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Make a difference with personalised invitations

Weddings, birthdays, christenings: there is no shortage of occasions to send out invitations, whether personal or professional. At a time when digital technology is an important part of our lives, receiving a personalised invitation is always a nice touch. With COPYMAGE, printing an invitation is simple, fast and inexpensive. A good way to realize all your projects while respecting your budget.

Weddings, birthdays, christenings: there is no shortage of occasions to send out invitations, whether personal or professional. At a time when digital technology is an important part of our lives, receiving a personalised invitation is always a nice touch. With COPYMAGE, printing an invitation is simple, fast and inexpensive. A good way to realize all your projects while respecting your budget.

  • Express option 4h
  • Wide choice of papers and formats
  • Laminating, selective varnishing and gilding possible
  • Assorted envelopes

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Why use a professional printing company like COPYMAGE? 

The printing of invitations, cards or stationery can be done via a personal printer, however this is time consuming and can quickly become expensive, especially as the result will not be as high quality as by going through a professional printer like COPYMAGE .

By entrusting us with the printing of invitations or cards, whether for a personal or professional project, you can be sure of a result that meets your expectations

You can choose between several types of paper and finishes such as varnish or gilding to obtain a professional and neat result. 

In addition, we check each file before printing your invitations, cards or any other material on our site to ensure that it will look perfect. Once printed, your cards will be cut out using specialised machines, giving you a cleaner, neater cut than with a cutter or scissors. 

With amalgam printing, you can print materials for several different communication campaigns, messages or photographs and save money by taking advantage of discounted rates

What options are available for paper with COPYMAGE? 

In addition to the visual that you will have created yourself and which will therefore be entirely personalised, we provide you with various document formats and paper weights as well as several types of finish to give a prestigious character to your announcement or card printing project. For the formats, you can choose between : 

  • ⅓ A4 (9.9 x 21 cm)
  • A5 (21 x 14.8 cm)
  • A6 (14.8 x 10.5 cm)
  • Square (15*15 cm)

You can opt for a single or a double flap model which will be folded and will give you the possibility to show more information on your document such as a map or a photo. 

For the paper weight, you can choose between : 

  • a classic 300g or 350g version, both available in matt or glossy
  • a thick version of 480g oreven 750g

The thicker the paper you choose, the more resistant it will be, but don't forget that this can affect the weight and therefore the cost of postage in the case of a postal item, so all criteria must be taken into account. 

What types of laminations and finishes are available for printing invitations and cards? 

When printing invitations or cards, you can choose between three types of lamination: 

  • Glossy: ideal for making your invitations look bright and giving the best possible colour reproduction 
  • Matte: perfect for adding a touch of sobriety, elegance and standing out
  • Soft-touch: both matt and very soft to the touch, this lamination gives a luxurious impression 

Laminating is the ideal way to perfect your printing of invitations or cards while protecting them.

Finally, you can give your cards a luxurious look and show the importance you attach to this event by adding a finish such as : 

  • Gilding that will enhance certain parts of your card by adding a more festive or luxurious touch depending on your objectives
  • A selective varnish that willhighlight certain important elements
  • A 3D varnish thatwill add extra thickness to certain elements that you wish to highlight

Printing of invitations and cards for professionals 

When we talk about invitation printing, we often think of events related to personal life, but they are also good communication tools for professionals in all sectors. 

You may also need to invite your employees to an event such as an opening, an open day or a year-end party. In these cases, invitation printing can add prestige and seriousness to your event.
Similarly, a thank-you card can be included in every order to build customer loyalty or highlight a promotion, or it can be distributed at a trade fair or street marketing event. A promotional card is then just the thing.

In general, invitation printing and invitation card printing are excellent ways to show your employees or customers that you value them. A paper card sent by post or delivered by hand will always be more memorable than a simple email and will help to promote your company.

Another format appreciated by professionals: the thank you cards. Easily personalised, thank-you cards correspondence cards or postcards cards allow you to catch the recipient's eye easily by playing on the visual aspect of the card and by placing your logo or colours in a visible way.

Frequently asked questions about invitation and announcement card printing

How long will it take for the cards to be ready? 

At COPYMAGE, we have alarge fleet of state-of-the-art machines that run continuously in our Paris print shop, which allows us to offer very short printing and delivery times

If you send us your file before 12 noon, you can benefit from delivery before 7pm by courier throughout the Paris region or via Click & Collect by picking up your order directly from our print shop located at 8 rue Saint Roch in Paris. 

Do you urgently need invitation cards? No problem, we can offer you printing in 4 hours via our express printing formula! Do not hesitate to contact our teams as soon as possible to get more information on the feasibility of your project

Why personalise your birth announcements, birthday invitations or holiday postcards?

With our wide range of invitation cards and announcements, you can choose the most appropriate way to invite your loved ones to a special event or to tell them about your most beautiful holiday memories. 

Many people like to keep the cards they receive so that they can refer to them later and recall fond memories . This is why printing quality cards and invitations is the ideal solution when you want to invite your loved ones to celebrate a key moment in your life. 

For the thank you cards, you can also add a photo taken on the day to make it a nice, personal and unique souvenir of this very special day for you.

Birthday cards, wedding invitations, christenings, baby showers, personalised greeting cards, communion cards: any occasion is good. Make a lasting impression by sending your loved ones a personalised card printed on quality paper and sent in a beautiful envelope that you can also personalise if you wish. 

This card is also a good way to ensure better organisation by informing your guests of the location of the reception, the date, the theme, etc.

Postcards are a great way to share your best holiday photos. Say goodbye to ready-made cards bought in souvenir shops: share the beautiful moments you really experienced during your stay with your loved ones! 

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