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Large format stickers
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Large format adhesive vinyl printing

Adhesive vinyl for impactful, customised communication
Used to communicate, inform and also decorate shop windows, walls or vehicles, large format
large format stickers stickers are extremely used by professionals from all walks of life and even by private individuals.
Thanks to COPYMAGE, you can print all adhesive vinyl media you want that you want, personalising them so that they correspond exactly to your company and your project.

Signage, window displays, signage

Indoor or outdoor displays, billboards, roll-ups, tarpaulins... They are perfect for conveying a message in a durable and large way.


All products in the large format adhesive vinyl range 

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Custom Monomer & Polymer printing. 


Customised window stickers: highly resistant and easy to apply


Custom-made window sticker ideal for dressing and communicating effectively


Indispensable for communicating in large format, both indoors and outdoors


100% customisable self-adhesive letter

from Dès 10,00

Custom cutting and high quality vinyl for impactful communication


 Impactful and economical, ultra-resistant: choose vinyl flooring


The sustainable and 100% customisable communication medium


The ideal support to stand out during the sales


Decorate your shop window and get your message across in an original way 

from Dès 20,00

Discover all the adhesive vinyl products that COPYMAGE offers you

To help you decorate your workspace, create a confidentiality zone or highlight a product for example, we offer you numerous large format adhesive vinyl stickers. 

Here are some of the products you can find on this page and their advantages: 

  • Customised window stickers Window stickers: easy to apply, they allow you to decorate your window according to the events of the year (sales, holidays, private sales, etc.) at a low price. They can also be used to personalise the windows of company cars or vans.
  • Window sign Vitrophanie : perfect for spreading a promotional message, communicating the values of your sign. Glued to the inside of the window and visible from the outside, the vitrophanie offers enormous impact to your communication while being protected from the outside elements. It thus allows for a longer life span.
  • Customised adhesive vinyl Customised adhesive vinyl: ideal for those who can't find what they're looking for among the customised stickers available on our site. Expand the field of possibilities by creating your own customised sticker!
  • Floor stickers Floor stickers: often used to guide customers through a public building or department stores', customised floor stickers can also be used to mark distances between two customers, especially for privacy purposes. You can choose between a temporary or permanent sticker.
  • Micro-perforated window tape This versatile type of window sticker offers no less than three advantages. It allows for effective communication, masking the interior of a sign and letting light through. A "one-way glass" effect is very much appreciated when the window opens onto an office, a storeroom or a cashier's area, for example.
  • Adhesive vinyl banners and posters Adhesive vinyl banners and posters: can be used both indoors and outdoors and are an excellent communication medium because they are durable and visible from a distance. Ideal for highlighting a company's values, among others.
  • Adhesive lettering Adhesive lettering: essential for any business with a large window or wall, adhesive lettering can be used to highlight the name of the shop or a sales or private sale period. Cut to the shape of the letters or message, your message is all the more impactful. Easy to install and readable from the outside thanks to the glazing technique, adhesive lettering is durable and inexpensive. It is a communication medium widely used by restaurants and bars in particular.

The different formats and vinyls available for large format sticker printing

To enable you to find the right medium for all your needs, we have several types of vinyl adhesive available.

Here is the different formats available for a personalised adhesive vinyl :

  • A2 format (42 x 59.4 cm)
  • A1 format (59.4 x 84 cm)
  • A0 format (84.1 x 118.9 cm)

If none of these formats fit your project, you can also choose a customised format.

For the printing of your self-adhesive vinyls, we at COPYMAGE offer you 3 types of vinyls adapted to each of your problems: 

  • The micro-perforated vinyl Micro-perforated vinyl: this adhesive vinyl makes it possible to make a window opaque while allowing light to pass through. This one-way glass effect makes the vinyl perfectly suitable for personalising the window of a meeting room, a glass office or the rear window of a vehicle. Highly resistant to UV and humidity, micro-perforated vinyl has a lifespan of approximately 5 years.
  • The vinyl monomer : This vinyl offers excellent value for money. Less resistant than polymer, it is best for temporary use and preferably indoors.
  • The polymer vinyl Polymer vinyl: coated with a permanent adhesive, this vinyl is perfect for long-term use, both indoors and outdoors. It offers a glossy finish and perfect adhesion to flat or grainy surfaces.

Why trust COPYMAGE for large format adhesive vinyl printing? 

For more than twenty years, COPYMAGE has been working with many professionals in different sectors and helping them to carry out all their projects thanks to high quality communication materials, printed and delivered quickly throughout France.

Trusting COPYMAGE for the printing of adhesive vinyl media allows you to benefit from a multitude of options to personalise your a multitude of options for personalising your adhesive stickerwhether it be in terms of the adhesive vinyl support used, the cut-out shape or the format, the shape of the cut or the format.

Equipped with a the latest generation of machines and operating continuously, we are able to deliver your adhesive adhesive vinyls within a day. Simply contact us to specify your request. Our teams of advisors located in the heart of our Parisian printing plant are available to answer all your questions and accompany you through all the stages of your order.

Frequently asked questions about adhesive vinyl

How to install a sticker?

Vinyl stickers are very easy to apply, however, following a few simple steps when applying them can help them stay in place longer. Here are some useful tips:

  • Start by cleaning and degreasing and degreasing the surface with a clean cloth and glass cleaner. Wait for the surface to dry before applying your sticker.
  • When installing, always start in the middle of your sticker of your sticker and progressively move to the sides, removing air bubbles with a scraper.
  • If you are applying a large format sticker, you can use masking tape in order to better delimit the area and to ensure a straight installation.
  • Preferably on a flat surface on a flat, smooth surface. and smooth surface.
  • If possible, when installing on a window or glass wall, opt for an indoor installation to to extend the life of the of the adhesive.

What are the advantages of adhesive vinyl?

Large format stickers are widely used to used to communicate because they are visible from a distance and, for businesses with a street address, they attract the eye of passers-by. Adhesive vinyl printing is indeed an excellent way of making effective use of the available surface on the window of a sign. of a sign.

Another reason why self-adhesive vinyl printing is so popular is that it is a durable, inexpensive and inexpensive and completely customisable.. Indeed, the shapes of cuts proposed by COPYMAGE are numerous and are limited only by your imagination.

Indeed, it is a resistant material that does not fade despite prolonged exposure to UV light. The possibility of placing it inside a window while still being readable from the outside ensures a life of several years if you wish. if you wish. However, you can also change it regularly and thus adapt the decoration to the seasons and to specific events.

Beyond its decorative aspect, the window sticker can also be used to convey information such as opening hours, but also information related to safety or traffic in a place open to the public.

On a vehicle, the window sticker extends the visibility of your sign as you travel: your message and your visual identity become mobile! Easily renewable, window stickers can be can evolve with your promotional offers or marketing campaigns. or your marketing campaigns.

Overall, self-adhesive vinyl is one of the most profitable printing products on the market. printing products on the market due to their excellent value for money and impressive durability.

How do I prepare the file for self-adhesive vinyl printing? 

After being printed, your self-adhesive vinyls will be be cut with a professional cutter. To avoid that part of your visual is cut off, we recommend that you leave 5 millimetreswe recommend that you leave 5 millimetres of bleed as well as 3 millimetres margin around the edges of your document.

If necessary, you will find a guide to cut lines and bleeds at the bottom of the page, which will allow you to make these settings easily, whatever software you are using. 

Finally, if the printing is done on a transparent vinyl, it is important to know that everything that is white on your visual will be transparent when your adhesive vinyl is printed. If you want white areas to appear, or light areas to be clearly visible, it is necessary to to choose the "white support" option.

If you opt for the supporting white, it is imperative that you provide a second black vectorised file named "white", indicating all the areas of the image. indicating all the areas where you wish to apply the supporting white.