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Participating in a trade show is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, products and services . At Copymage, we know that it is also a key moment in the commercial strategy and animportant investment for all professionals. That's why we put our expertise and experience at your disposal to help you choose and develop effective and quality communication tools.

To turn your presence at this trade show into a commercial success, you must carefully prepare your booth. For this, at Copymage, we offer you a wide range of POS (point of sale advertising) materials that will allow you to :

  • to attract visitors to your booth,
  • to set up your stand in an attractive way,
  • convince customers of the quality of your brand.

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A 100% personalised sticker for a trendy and impactful campaign

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Economical or Express in 4 hours. Simple, matt or glossy

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Many options available
1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, thin, thick... 


The essential tool for your sales strategy


The lightest, most convenient POS material to take with you! 


Many options available
1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, thin, thick... 


The ideal support to dress up all your exhibition stands


Lightweight, convenient to mount and economical to support


Ultra resistant and bright, the ideal medium to capture the attention of your customers



Banner printing for indoor and outdoor use


Economical or express in 4 hours
Many formats and thicknesses


XL Roll-up in giant format (200 x 300 cm) guarantees you a very high visibility


A4 format - 4H express option and free delivery


Ideal for furnishing & decorating your trade show booth


Ultra strong and light PVC Forex panel


Attract trade show visitors to your booth

Participating in a trade show means being present in a place frequented by many potential customers, prospects and partners. It also means having your stand installed among many competitors. To help you stand out from the crowd and attract visitors to your stand, at Copymage, we offer several communication tools that stand out for their effectiveness:

  • First of all, a large format tarpaulin will make your stand visible from a distance and will catch the attention of visitors as soon as they enter the exhibition. At Copymage, we advise you to choose a standard 440g M1 tarpaulin that complies with the fireproof standards imposed by the organizers of trade shows or indoor events open to the public.
  • Then, at Copymage, the vast range of Roll-ups and Kakemonos allows you to choose a support adapted to your needs and constraints (space, budget, etc.). These communication supports are specifically designed for trade shows. They make your stand visible to everyone, provide key information about your brand and structure your stand. Roll-up and Kakemono are robust, easy to transport, to install and to store. They are your best allies to make your stand unmissable.
  • Another way to attract visitors to your booth is to ensure that they receive information about your brand as soon as they enter the show. We recommend using a proven communication tool: the flyer. Design a flyer that describes in a few lines the strengths and assets of your brand, your company, your product. Add an argument that makes prospects want to join you (free demonstration, free tasting, etc.) and, finally, don't forget to include the contact information for your booth at the show. All that's left to do is to distribute your advertising flyers to everyone who attends the show with energy and a smile!

Setting up your stand at a trade show

Now that you have the attention of trade show visitors, you need to hold their attention. To do this, your booth must be as welcoming as it is informative. It must reflect your values, be in the colors of your graphic identity and visually provide answers to the essential questions that visitors ask:

  • What is the name of your company?
  • What does it sell?
  • What is your competitive advantage? That is, why should you approach your company rather than your booth neighbor?

A few specifically created and soberly arranged communication supports will allow you to hold the attention of the visitors of the show, for example:

  • An L-Banner or an X Banner placed at the entrance of your stand. These self-supporting communication supports are composed of a printed tarpaulin and a metal structure - in the shape of an X or an L - which helps to stretch the tarpaulin and to make the message written on it readable. These are light supports that can be installed directly on the ground.
  • A poster installed on the back wall of your stand. To increase the rigidity of your poster and make it easier to hang, we at Copymage offer you to laminate it on various materials such as PVC, aluminum or foam . You can also opt to laminate your poster to increase its life span by protecting it from humidity, UV rays and rough handling.

Convincing customers at your trade show booth

The third step is to convince the visitors of the show to become your customers, i.e. to persuade them :

  • the relevance of your products
  • the seriousness of your company
  • the quality of your brand

For that, all the advertising supports are possible. However, it is preferable not to drown your stand but rather to choose some attractive and convincing communication supports.

  • It is always essential to have a commercial brochure to distribute at trade shows. A 2- or 3-panel brochure allows you to succinctly present your brand and your flagship products. The multiple possible finishes (paper, lamination, number of folds, types of folds, etc.) allow you to completely personalize your brochure. Don't forget that, whatever the printing options you choose, this brochure must imperatively contain your company's complete contact information.
  • Also, it is imperative to come to the trade show with your business cards. At Copymage, we offer many business card formats that will make you unforgettable: folded business card, square business card, thick business card, business card with selective varnish, business card with 3D varnish, etc. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice!
  • You can also think of distributing stickers or notebooks with your company's image on your booth. This way, during the whole visit of the show, the people who will have passed by your booth will become the ambassadors of your brand to all the participants they will meet. Then, when they return to their own company, they will keep your company's contact information close at hand.

Trust Copymage to prepare your stand at a trade show

By turning to a professional printer like Copymage to prepare the communication materials that will accompany you at trade shows, you can be sure to put all the chances on your side to make your booth incomparable.

  • Reactivity: you need an urgent restocking of a communication support. We offer you a printing in 4 hours with the Express option. If you wish, we can then organize the delivery of your order directly to the exhibition site.
  • Customization: At Copymage, we offer a wide range of fully customizable products. The numerous printing options and various finishes will allow you to adapt any element of the signage range to the standards of your graphic charter.
  • Safety: All our POS products such as tarpaulins, Roll-up, L-Banner and X-Banner meet the fireproof standards required by the organizers of trade shows in a closed area with public.
  • Adaptability: for the creation of personalized badges and business cards for your employees present on your stand, we offer a mailing service allowing the automated personalization of your supports on the basis of an excel file, including their contact information, that you will have provided us with beforehand.
  • Durability: the POS materials we print for you (Kakemono, Roll-up, X-Banner, L-Banner, advertising tarpaulins, etc.) are easily dismantled, transportable and storable. They can accompany you at many trade shows.

For any additional information, our consultants are at your disposal and will be happy to answer you, whether it is :