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Printing of communication materials

At COPYMAGE, we offer all professionals the opportunity to have us print the communication media they may need to decorate their point of sale,organise a marketing operation or communicate in a general way about their company, the products or the services they offer. To do this, we offer a wide range of top-of-the-range and 100% customisable materials.


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The ideal support for your prize-giving events


2 times more communication surface!


2 folds, 6 sides to present your commercial offer


Unroll your commercial offer through the folds


For maximum communication space in a compact format


A3 open format
1, 2 or 3 parts 


A4 open format
1, 2 or 3 parts 


A5 closed format
1, 2 or 3 parts 


Express flyer in 4H Top Chrono 


Laminating, selective varnishing and gilding option


Many options available
1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, thin, thick... 


The essential tool for your sales strategy


Printing in standard A0 format


Printing in standard A0 format


Standard A2 size printing


Standard A2 size printing


 Customised restaurant menu in 4 hours


Many options available
1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, thin, thick... 


The essential tool for successful corporate communication.


Luxury flyer for an original and high-end communication


Economical or express in 4 hours
Many formats and thicknesses


Perfect compromise between quality and budget


Semi-rigid paper for a perfect fit


Maxi flyer to boost your impact


The most popular format! 


The compact and economical format. 


The original format to make you stand out! 


The ideal format for mailing.


Express in 4 hours
Many formats and thicknesses


Give originality and relief to your flyers


Give your flyers elegance and impact


Put in the mailboxes or handed out in the street, the leaflet is essential for communicating 


A3 size

Media Paper 135g/m2


High Definitionprinting in A1 format in only 4 hours.



High quality A2 poster
4H printing option 


High Definitionprinting in A4 format in only 4 hours.



Printing up to 25,000 copies
Decreasing rates based on quantity



Your poster printed in 4 hours, on time or your money back*.



Special sale poster: your asset to catch the eye of passers-by


Ideal for furnishing & decorating your trade show booth


High Definitionprinting and customised format in just 4 hours.



Professional quality printing in only 4 hours, from 1 copy



Advertising poster A4, A3, A2: mini format, maxi visibility



The advertising materials we offer

The advantage of the communication medium is that it is available in a wide range of formats and can therefore be adapted to all situations: a window display, mass distribution in the street or at an event, more targeted distribution at a meeting or trade fair, or a mailing. So that every professional can easily find the communication medium that suits his or her needs and project, we offer a wide range of advertising media.


Also known as leaflets or flyers, flyers are small communication media generally printed in A5 format, which you can easily distribute during a street marketing operation. Inexpensive, flyers can contain a lot of information and thus highlight a product or a service or promote an event such as an inauguration or private sales for example.

They are often printed in A5 format so that they can be easily distributed by hand, added to parcels or shopping bags, or slipped into letterboxes or car windscreens. However, it is up to you to choose a smaller or larger communication medium depending on your needs and the information you wish to include.

Leaflets and brochures

Larger than a leaflet, the leaflet is a particularly practical communication medium as it can contain a lot of information while being quite compact once all the flaps are folded. Available in 1, 2 or 3 fold versions, our leaflets are ideal for presenting a company or a service in more detail.

Thanks to their high quality finish and perfect fit, you can give them to your customers during business meetings or distribute them to your prospects at a trade show, for example. They can also be used to create restaurant menus or to present the various services offered in a brand such as a beauty salon.

Flap pockets

It's a practical and useful communication tool: the flap pocket allows you to file or transport documents without the risk of losing or damaging them , while at the same time highlighting your company's colours. Whether you use them only in-house or when travelling, these pockets will help you convey a professional image.

In addition, the flap folder is a communication medium that allows you to stand out from the competition, as the documents you give to your customers via this folder are more easily identifiable. Finally, it ensures that your prospects always have your contact details to hand if they need to contact you.


Essential for informing your customers, decorating your premises or communicating about a product range or a service, posters are among the most widely used media by professionals. Easy to create, they can be 100% personalised thanks to the options we offer, such as lamination or varnishing.

Available in a wide range of formats, from small posters to XXL A0 format posters, COPYMAGE's posters are available individually or in series , depending on the model chosen. An ideal solution to carry out all your projects without ever exceeding your budget!

Why continue to advertise for real?

In an era such as the one we live in, where digital technology is omnipresent, it is legitimate to ask oneself the question of the interest in continuing to use physical communication media such as posters, flyers, kakemonos, bound folders or even posters. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the very ephemeral aspect of online communication.

Indeed, a post on a social network like Twitter has a lifespan of only a few minutes, and a few hours on other networks like Instagram. This is a very short period of time which greatly limits the impact of your publications. You will have understood: online communication is important, but it is complementary to the communication that can be carried out offline using physical communication media such as those you can find on our site.

In addition, paper materials such as flyers, magazines, leaflets or business cards have the advantage that they can be kept, read and re-read but also passed on to other people, thus considerably increasing the impact of your communication materials on your potential customers.

Why trust your printing to a printer?

Some printing can be done using conventional printers, but this greatly limits the possibilities, while entailing a certain cost and a consequent waste of time. By entrusting the printing of the communication medium of your choice to a printer such as COPYMAGE, you benefit from several advantages such as

  • The possibility of choosing from a very wide range of communication media , each with its own advantages
  • Numerous customisation options through a choice of formats, papers, cuts or finishes
  • The guarantee of a result faithful to your expectations and high quality that will highlight your professionalism
  • The opportunity to benefit from the advice of printing professionals for the creation of your materials

As you can see, trusting a professional to print the communication medium of your choice is a solution that allows you to work with peace of mind and concentrate on other tasks while we take care of your printing.

How to make a successful communication campaign?

Printing quality communication materials with a good visual is an excellent idea and will allow you to highlight your company's values, products or services. However, this is not enough for a successful campaign, as it must be carried out according to certain factors, such as

  • Your target audience: knowing your potential customers, their expectations and needs is essential in order to know what kind of message will capture their attention and make them want to discover your products.
  • Your objectives: generally speaking, a communication campaign is used to raise awareness and generate sales, but it may be geared towards one of these objectives rather than another, or it may give you the opportunity to communicate about a sales period, the opening of a new shop, etc.

By taking stock of these elements in advance, you can create a visual that corresponds exactly to your needs and that will considerably increase your chances of creating a powerful advertising campaign. Here are a few tips to help you create the visual you want to print on your communication materials:

  • Limit yourself to the essential information so as not to overload your document
  • Use images, pictograms or logos that speak louder than words
  • Do not hesitate to use the different finishing options we offer to enhance your media and give them character
  • Play the card of complementarity by using several different media: posters, flyers, leaflets, etc.

Finally, don't forget that you can select the proof option when you place your order in order to obtain a proof that conforms to the material you are about to print in several copies, which will enable you to ensure that it corresponds to your expectations and the objectives you have set for your campaign.

The services offered by COPYMAGE

At COPYMAGE, we do everything possible to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers when they receive their order. To do this, our advisors systematically check each file sent to us for printing, free of charge . In addition, we provide you with a guide to cutting lines and bleeds, as well as detailed product sheets to guide you through your order.

Are you unsure about a communication medium? Are you hesitating between two visuals? No problem, thanks to the proof option offered by COPYMAGE, you will be able to receive a copy that is similar in every way to the one you wish to order by post. This way, you can take the time to compare your visuals and choose the one that seems most appropriate for your project.

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can also offer you express printing of numerous products such as posters, flyers or business cards for example. This formula, offered by few professional printers, guarantees you the printing of the communication medium of your choice in only 4 hours!

Once your order is ready, it can be delivered to you by courier throughout the Paris region or sent by carrier throughout France. If you wish, you can also come and collect your order from our print shop located at 8, rue Saint-Roch in Paris. An ideal solution for professionals who need to restock their communication media at the last minute.

Finally, at COPYMAGE, we want to emphasise proximity and customer relations, which are at the heart of our concerns. We have therefore chosen toassign a specific advisor to each customer when they place their first order. This way, if you need to place an order, you can contact your advisor who knows your company and can therefore provide you with the most appropriate advice for your needs and constraints.

Good to know: all our advisors are located in our print shop, alongside the technical teams, which enables them to respond quickly and accurately to all your requests, particularly concerning the feasibility of your communication media printing projects.