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  • Vous avez besoin de faire imprimer rapidement des supports de communication ou des documents professionnels de haute qualité pour échanger avec vos collaborateurs et vos clients? 2022 02 1
  • Vous avez besoin de faire imprimer rapidement des supports de communication ou des documents professionnels de haute qualité pour échanger avec vos collaborateurs et vos clients? 2
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COPYMAGE, printer in Clichy

Imprimeur clichy

COPYMAGE, the Clichy printer for professionals

Do you need to have high-quality communication materials or business documents printed quickly to communicate with your employees and customers?

COPYMAGE, your printer in Clichy, takes care of all your printing projects via a serious, fast and responsive service, even at the last minute thanks to the express option with printing in 4 hours. Business cards, professional plates, personalised invoices: discover all the products and services we offer.

An operation designed for professionals

For many years now, COPYMAGE, a printer in Clichy, has been working with many professionals in a wide variety of sectors, with the aim of enabling them to work in the best possible conditions. To do this, we offer several services:

  • Theprinting of a variety of communication media that can be 100% personalised thanks to options adapted to each medium, such as the choice of size, paper weight, cut-outs or even finishes that will help you embellish your elements and make them unique.
  • Scanning and digitisation of all your important documents, both personal and professional, so that you can keep a safe electronic record of them on a drive or hard disk. A good way to avoid problems with lost or damaged documents.
  • Theprinting of construction plans and architectural plans to scale on tracing paper, so that several sheets can be superimposed and a clearer overview of each project can be obtained. These prints are available in A0, A1, A2 or customised formats.

Customer service that meets your expectations

At COPYMAGE, your printer in Clichy, we know that professionals are often overworked and have no time to waste in a day. We have therefore put in place several services to save you time while ensuring that you receive high quality communication materials that correspond exactly to your needs.

Our customer advisors are located in our print shop and are therefore very close to the technical teams. They are available and very responsive in order to assist you with each project by answering your questions and taking your order by telephone or by email if you wish. You can also ask to meet an advisor in our offices to discuss your projects face to face.

In order to make exchanges more fluid and pleasant, we have also chosen toassign a specific customer advisor to each customer of COPYMAGE, your printer in Clichy. In this way, this privileged contact can accompany you as best as possible and answer all your requests, without you having to waste time recontextualising each call.

Our advisors are familiar with all our products and also check all files sent to us for printing free of charge and systematically. Colorimetry, format, cutting lines and bleed: everything is checked thoroughly to ensure that your material can be printed without disappointing you. If necessary, they will contact you as soon as possible with suitable solutions.

Communication materials adapted to all your needs

In order for each professional to be able to carry out all their projects as they wish, we have taken the time to create a large and varied product catalogue, in which you can find small stickers to distribute as well as large tarpaulins visible from several metres away. Here are a few examples of the very popular media that you can find on the site of COPYMAGE, your printer in Clichy:

  • The business card: an essential medium for all professionals, it is THE flagship product of COPYMAGE, your printer in Clichy. Available in folded, square or mini versions, it allows you to easily transmit your contact information to your prospects, but also to stand out from the crowd thanks to the options offered on our site.
  • The flyer: sometimes called a leaflet or flyer, this medium is generally in small format and is ideal for all street-marketing operations or to be left on a counter because it is easy to handle. Particularly economical, it allows you to promote what you want: product, service, new shop or event.
  • The bound or multi-page file: whether you want to print a dissertation, an internship report, an annual report or a thesis, the bound file is the most suitable medium. Easy to leaf through thanks to its spiral binding, stapled or glued square back, it offers an excellent grip and is pleasant to read.
  • The tarpaulin: this is undoubtedly one of the most important media offered by COPYMAGE, your printer in Clichy. Ideal for outdoor advertising because it is so resistant, the tarpaulin can be used to communicate on the front of a business or on the side of a road because it can be seen from a distance. Very resistant to wind and weather, it can also mask a building site.
  • Posters: available in many formats ranging from the smallest (A6 format) to the largest (A0 format), the poster is the most versatile medium in the COPYMAGE shop, your printer in Clichy. To inform, educate, decorate or communicate, the poster is a practical and economical medium.
  • Letterheads: for your internal or external communications, personalised letterheads are a very practical element because they make you easily recognisable and allow you to reinforce your visual identity. By adding your contact details, you will also enable your customers to contact you quickly to give you feedback or place an order.
  • Stickers: original and particularly modern, stickers are, like posters, available in many different formats. From the small sticker used to close a letter to the large floor sticker, not forgetting the window sticker: you are bound to find what you are looking for in the online shop of your printer in Clichy.
  • Professional signs: used by many professionals (notaries, doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc.), professional signs guide your customers to you but can also indicate your opening hours and contact details.

All the materials available on the online shop of your printer in Clichy can be personalised thanks to the options that will be proposed to you when you order. Some of them are also available in an express version: this means that they can be printed as a priority so that they are available at the print shop only 4 hours after your order. An ideal solution for last minute restocking!

To ensure that all professionals have the materials they need for their work, we deliver our products throughout France via the postal services or by using professional carriers for larger orders. In the Paris region, we also offer delivery by courier to the location of your choice. Finally, you can collect your order from the print shop via Click & Collect if you wish.

Still not sure? No problem: our loyal customers will confirm our statements by sharing with you their feedback on their orders with COPYMAGE, printer in Clichy. Don't hesitate to check out the more than 200 reviews they have left on our Google page!

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