entrance of the reception hall. An excellent way to whet your guests' appetites and keep them waiting until the starter is served.

The different formats we offer

For your wedding menu printing, we offer a choice of colour or black and white printing. Generally, colour printing is preferred, however, black and white can create a more understated and chic result, which will work well with a traditional or black and white themed wedding.

Similarly, you can choose to print only the front of the wedding menu, or you can opt to print both sides. If it is visible (which is not always the case, especially when the menu is placed on an easel), the back can be used to add a short note from the bride and groom, or the rest of the menu if it is a multi-course meal.

To enable you to print the perfect wedding menu, we offer a wide range of formats:

  • The simple A6 format (14.8 x 10.5 cm)
  • The simple format ⅓ A4 (9.9 x 21 cm)
  • The double A6 format (closed: 14.8 x 10.5 cm, open: 21 x 14.8 cm)
  • The double size ⅓ A4 (closed: 21 x 9.9 cm, open: 21 x 19.8 cm)

However, if none of these formats are suitable for you, don't hesitate to choose the customised option, which allows you to choose the format of your wedding menu yourself.

The different choices of paper and finish for your menu

All wedding menus are printed on semi-rigid paper with a weight of 350 g, which allows the menu to stand upright and be held in the hand without the risk of being torn. When ordering, you will be able to choose between matte or glossy paper to match your decoration and the theme of the ceremony.

After printing, it is possible to add certain finishes to your wedding menu to make it unique and to reinforce its high-end appearance. Among these options, we offer you :

  • Laminating: this technique consists of applying a thin plastic layer to your menu to change its overall appearance and make it more matt or glossy. Soft-touch lamination offers a semi-matt finish and a very pleasant velvety feel, ideal for materials intended to be held in the hand, as is the case for the wedding menu.
  • Selective varnish: applied to certain areas only (text, pictograms, lines, etc.), this finishadds originality to your weddingmenu by highlighting the elements of your choice. The 3D selective varnish works in the same way, but by adding relief to a chosen area.
  • Gilding: widely used on festive materials such as wedding menus, gilding is added to the areas of your choice and thus allows you toobtain a luxurious andhigh quality result.

Other products to add to your order for a wedding menu

A successful wedding requires a certain amount of organisation, so it's important to plan ahead and have everything you need for a smooth ceremony, from invitations to thank you cards. To save you time, we recommend that you take advantage of your order of wedding menus to provide yourself with other elements that you may need, such as :

  • Personalised invitation cards or invitations, with matching envelopes
  • One or more table plans to place in your reception room
  • Personalised place cards for your guests to take home as a souvenir
  • Thank you cards, again with matching envelopes

All of the materials available on our website are 100% customisable and can therefore be perfectly matched to your wedding theme. Generally available for a minimum of 25 copies, they are perfect for small ceremonies as well as for larger ones. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors by phone or email, they will be happy to help you plan the most beautiful day of your life with complete peace of mind!

Frequently asked questions about the wedding menu

How to match the menu to the rest of the decoration?

Placed in the centre of the table or next to each plate, your wedding menu is one of the most visible elements of your decoration, so it is essential that it fits perfectly with the rest. To ensure that all the elements present are in harmony, we recommend that you choose a stationery style immediately after choosing your wedding theme. By matching your wedding stationery, from invitations to menus to seating charts, you can ensure that these materials become a decorative element in their own right.

How to deal with taste and allergy problems?

Drawing up a wedding menu can quickly turn into a headache, especially when you have to take into account everyone's tastes and also allergies or different diets (vegetarian, pork-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.). If you have chosen a buffet, all you need to do is make sure that there is a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy, but if you have chosen a table service, things become more complicated.

To save time and allow everyone to enjoy themselves, you have two options. The first is to add a small note on your invitation, asking each guest to tell you about any allergies when they confirm their presence. This will allow you to discuss alternatives with your caterer beforehand. Another solution, just as practical but more expensive: offer your guests a choice of two or three dishes.

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