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Flap pocket


In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

The personalised flap folder, the essential tool for successful corporate communication.

Both a communication medium and an archiving accessory, the personalized flap folder is very useful because it allows you to be better organised and to convey a more professional image. With your printer COPYMAGE, print your flap folder on quality paper and benefit from numerous customisation options.

Both a communication medium and an archiving accessory, the personalized flap folder is very useful because it allows you to be better organised and to convey a more professional image. With your printer COPYMAGE, print your flap folder on quality paper and benefit from numerous customisation options.

  • 24H delay
  • 350g stiff paper
  • Capacity up to 30 sheets 
  • Options for business card slots 
  • Laminating and selective varnishing

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Flap pocket formats, papers and printing characteristics

Each flap pocket available on our site, whatever its format, has two flaps. The right-hand flap is equipped with flaps on the bottom on the bottom and on the side, which allow it to keep the documents perfectly in place.

You can choose to have the print in four-colour printing on the frontwhich is the outside of the pouch. In addition to single-sided printing, you can also opt for double-sided to personalise the inside of your flap folder as well.

If the A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm) is most often used to store documents without having to fold them, you can also opt for A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm) or you can order a customised folder in the size of your choice.

All customised flap pockets are printed on 350g semi-rigid semi-rigid 350g paper semi-rigid paper to ensure a good grip and effective protection of the documents inside.

The different options and laminations available to you for your COPYMAGE flap folder

When ordering a flap folder, you can choose between two creasing options: 

  • The simple creasingideal for files intended to contain about fifteen pages
  • The double creasingThe double crease provides a thicker edge (5 mm) to the pocket, allowing it to easily hold up to 30 sheets or more.

You can also choose to laminate your flap folder after printing. The lamination will protect the folder while enhancing its appearance. The lamination options available are matt or glossy lamination, or soft-touch lamination: 

  • The glossy laminationwhich offers a vivid rendering of colours and enhances images and photos
  • The matt laminationwhich allows you to obtain a high-end, modern and elegant look
  • The soft-touch laminationalso known as peach skin, which combines a matte finish with a velvety soft touch that is pleasant to hold

On a matt laminationit is possible to add a selective varnish or 3D selective varnish option. This option will allow you to add a layer of glossy varnish or relief on certain elements that you wish to highlight, such as your logo or your slogan for example.

Finally, you can add to your flap shirt notches that will allow you to slide your business card neatly into the pocket, while making it accessible to your prospects who can grab it quickly without tearing it, as is the case when they are stapled.

The different uses of flap folders

During an appointment or a meeting, the flap pocket will allow you to to carry your documents in a more orderly way than than having several loose sheets of paper in hand, while avoiding damage to them. Thanks to this folder, you can your professionalism and attention to detail. and your attention to detail.

During a visit to a property, for example, this folder will allow you to pass on all the documents relating to the property to future buyers who will have your business card at their disposal to contact you quickly after having carefully considered their investment decision.

At business meetings or trade fairs, using a personalised flap folder is also a great way to stand out from other participantsThe folder in your company's colours allows your audience to know which company you represent even if you have never met before. At the end of the meeting, you can give them a folder with essential information about your company and your products such assuch as flyers or brochures commercials of our range brochures leaflets, complementary products to the flap folder flap pocket. Gith your integrated business card, they can easily contact you.You can also opt for theYou can also opt for flap pockets, to complement these other products.

Holds up to up to 30 sheetsthe flap folder can also be used to prepare documentation for distribution to your investors or prospects. to your investors or prospects during sales meetings or annual meetings. With this folder, all the documents you need to support your presentation will be in the hands of your key stakeholders, who can then take them away and review them at their leisure.

This large storage capacity also makes it easier to archive documents or to better organise your drawers. organise your drawers better by annotating each flap pocket with a stamp or a personalised sticker to make it easier to know what it contains (invoices, estimates, etc.).

Finally, the flap folder can be used to pass on a number of documents to newcomers to a company to inform them of the company's values and to give them all the information they need to take up their position properly. 

Need other items of personalised stationery at an excellent price-quality ratio? Check out the products in this category: get a ink pad or a date stamp, have order forms printed order formsorder forms, delivery delivery notes or letterheads with your COPYMAGE printing company!

Frequently asked questions about the flap pocket

What are the advantages of a document holder with flap?

Practical and useful, the flap pocket allows you to to group documents in a single holder and protect them while protecting them, without having to bind them. Thanks to the hard cover of the pocket, your documents will not be neither corroded nor folded and will be more resistant to and will be more resistant to dust and splashes. You can take them everywhere easily and safely.

As a communication medium in its own right, the flap pocket makes a good impression. It is an element that plays on your brand image and should not be neglected. To be effective, your folder must contain your full contact details. Company name, address, telephone number, email address: all this information will allow your prospects to contact you quickly.

Moreover, by adding your business card thanks to the notches, you allow your prospects to contact you simply and quickly. A great way to ensure you never miss a sale!

Good to know: the pockets available on our site are delivered flat, with grooves allowing a simple, fast and intuitive folding. quick and easy folding. This will allow you to store the pouches easily and fold them as and when you need them.

How can you create an impactful and clear visual for your briefcase?

The flap folder is practical and very useful, but it is still a communication medium that represents your company. For this reason, it is essential to to take care of its visual aspect and to make sure that it is easily linked to your company.

To do this, we recommend that you create the visual of your flap folder using elements in line with your graphic charter logo, typography, colours, slogan, etc. Also, remember to include your company information so that your prospects can contact you easily.

In terms of communication, the flap folder can be used to highlight a new product or to talk about a new service you are offering. You can also include a paragraph highlighting your company's commitments or presenting your sales outlets, for example. Remember to use this area to highlight the things that make you different from your competitors.

How do I prepare the file for printing?

Although they are printed in well-known formats such as A4 or A5, document folders have their own unique shape. To ensure that the design of your document folder is perfectly matched to your product, we recommend that you use the templates we provide. 

Finally, depending on the format and creasing chosen, the turning margins of your folder will not be the same, so it is strongly advised to check that your margins make sure that your margins correspond to the technical characteristics indicated on our site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone or email, we will be happy to guide you through your order. 

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