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Printing a brief online


In Products > Theses & Dissertations

 Impress the jury with a polished memory print

All Master students know this, the final point of these years of study is the dissertation and the defence in front of a jury. This stage is essential for the validation of the master's degree and counts a lot in the average of the year, so printing the thesis online is the ideal solution to guarantee professional quality printing This stage is essential for the validation of the master's degree and counts a lot in the average of the year.

All Master students know this, the final point of these years of study is the dissertation and the defence in front of a jury. This stage is essential for the validation of the master's degree and counts a lot in the average of the year, so printing the thesis online is the ideal solution to guarantee professional quality printing This stage is essential for the validation of the master's degree and counts a lot in the average of the year.

  • Time limit 4H
  • Spiral binding or glued sheets 
  • Transparent cover and hardback
  • Professional quality

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File type recommended : PDF
Accepted files : pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, eps


Formats and options available for printing your brief

Most of the time, a memory print is made in A4 format. made in A4 format. This is the standard format that offers both large printing capacity and ease of reading.

However, if you wish and if your institution allows it, you can opt for an A5 format. Smaller and more compact, the A5 format is easier to handle and and offers a good reading comfort. This format can also be ideal for printing extra copies to distribute to your friends and family.

When you order a memory print online, you can decide to print only the front side or to opt for double-sided printing. the front side or opt for double-sided printing. Double-sided printing is more environmentally friendly and also results in a thinner brief. On the other hand, single-sided printing avoids any discomfort in reading due to the writing on the reverse side.

As for the colour, you can choose between : 

  • A printing 100% black and whiteA simple and sober design that will allow you to reduce the cost of printing your brief
  • A 100% colour printingideal for briefs containing graphics and infographics
  • A mixed black and white and colour printing, depending on the content of each of each page. All you have to do is tell the COPYMAGE consultants which pages you want to print in colour. You will thus have a quality print while controlling your budget.

Regarding the paper weight :

  • The pages inside your brief will be printed on 80g paper paper in order to avoid obtaining a document that is too thick.
  • For the cover, you can also opt for a classic 80g sheet or for a 200g cardboard sheet cardboard sheet, which will make your document more rigid.


The choices of bindings available for your dissertation printing in Paris with COPYMAGE

In most cases, a cardboard sheet is added at the end of the brief while a rigid transparent sheet is placed in front of the cover page. These two sheets will to make the printed brief more secure and easier to handle and make it easier to handle.

There are several options depending on whether you prefer a spiral binding or another type of binding:

See a detailed presentation of the types of bindings here: Bound documents 

  • The plastic spiral binding This is the most economical binding. Another advantage is that it can be opened almost at will to add extra pages if necessary. You can choose between several spiral colours: black, white, red, blue.
  • The metal spiral binding Spiral binding: more upmarket than plastic binding, spiral binding completes the printing of a brief by making it easier to carry and read. It offers a professional and qualitative result. The colours available are black, white, red, blue and silver.
  • The cloth tape binding This is a very good compromise between the spiral binding and the glued square back binding because this type of binding is both qualitative and quick to achieve. With this method, the sheets are glued at the edge to obtain a result similar to that of a book. The spine of your memoir will be embellished with a rigid imitation leather sheet in ivory, blue, red or black. Please note that in order to choose this type of binding, your document must have at least 20 pages.
  • The thermobinder: more qualitative, regularly used for theses, its structure is close to the square-glued back (of a book for example). The strip is available in two colours: black & white.

For all these bindings, we offer :

  • Front: an 80 micron transparency that protects your document while highlighting the front page. It is also possible to print the first page on a thicker paper (please indicate this in the order note when selecting your printing options).
  • Back side (spine): 270 grams leather-grained cardboard back (with 6 colours at your disposal: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green). You can also select a transparent (80 microns, as for the front cover) if you want a front/back rendering requiring printing on theback cover.

PREMIUM: We also offer glued square back binding. 

  • The glued square back binding This is the most upmarket option, which also provides a book-like appearance but with a more flexible binding. The pages are unremovable thanks to the PUR glue used, which gives the memoir an excellent lifespan. For even more customisation, you can personalise the edge of your memoir and write your name, date and the title of your memoir on it.


The importance of high quality printing

Although more and more administrative procedures are done online, including at universities and colleges, the dissertation must be submitted in paper form. 

A dissertation is a long term work carried out over several months It would be a shame if a sloppy presentation were to detract from this. The form and content of your dissertation must therefore be neat and reflect your seriousness. By using a hardback paper for the cover page and selecting a high quality binding, you will convey a professional image and highlight your attention to detail.

Finally, a dissertation is a comprehensive document dealing with a specific topic, so there is a lot of content for the examiners to analyse. By taking care of the presentation of your dissertation, you can make it more pleasant to read and to hold in your hand. With a glued square back binding, for example, you can make it easy for the examiner to look at your brief without the risk of detaching a page. This is an excellent way to make a good impression on the jury.

Are you writing a thesis? COPYMAGE can also take care of print your university thesis. And if you are a professional, we can also take care of the printing of your company reports. Please feel free to explore our full range of printing services for your files and brochures to find out more.

Frequently asked questions about printing memories 

Why have your dissertation printed in a professional printing house?

You can print your dissertation using a home printer, but the costs can quickly escalate, particularly because of the price of ink. Generally, the printing of a brief is done in two or three copiesEach copy has more than 50 pages, or even 100 for some fields of study. This takes a considerable amount of time from a home printer, not to mention the fact that you will then have to find a way to bind all the pages without a professional machine.

By going through a professional printing company like COPYMAGEit is possible to print your dissertation quickly on high quality paper for a reasonable price. You will also have a wide choice of bindings that will allow you to obtain a professional and qualitative result.

Finally, entrusting your dissertation printing in Paris to a printer allows you to to focus on the preparation of your defense without worrying about printing and binding. Moreover, no bad surprises await you: the price is fixed The price is fixed and corresponds exactly to the options that you will have chosen when ordering your dissertation printing in Paris.

Is it possible to print out your dissertation on the day it is to be handed in to the jury?

Writing a dissertation often has to be done in parallel with a traineeship or a first employment contract. For this reason, it sometimes happens that students students sometimes finish writing their dissertation very shortly before before they have to submit it to a jury.

To enable all students to meet the constraints imposed, we offer ultra-fast printing in just 4 hours ! To do this, simply send us your PDF file by selecting the express dissertation printing option. Four hours later, you can pick up your printed and bound dissertation directly from our Paris print shop or have it delivered by courier to any location in the Paris region.

How to effectively prepare the brief for printing? 

The best way to print your brief is to send it to a printer in PDF format. In this way, you can ensure that the layout of the text and image areas will not change depending on the software used.

If you choose to print on both sides, your file must be specifically designed for this purpose: 

  • The beginning of each chapter should be on a single page
  • The front pages must be odd-numbered pages
  • Single pages such as the cover page, table of contents or acknowledgements should be printed on fronts without backs, so consider adding blank pages if necessary. 

In order to show your professionalism to the jury, we advise you to print a copy of the thesis for each member of the jury (usually two people). Do not hesitate, also print one or two extra copies in case of problems (stains, spills, ...) or to keep copies of this important period of your education.

If you have any questions regarding your dissertation printing in Paris, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors by phone, they will be happy to guide you through your dissertation printing order online. 

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