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Printing of company reports


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A quality finish for a business report that reflects your company's image!

The company report is a very comprehensive document that requires a high quality rendering in order to highlight your successes and projects. As the stakes are high, entrust the printing of your company's annual report to COPYMAGE to benefit from professional printing quality.

The company report is a very comprehensive document that requires a high quality rendering in order to highlight your successes and projects. As the stakes are high, entrust the printing of your company's annual report to COPYMAGE to benefit from professional printing quality.

  • Delay 4H (depending on quantity)
  • All types of bindings
  • From 3 to 600 pages
  • A4, A5, A3, custom size
  • Laminating option

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What are the main uses of an activity report?

The purpose of printing a business report is to summarise the past accounting year to all the key stakeholders in the company. 

After the end of an accounting year, you should summarise the key figures achieved by the company. You can enrich the document by mentioning events that occurred during the year, development and research projects and research projects undertaken and the results achieved.

You will be able to discuss the strategy put in place by the company and the perspectives you have set for yourself with the management, the board of directors, shareholders and investors.

What are the advantages of printing an annual report with COPYMAGE?

Whether it is the printing of an annual report, a financial statement or an online book, we offer you various technical advantages for the printing of your business report.

You can choose between 3 types of binding each with its own advantages.

  • Glued square back binding Your company report is bound like a book for a professional result. Thanks to the PUR glue process the pages are indestructible. The binding can be done on the short side or the long side depending on the reading direction: portrait or landscape that you wish to give to your document.
  • Stapled binding in the manner of booklets and brochures This binding is suitable for company reports with a small number of pages. This method is fast and economical.
  • Spiral binding Spiral binding: This allows you to bind a large number of pages at a controlled cost with a choice of plastic or metal spiral binding. This process allows you to allows you to open the two pages flat to make the document easier to read.

We also offer you logistical benefits related to our service: 

  • COPYMAGE offers you an express printing of your annual report in 4 hours.
  • Our team is committed to check your files free of charge before printing and make adjustments if necessary.
  • If you wish, you can choose the proof option (Good To Print) option and check before printing your activity report if it corresponds to your expectations.
  • We offer you offer you 3 choices of delivery by mail, by courier or directly at our offices in Paris.

How to customise your financial statement?

You can choose the size, paper weight and finish that meet your rendering requirements. 

For the format, you can choose between A4 and A5 as standard. The closed format is the size of the page. To find out the size of the open format, simply double the size of the closed format. For example: A4 closed = A3 open and A5 closed = A4 open. 

For the format, you can choose between A4 or A5.

  • A4 is the most commonly used format and offers enough space to detail all your information: texts, tables, images and other graphic illustrations. This classic format makes it easy to store your business report with other company documents. 
  • A5 is a smaller format and fits easily into a bag or briefcase. It is suitable for business reports with few pages. 

Regardless of the format you choose, you can adopt portrait or vertical printing orientation. Portrait printing makes your document easy to flip through. You can also choose landscape or horizontal orientation if you want to illustrate your annual report printout with a lot of visuals. This layout offers a larger surface for your images, tables and graphics.

For the paper weightYou can choose the thickness of the paper according to the desired effect.

  • 80 g to 135 g paper for inside pages. From the thinnest and lightest to the thickest and most resistant, it defines the quality of the grip when you leaf through your document.
  • Thicker 350 g paper for the cover. It is more rigid and robust for the cover and perfectly adapted to different types of finishing, notably selective varnishing.

For the finish, you can opt for lamination on the cover. This involves applying a thin layer over the entire surface for an optimal aesthetic result:

  • Matt lamination gives your document a more elegant and modern look. 
  • The glossy lamination brings out the colours of the cover page brilliantly
  • Soft touch lamination ensures a softer touch when holding your document

Tips for creating a professional company report

When printing your annual report, you should the content as well as the form.

  • Whether it is to make your employees proud by illustrating their contribution to performance with key figures
  • Or to increase the confidence of shareholders and investors in your strategy and make them want to invest in all your new projects  

Your activity report should be rich in information, yet clear and structured. You will need to find the right balance between content and form:

  • Each of the messages you wish to convey about your review and strategy should be demonstrated and illustrated with detailed text and clear visuals, graphs or diagrams. 
  • Your company report should give medium and long-term prospects for development to encourage external partners to take an interest in the project. 

While the substance is essential, it is imperative that this major document in your business has a perfectly professional look to prove your reliability. professional appearance to prove your reliability.

  • Create a medium that reflects your corporate values. 
  • Compose all the pages and the cover in accordance with your graphic charter. 
  • Each page should show your identity and positioning. 

At COPYMAGE, we advise you on the design and printing of your annual report to give it a professional appearance worthy of your image. We also offer other complementary products such as printing of notebooks or catalogues.

Frequently asked questions about printing an annual report

What is the real purpose of printing a business report?

You use this document to convince your financial partners to renew their trust and extend your collaboration.

It is a snapshot of the past year and should contain promising information and figures on the previous accounting period. However, it is essential to give a complete picture of your market, your competitors and your business. By sharing a lucid balance sheetBy sharing a lucid balance sheet, you will prove to your partners your knowledge and mastery of the business and your ability to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

It should of course talk about future projects to give prospects for development and thus commit your employees and investors to following you in the long term.

How do you print your annual report?

It is advisable to present the document well by adding illustrations. You can use tables, photographs and models to illustrate the operations carried out or the events that occurred during the past year. This will make your financial statement easier to read.

What if you also included testimonials ? Whether it's customer, employee or investor testimonials, you can showcase the human qualities of your company. And who better than your own ambassadors to talk about you?

How do I prepare the file for printing?

A thorough check is necessary to ensure that no typos have crept in before your annual report is printed. COPYMAGE checks the file free of charge to ensure that it matches the options with the options selected at the time of the order: number of pages, formats, quality, pixelation of images, etc.

On your side, it is important to take care of the layout, as even the slightest visual error can be detrimental to your report. To avoid making a mistake, a print preview alone is not enough: check the size of the document and the marginsCheck the size of the document and the margins, change the orientation of the pages, and be rigorous in your proofreading. This will enable you to identify any errors in the titles, inverted pages or missing captions, which are essential.

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