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COPYMAGE, Paris 18 printer for professionals

As a professional, you inevitably need to print communication materials throughout the year: business cards for your employees and yourself, posters to decorate your premises or highlight your products, flyers to distribute in the street or at events, etc. Copymage, your printer in Paris 18, accompanies you in all your projects by offering to print, for you, all the media you need, in very high quality and in just a few hours. Paris 18 3

Fast and high quality printing with COPYMAGE, printer in Paris 11

As a professional, you inevitably need toprint communication media throughout the year: business cards for your employees and yourself, posters to decorate your premises or promote your products, flyers to distribute in the street or at events, etc. COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 18, can help you with all your projects by offering to print all the materials you need, in very high quality and in just a few hours.

A good way to showcase your professionalism

The communication materials you use to promote your business or highlight a product range are the mirror of your company: they are what your customers see, and it is through them that they form an image of your brand.

To ensure that you achieve the success you deserve and convey the right message, we therefore advise you to always take care of your media, both in terms of the visual and the printing, by entrusting it to a professional printer such as COPYMAGE, printer in Paris 18.

This is one of the main reasons why many of our clients use the services of COPYMAGE, their Paris 18 printer: it ensures that they receive high quality, high definition printed materials quickly. They can then use them as they see fit to promote their company without worrying about disappointing their customers or sending the wrong message.

To ensure your complete satisfaction when you receive your order, your printer in Paris 18 offers a wide choice of media and many customization options, such as :

  • Various choices of papers and weights, from the most economical to the highest quality,
  • Finishes that allow you to play with the final look of the medium by making it more matt or glossy, or to highlight a key element thanks to standard or 3D selective varnishing, which consists of adding varnish to a precise area of your sales medium,
  • Laminating and lamination options to protect the media from dust or moisture, to make it more rigid and to enhance large format prints such as a beautiful decorative photo or a construction sign.
  • Media-friendly options such as addingclips or perforating for tarpaulins, so you can easily hang anything you want, or binders to add a custom touch to all your multi-page documents.

Types of media available in our shop

So that every professional can have the communication media they need, whatever their project and constraints, your printer in Paris 18 offers you a very wide choice of products, from small business cards that fit in the hand to XXL tarpaulins that can be seen from several metres away. Here are the different types of media that we can print for you:

  • Office and stationery items, with which you can reinforce your visual identity and create a graphic unity on all your communication media with your customers, partners or employees: notepads, letterheads, ink pads, carbonless order forms and delivery notes or personalised invoices.
  • Decorative and perfect to promote a product or a new range, or to highlight an upcoming event such as a sales period or the opening of a new shop: posters, window or floor stickers, adhesive lettering or window stickers.
  • Tools designed to present your company by highlighting its strengths, values and the goods or services it offers in varying degrees of detail depending on the format, such as brochures, leaflets, bound folders, posters or flyers.
  • Media dedicated to communication and brand image, which will enable you to make your company known to the greatest number of people and to unite customers and employees, such as the small, personalised stickers, which are economical and 100% customisable.
  • Products specially designed by your Paris 18 printer to be installed outdoors for several months or even several years in order to make your sign visible and to make it known to as many people as possible, such as kakemonos, roll-ups, tarpaulins or stickers in customised format.

All 100% customisable thanks to options adapted to each medium, these products offered by COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 18, are perfect for communicating, educating or informing the public in a simple and effective way, whether they are potential customers, patients or visitors. Available in many formats, they are suitable for all projects and, above all, for all budgets.

Good to know: most of the communication materials available on the online shop of COPYMAGE, your printer in Paris 18, are available in express option. Printed as a priority, they are available in just 4 hours and can then be delivered by courier to the location of your choice, throughout the Paris region. The ideal solution for last minute restocking!

A printer who knows the needs of professionals

Who better to support French companies than another French company? Located in Paris, your Paris 18 COPYMAGE printer is perfectly aware of the issues and constraints that you face on a daily basis as a professional, whatever your sector of activity, and this is why we are committed to offering you appropriate services, starting with quality customer service.

Customer relations are at the heart of our concerns and we work on them every day because we know how much of a difference it can make. We make sure that each customer is assigned an advisor who accompanies them on each order, and takes the time to check each file sent for printing free of charge and systematically to ensure an optimal result.

Located in our print shop and not in a call centre, our advisors work hand in hand with the technicians and are able to answer all your questions, direct you towards one medium rather than another or discuss the feasibility of your project with you. If you wish, they can also take your order by telephone or email, or receive you at COPYMAGE, a printer in Paris 18, to discuss your objectives and constraints in person.

To ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order, we also offer product sheets, available on every page of our site: these will help you to better understand the different uses of each support as well as the various applicable options.

Finally, your printer in Paris 18 offers you theoption of a proof, or Bon À Tirer. Available with most of our media, it allows you to receive a unitary replica identical in every respect to the communication media you wish to print. This is a good way toget a precise idea of the result or to compare two finishing options or weights before confirming the printing of a larger quantity.

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