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Find all the products of your Copymage printing company. Available for delivery or collection from our Parisian premises. 


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Delivered in sheets from 50 copies
The perfect marketing tool to promote your brand

from 13,00 HT

Delivered in sheets
easy removal of stickers

from 13,00 HT

Your prints available in 4 hours
Small or large quantity | Choice of papers

from 0,47 HT

Delivered in sheets
easy removal of stickers

from 13,00 HT

Custom Monomer & Polymer printing. 


Tarpaulin printing for indoor and outdoor use


High-end papers and finishes for a guaranteed chic effect


Durable training books with 100% flat opening.


Best value for money
quality and professional rendering


A4 format - 2 metal points, availablein 4H. 


Compact and economical A5 format  


A6 mini format, ideal for mass distribution


High quality binding for a perfect fit. 


The quality of a professional print without having to go anywhere.


Square format (20x20 or 15x15) to make you stand out


Economical or Express in 4 hours. Simple, matt or glossy

from 20,00 HT

Economical or Express in 4 hours. Simple, matt or glossy

from 37,00 HT

Book-like glued binding
High quality and resistant rendering
24 hour express delivery


Printing of personalised flap folder with logo


The ideal support for your prize-giving events


2 times more communication surface!


2 folds, 6 sides to present your commercial offer


Unroll your commercial offer through the folds


For maximum communication space in a compact format


A3 open format
1, 2 or 3 parts 


A4 open format
1, 2 or 3 parts 


A5 closed format
1, 2 or 3 parts 


Express flyer in 4H Top Chrono 


Laminating, selective varnishing and gilding option


Many options available
1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, thin, thick... 


Metal or plastic binding
Finishing touches for a professional look


Customised envelopes with or without window and mailing option.


Ideal for professionalizing your letters


The essential tool for your sales strategy

from 0,00 HT

Printing in standard A4 format

from 0,72 HT

Printed in standard A3 format.

from 1,33 HT

Printed in standard A5 format

from 0,47 HT

Supplied with a carrying case
Optional: M1 (fireproof)


The lightest, most convenient POS material to take with you! 


Glued square back binding for a bookstore look


4 pages in stapled binding


Perfect ally to transmit your message with efficiency


Compact and multifunctional format


Your best ally for your HR communication


Compact support at the heart of your business strategy


Best value for money
quality and professional rendering


16 pages in stapled binding


24 pages in stapled binding


32 pages in stapled binding


8 pages in stapled binding


Customised place card in 4H


 Customised restaurant menu in 4 hours


 100% personalised wedding menu in 4 hours


The essential support for all your receptions


Many options available
1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, thin, thick... 


The essential tool for successful corporate communication.


Supplied with a carrying case
Optional: M1 (fireproof)


Express 4H
Delivered with carrying case


The ideal support to dress up all your exhibition stands


Customised window stickers: highly resistant and easy to apply


Personalized stamp
integrated ink


Custom-made window sticker ideal for dressing and communicating effectively


Lightweight, convenient to mount and economical to support


Ultra resistant and bright, the ideal medium to capture the attention of your customers



Advertising banner that is actually made up of tiny holes to let air and light through


The essential tool for all your trade fairs, seminars, conferences...


Banner printing for indoor and outdoor use


Printing of notepads in your company's colours, the ideal gift!


Facilitate and record your orders with carbonless sheets.


Facilitate and record your deliveries with carbonless sheets.


Wall calendar from A5 to A3 including hanging hook


Booklet of carbonless sheets A4, A5


Ideal as a corporate gift or diary. To be personalised. Available in A5 and A6.


Give importance to all your events: receptions, seminars, weddings...


100% customisable to your image, restocking in 4 hours


Professional thank you card in 4 hours 


The ideal tool for keeping track of appointments and passing on your contact details


Gilded finish for an elegant and festive business card


Mini, standard or large size


Luxurious and ultra-resistant rendering with thick business cards


Save time and money with multi-collaborator card printing


Relief effect and for immediate impact


3D varnish in relief for an elegant and original business card


Many formats, varnish and gold finishes: give your wishes a special meaning


Original communication material that your customer will keep 


Facilitate your invoicing system with carbonless slips.


Economical or express in 4 hours
Many formats and thicknesses


Perfect compromise between quality and budget


Semi-rigid paper for a perfect fit


Maxi flyer to boost your impact


The most popular format! 


The compact and economical format. 


The original format to make you stand out! 


The ideal format for mailing.


Express in 4 hours
Many formats and thicknesses


Give originality and relief to your flyers


Give your flyers elegance and impact


Successful dissertation printing


100% personalised invitations to match the importance of your event


Portable POS to communicate everywhere 


Customised bookmark and delivered in only 4 pieces.


100% customisable
Available in 4H 


Activity report: the guarantee of a professional rendering


For internal use or to communicate with investors or shareholders 


XL Roll-up in giant format (200 x 300 cm) guarantees you a very high visibility


Desk pad A3 size, 25 or 50 pages


Intended for correspondence, it contains the information and identity of the company


Succeeding with your thesis thanks to professional quality printing


Put in the mailboxes or handed out in the street, the leaflet is essential for communicating 


A4 format - 4H express option and free delivery


Compact and economical A5 format  


High definition printing in 4 hours
Photo or economic rendering


A3 size

Media Paper 135g/m2


High Definitionprinting in A1 format in only 4 hours.



High quality A2 poster
4H printing option 


A3 high definition poster in 4 hours
From 1 copy.


High Definitionprinting in A4 format in only 4 hours.



Printing up to 25,000 copies
Decreasing rates based on quantity



Your poster printed in 4 hours, on time or your money back*.



Special sale poster: your asset to catch the eye of passers-by


Ideal for furnishing & decorating your trade show booth


High Definitionprinting and customised format in just 4 hours.



Professional quality printing in only 4 hours, from 1 copy



Advertising poster A4, A3, A2: mini format, maxi visibility



Indispensable for communicating in large format, both indoors and outdoors


Custom sign printing


Thickness 3mm or 5mm
Made to measure - Available in 4H


100% customisable self-adhesive letter


Ultra light, ideal for commercial presentations or decorative posters


Customised akilux construction sign


Ultra strong and light PVC Forex panel


Ultra light and strong, in 3 thicknesses: 3, 5 or 10 mm. 


Very light product - Matte printing
5mm or 10mm - Available in 4h


Custom sign printing


100% customised plate in brass, plexiglass, PVC or aluminium Dibond


Ideal poster for interior decoration


Custom cutting and high quality vinyl for impactful communication


HD quality photo poster in customised format 


Format 85x200cm

Classic PVC 450g/m2


 Impactful and economical, ultra-resistant: choose vinyl flooring


The sustainable and 100% customisable communication medium

from 20,00 HT

In all sizes, shapes and colours, find the one that suits you 

from 13,00 HT

Essential to communicate on the product, its composition, its origin or your brand


The ideal support to stand out during the sales

from 20,00 HT

Decorate your shop window and get your message across in an original way 

from 20,00 HT