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XL roll-up printing


In Products > Roll-up

Communicate on a large scale with an XL roll-up

As a professional, you are looking for a solution for event communication ?
An impactful communication tool, the XL roll-up is undoubtedly one of the largest formats available for printing.

For a successful campaign and an unprecedented success, COPYMAGE offers you HD printing in only 24 hours only on a high quality tarpaulin with a sturdy metal base.

As a professional, you are looking for a solution for event communication ?
An impactful communication tool, the XL roll-up is undoubtedly one of the largest formats available for printing.

For a successful campaign and an unprecedented success, COPYMAGE offers you HD printing in only 24 hours only on a high quality tarpaulin with a sturdy metal base.

  • Fireproof and resistant M1 support 
  • 200×200 cm
  • Includes free carrying case
  • Metal foot for more stability

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The characteristics of a large roll-up

The large format printing of roll-up XLThe XL roll-up is a large-format advertising medium in the form of a stretched tarpaulin and is available in two sizes:

  • 200 x 200 cm 
  • 200 x 300 cm

This advertising support consists of a tarpaulin, on which your visual will be printed, a telescopic pole whose aluminium structure allows the printed tarpaulin to be fixed, pivoting feet which ensure its stability and a roll-up housing, in which the tarpaulin is contained when the large roll-up is not deployed. 

All our roll-ups are delivered with a with a free storage bag making them easy to transport. This transport bag makes your life much easier because the roll-up is a a mobile point-of-sale advertising medium to take with you to every event!

The banner itself is made of Serge FerrariThe banner itself is made of Serge Ferrari M1 fireproof canvas, which meets the fire protection standards required in many enclosed areas open to the public (sales areas, exhibitions, trade shows and fairs).

In terms of weight, the roll-up XL weighs only 7kgso it's easy to carry when stored in its cover.

The advantages of a large format roll-up

Despite its imposing dimensions, the XL roll-up banner can be installed and stored in just a few seconds thanks to an ingenious and intuitive ingenious and intuitive system. Its metal, non-slip base allows it to remain stable both indoors and outdoors and to be moved at will. Delivered already assembled and transportable because they come with their own carrying case, each roll-up and each kakemono can be taken anywhere without taking up too much space.

To set it up, nothing could be simpler: just unroll the tarpaulin and attach the end with the clipping strip located on the structure.

Discover the other personalized products offered by your printer COPYMAGE in this section: among our kakemonos and roll-ups (also known as "advertising totems"), you can find our economical and ultra-light banner X and L formats. You can also order our different formats of hanging kakemonosperfect for small areas and to avoid cluttering the floor.

Why entrust the printing of personalised roll-ups to COPYMAGE?

For many years, COPYMAGE has been working hand in hand with professionals from very different sectors in order to meet all their needs in terms of communication media, visual communication tools and printing.

To avoid excessive logistics, we can use a courier service for deliveries in a few hours throughout the Paris region, whether directly to the office or to a trade fair, seminar, etc.

If you wish, you can also collect your order by click & collect in our Parisian print shop. For less urgent orders or orders outside Paris, your order will be sent quickly by post.

We have a large fleet of state-of-the-art machines and printers that run continuously to enable us to provide you with high quality communication materials printed quickly. Your personalised roll-up is also available in express printing in just 24 hours. The quality of printing on kakemono tarpaulins will always be high with COPYMAGE!

Trusting COPYMAGE to print your self-supporting XL roll-up allows you to have the help of our advisors located directly in our printing plantjust a few metres from the technicians. Thanks to this proximity, our advisors are able to answer all your questions instantly and to study with you the feasibility of all your projects.

The different uses of the XL roll-up

During an open day, in a commercial area or a busy street, it is difficult to stand out from the competition and attract attention. to stand out from the competition and attract attention. Thanks to the large roll-up, you are now visible from far away and can attract potential customers by presenting a top product or an exceptional promotion.

As a very large format communication medium, the XL roll-up can also allow your customers to find your sign more easily. Indeed, thanks to its solidity and its metal base, the XL roll-up can be installed in an alley or a commercial area and thus guide your customers to your point of sale or your stand at a trade fair.

Finally, the XXL roll-up is the ideal support to accompany you at all your events. Its very large format allows you to use it as a support for argumentation by displaying key figures or the main product or service offers that differentiate you from the competition on the stand next to you.

Depending on the use you will make of it, you may have to choose between 2 models of Roll-up XL :

  • For one-off use:
    If you need a roll-up for a specific event and you only use it a few times, it is better to use an economic model.
  • For frequent use:
    If you are a professional who regularly exhibits at trade fairs, exhibitions or fairs you will benefit from the higher qualityroll-ups which are more robust.

Frequently asked questions about XL roll-up printing

How to create the visuals for your large-scale communication tool?

As you can see, the main purpose of the XL roll-up is to be an advertising medium with your image. It allows you to make your business or exhibition stand visible from far away. However, in order for it to potential customers to come to you, it must also be attractiveHowever, for it to attract potential customers to come to you, it must also be attractive: their eyes will rest on it for a few seconds, which should be enough to make them want to know more.

For your XL roll-up to have an impact and attract the curiosity of passers-byit is essential that it is clear and airy. Too much information mixed in would make it difficult to read and you would risk losing the interest of the person looking at your advertising roll-up. Also think of putting forward your logo as well as a slogan or a catchphrase which will allow you to hold the attention of those who look at your support.

The reading is done from top to bottom. To do this, we recommend use bullet points and punchy hooks to attract and punchy hooks to attract as much attention as possible. Also remember to prioritise the information and add images, which speak louder than a large area of text.

Where should a roll-up be placed so that it is seen by as many people as possible?

While the information on the roll-up and the layout of your personalised roll-up are essential, the location of the roll-up is just as important, if not more so. 

In order for your XL roll-up to be visible and to encourage customers and prospects to visit your stand or shop, we advise you to place it in a high-traffic area or in an area where visitors are waiting: corridor, entrance hall, restaurant or rest area, etc.

The advantage of the roll-up is its mobility: if you think that it is not optimally installed, you can simply move it to a more appropriate place.

How do I prepare the visual for printing the roll-up?

The XL roll-up is a very large format promotional communication medium, so your visual should contain images in very high definition (minimum 300 dpi) so that they are not distorted when printed.

To prevent part of your visual from being obscured by the roller or by the fixing brackets the top of the stretched tarpaulin, it is imperative to leave an empty empty strip of 20 cm at the bottom of the file and not to show any essential information in the 10 cm at the top of the file.

Finally, to allow you to work with complete peace of mind, we take the time to systematically check each file free of charge before each file before printing.

If you have any doubts about the creation of your material, do not hesitate to contact our teams by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6.30pm. This will help you avoid disappointment when creating your graphics or when attending a trade show!

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