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Printing of correspondence cards


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Personalise all your mailings with correspondence card printing

To accompany letters, quotations and orders or to invite your friends and family to a special event, personalised correspondence cards are a communication medium often favoured by professionals and individuals alike . With COPYMAGE, you can personalise your correspondence card thanks to a wide choice of papers and finishes.

To accompany letters, quotations and orders or to invite your friends and family to a special event, personalised correspondence cards are a communication medium often favoured by professionals and individuals alike . With COPYMAGE, you can personalise your correspondence card thanks to a wide choice of papers and finishes.

  • Time limit 4H 
  • Customised format possible
  • Wide choice of paper 
  • Laminating or varnishing finish

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The different formats for a correspondence card

Personalised correspondence cards can be sent by post or placed in parcels, for example, the format to be printed is therefore not necessarily the same. To enable you to find the perfect correspondence card for your your distribution methodTo help you find the perfect mailing card for your distribution method, we offer several formats:

  • Classic long format ⅓ A4 (21 x 9.9 cm)
  • Standard size (10 x 20 cm)
  • DL format (10.5 x 21 cm)
  • Small size (8 x 12.5 cm)
  • Folded format (two parts)

If none of these formats suit your needs, it is also possible to opt for the printing of customised correspondence cards in the dimensions of your choice.

Personalisation options for correspondence card printing 

Printed correspondence cards can make a difference by adding a personal touch to all your letters. a personal touch to all your lettersSo don't hesitate to play with different finishes to obtain a result that completely corresponds to the message you wish to convey. to the message you wish to convey.

We offer a range of paper choices: 

  • Rigid matte paper 300gIt offers a sober and chic look
  • White card stock 350gslightly glossy, pleasant to the touch
  • Off-white Conqueror paper 300gIt gives a prestigious appearance to the

Once you have made your choice of paper, you can also apply a lamination on your correspondence card printing order, only on the front or on both sides. The laminating options are as follows:

  • The matt laminationprovides a sophisticated and designer look
  • The glossy laminationThe glossy laminate, which highlights bright colours and brings out the best in photos
  • The soft-touch laminationcombines a velvety appearance with a very soft touch

In addition to lamination, you can opt for additional finishing touches that will give your correspondence card an extra touch of originality and quality. COPYMAGE offers you to to highlight one or more important elements during your correspondence card printing order by applying a specific varnish. You can thus add :

  • An option selective varnish which allows you to add a highlighting area on a matte cardboard correspondence, in order to emphasize this element
  • Or an option of 3D selective varnish which allows you to add relief to one or more areas to make them stand out from the rest

The different uses of personalised correspondence cards 

In a professional environment, correspondence cards are ideal for to create a stronger bond with with employees and business partners by adding a personal touch to letters. By attaching a correspondence card with a quote, slogan or greeting to every letter, you can show your contacts that you value every exchange.

Correspondence card printing can also be used to accompany your products sent by parcel post, a simple and inexpensive way to thank your customers for their order and build loyalty.

The printing of a correspondence card is often used to create a thank you card following a personal event such as a wedding or anniversary, or a business event such as a fundraiser or inauguration. For the end of year celebrations, it is also the ideal support for professionals to remember your customers, suppliers and all your business partners.
Need to adapt your communication media to all occasions? Don't hesitate to discover the other possible prints in our section invitations and announcements ! We offer you the possibility to print advertising cardscards postcards or even invitation cards depending on the message you wish to convey to your recipients.

Frequently asked questions about correspondence cards

What elements should be highlighted on a correspondence card? 

With the laminating and varnishing options, you can make certain elements stand out to make certain elements of your personalised on your personalised correspondence cards. The aim here is to allow the recipients of the card to to associate it directly with your companyYou can therefore use the varnish to highlight your logo or the name of your company.

Since the purpose of printing a correspondence card is to add a personal touch to a letter or package, remember to leave a blank space so that you can write a personal note by hand before each mailing. The back of the card can be used can be used as a support to present to your prospects a new service, a new product range or a promotional offer for example.

How to prepare a file before printing? 

There are two main stages in printing a correspondence card: printing and cutting with a professional cutting with a professional cutter. To ensure that no part of your personalised correspondence cards is cut, it is essential that your file includes cutting lines and bleeds.
If you need to, there is a guide at the bottom of the page to make these areas appear easily on your file, regardless of the design software you use.
To ensure that the images, text and general layout of the visual remain true to your design, we recommend that you send us your file in PDF format. Please also check that the images are in large format and that their high resolution is of at least 300 dpi

Finally, the colours used in printing are those of the CMYK format and not the RGB format used for web documents. It is essential that your file is in CMYK so that the colours rendered on your correspondence card match those of your visual.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us for advice or to call us. 

Why ask for a proof of concept?

When creating a design for a correspondence card printing order, it is common to hesitate between several finishes, colours or laminations. The proof, or "ready for press" is the best way to to decide between several versions of your of your correspondence card.

By selecting this option, you will receive a copy of the card that is similar in every way to the letter card you ordered. By ordering several proofs, you can compare the cards with your own eyes and choose the finishes you prefer.

Once you have made your choice, you can send us your approval by email and we will start printing your personalised correspondence cards. 

How do I get my order in a hurry? 

At COPYMAGE, we have a very large a very large fleet of printers and state-of-the-art machines that run continuously day and night. Thanks to this efficient production system, we are able to offer you correspondence card printing in only 4 hours !

To do this, you just need to send us your file before 12 noon. We will then check your design and start printing. Four hours later, you can pick up your order for printing order directly from our print shop in the heart of Paris, or have it delivered by courier. delivered by courier in the entire Paris region.

If you have an urgent need for personalised correspondence cards, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors by telephone so that together we can study the feasibility of your project and find the most appropriate solution. 

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