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Customised table plan printing


In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

Large format table plan printing for all your receptions

Sometimes underestimated, the table plan plays an essential role in the smooth running of a party or event, as it allows guests to reach their table more quickly while facilitating the organisation of your evening. Widely used at private functions such as weddings or christenings, table plan printing can also be used in a professional environment, for example at galas or seminars.

Sometimes underestimated, the table plan plays an essential role in the smooth running of a party or event, as it allows guests to reach their table more quickly while facilitating the organisation of your evening. Widely used at private functions such as weddings or christenings, table plan printing can also be used in a professional environment, for example at galas or seminars.

  • Time limit 4h
  • A4 to A0 size
  • 5mm foam lamination
  • Cardboard easel for table top display

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The importance of a well-designed seating plan

The first thing every guest does when they arrive at a reception hall is to look at where they are going to be seated and with whom they are going to spend the evening. Indeed, a wrong placement could lead to friction and jeopardize the good atmosphere of the evening, so it is essential to take the time to make your seating plan carefully, taking into account the affinities of everyone.

Also, keep in mind that your printable wedding seating chart is part of your decoration, so it would be a shame if the first thing your guests see is a sheet of paper scribbled in haste at the last moment. So, don't hesitate to create an attractive design for your seating chart that matches the theme and other decorative elements in the room.

In order to avoid all your guests jostling for a place on the seating plan at the entrance to the reception hall, we advise you toprint this support in a large enough format that will be readable even from a few metres away, such as A2 or A3 for example. It is also recommended to use a large and fairly simple typeface, whether it is stick or handwriting.

Our advice: avoid marking only the first names of your guests, as this can lead to misunderstandings. So remember to add at least the first letter of each guest's surname.

The different formats available for printing a table plan

Your table plan can be printed in color or in black and white, on the front only or on both sides. If a print on the front is more appropriate for your wedding table plan to be printed because it allows all the guests to easily find each other, the back can be used for the children's table or simply be embellished with a photo or an illustration in accordance with the theme of the ceremony.

As far as the format is concerned, we offer four possibilities:

  • A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm)
  • The A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm)
  • TheA2 format (59.4 x 42 cm)
  • A0 format (118.9 x 84.1 cm)

The A2 and A3 formats are perfect for this type of printing as they offer a lot of space without being too imposing, so they can be read from a distance. The smaller A4 format is more suitable for placing directly on the table, creating a reminder of the display available at the entrance to the room. Finally, the A0 format will be perfect for large receptions with many guests, as the front alone will be sufficient to display the names of all the guests.

The paper used for the printing of the table plans is a semi-rigid paper, with a weight of 240g, which allows it to be resistant and to have a high quality finish. When ordering, you can choose between a satin or glossy paper, depending on your taste and the theme of your reception.

Do you want something different? No problem, we have exactly what you need: the roll-up. Printed on a roll-up tarpaulin, your seating plan can be placed anywhere thanks to the integrated stand and can also be moved at your convenience. On the same principle, we can also offer you printing on an L or X banner. The canvas is not rollable but it can also be installed and moved anywhere very easily.

The different options and finishes we offer

Once your table plan is printed, we have the possibility to add several types of finishes. Among these options, there is notably lamination: this process consists in applying a thin plastic layer on your printed wedding table plan in order to embellish its aspect and protect it. You can choose between :

  • A glossy lamination, ideal for materials with photos or bright colours
  • Matt lamination for a modern and sophisticated look
  • A soft-touch lamination, combining a semi-matt finish with a very pleasant velvety feel

You can also add selective varnish, either alone or in addition to the matt lamination. Applied to certain areas only, the varnish can highlight the names of the bride and groom, the theme of the ceremony or the table numbers for example. There are two types of varnish:

  • The classic selective varnish , which makes it possible to add highlighting areas
  • 3D selective varnish, which adds relief to selected areas

In addition to the appearance, we can also offer you options that willmake it easier for you toinstall your table top and ensure that it is perfectly visible:

  • Laminating on a foam backing: this option consists of adding a thin layer of solid foam (5 mm) to the back of your poster, which will allow it to stand perfectly upright on a support such as an easel, without bending.
  • Cardboard easel legs: if you wish, we can provide you with a cardboard easel leg to hold your table top and allow it to be positioned vertically on a table.

Frequently asked questions about the table plan

How to develop an effective seating plan?

As you will have understood, the distribution of guests will play an essential role in the smooth running of your evening. But then, how to make sure that it is well done and suits the maximum number of guests? Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe to avoid this headache, but here are some tips:

  • Try to group friends together, as well as family and work colleagues
  • Do not separate couples, and also avoid placing a single person at a table composed only of couples
  • Choosing to seat guests of the same age group together is best for creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • Children can be seated on a dedicated table, possibly accompanied by a hired host for the evening, to allow parents to enjoy more
  • Avoid placing people who tend to fight at the same table, it is not the right time to resolve conflicts

Finally, don't hesitate to show your breakdown to close friends and family before the ceremony to get their opinions, even though you obviously won't be able to satisfy everyone.

What is the ideal timing for printing a table plan?

Preparing a wedding requires to take several months or even several years in advance. Nevertheless, some elements cannot be ordered a long time before the ceremony because they are likely to be modified: this is the case of the wedding table plan to print. Indeed, it is possible that some guests cannot come or that you decide to invite some people only a few months before the D-day.

So, we advise you to prepare a provisional table plan and make the changes you want as you go along. Show it to your family and friends, discuss it with your partner, then validate the plan and go to print a few weeks before your wedding.

Why should I trust a professional printer?

When you organise a ceremony such as a wedding or a gala, every detail counts, because the smallest support, the smallest element of decoration installed will be part of the memory that your guests and yourself will keep of this evening. Using a professional printer such as COPYMAGE to print your seating plan gives you the opportunity to create a unique support while conveying a qualitative and high-end image.

Having a table plan printed by a professional printer also allows you tobenefit from advantages concerning the printing time. Indeed, thanks to our high-performance machines and our know-how, we canprint your seating plan in just 4 hours and send it out immediately. Even better: if you live near Paris, you can come and collect it directly from our print shop. An ideal solution for last minute changes in case a guest is absent or a mistake needs to be corrected.

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