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Printing of personalised flap folders


In Products > Leaflets & Flyers

Show your professionalism with a personalised flap shirt

Both a communication medium and an archiving accessory, the flap folder is used by all professionals who need to transport, store or transmit documents. Thanks to various format and finishing options, COPYMAGE offers you the possibility of printing flap folders that are 100% personalised with your company's colours.

Both a communication medium and an archiving accessory, the flap folder is used by all professionals who need to transport, store or transmit documents. Thanks to various format and finishing options, COPYMAGE offers you the possibility of printing flap folders that are 100% personalised with your company's colours.

  • Delay D+1
  • 350g stiff paper
  • A4, A5 format
  • Capacity up to 30 sheets


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Useful support both internally and externally

Even though more and more information is exchanged electronically, many documents pass through a company or an administration, and most of them need to be archived. To enable you to file your documents easily while protecting them from dust or stains, what could be better than a flap folder? With three flaps, our folders can hold a large number of documents while preventing them from slipping out, so you can easily store your letters, contracts or invoices.

Another advantage of the flap folder is that it lends itself perfectly to external use, becoming a folder in its own right. Ideal for taking documents to a meeting, handing over a copy of a contract to a client or presenting a range of products or services, the flap folder allows you to store a large number of documents while conveying a professional image. In addition, it will reinforce your visual identity and ensure that your prospects always have your contact details to hand when they consult the documents you have given them.

For ease of storage and use, our flap folders are delivered flat and already slotted. This means that every employee can take a folder with them whenever they need it: it only takes a few seconds to fold the flaps and slide documents inside. Thanks to the thick paper we use for printing the flap folders, you can carry them in a briefcase or computer pocket without having to carry them. This way you can protect your delivery notes, order forms or other important documents.

The different options for printing flap folders

To make it a 100% personalised communication medium, your flap folder can be printed on the front only, or on both sides. Double-sided is an ideal option as it offers more space to communicate, promote a product range, leave a more personal message for your customers or show your company details.

The most commonly used flap folder is the A4 (29.7 x 21 cm) format, as this corresponds to the format of documents most often found in a company or administration. However, we also offer smaller A5 (21 x 14.8 cm) folders, which are ideal when you want to distribute documents to your prospects because they are not bulky and are easier to handle.

When ordering, you can also choose between :

  • A 2-panel folder (with 4 customisable sides)
  • A 3-panel folder (with 6 customisable sides)

Although slightly bulkier, the tri-fold folder allows you toorganise the documents you want to carry more easily, but also to have more space to present your products or your company.

To ensure that the flap folder is rigid enough to protect all your documents without them bending, we have chosen to print it on 350g semi-matt coated paper. Coated paper is a type of paper that is widely used in the printing industry because it offers an extremely high quality finish, both visually and in terms of how it holds up in the hand.

In addition to customised folders without flaps, we also offer folders with flaps that not only protect your documents, but also keep them perfectly in place and prevent them from falling out. A very important criterion when our files follow us on all our journeys.

Finishes to personalise your flap pockets

If the paper used for the printing of your flap folder is a semi-matte paper, you have the possibility of modifying its appearance thanks to the laminating option. This option consists of covering the paper with a thin plastic layer that both embellishes and protects it. Here are the options available to you regarding lamination:

  • Matte lamination: modern and sophisticated, this lamination is ideal for giving your folders a high-end effect.
  • Glossy lamination: ideal for highlighting images or bright colours, this lamination is an easy eye-catcher.
  • Soft-touch lamination: thanks to its velvety peach skin effect, this lamination makes your folders more pleasant to hold.

These lamination options offer you the opportunity to personalise your folders and give them a more professional look by highlighting your attention to detail. Whether they are intended for your prospects or your employees, your folders will make a lasting impression.

The second finish we apply is creasing, the process used to make your folders easier to fold when you need them.

There are two possibilities for this:

  • the single crease, containing one fold, perfect for holding about ten to fifteen pages.
  • Double creasing, containing two folds that form a 5mm edge, which allows your folders to hold 30 pages or more.

Finally, we suggestadding notches to your flap folder. These notches are ideal for folders used for external use as they allow you to slip in a business card that can be easily detached. This way, your prospects will be able to see your contact information without having to remove a staple or tear off a part of the folder.


Frequently asked questions about the flap folder

How to customise a flap shirt?

Whether used internally to store documents or externally to inform prospects, the flap folder will be passed from hand to hand, making it an excellent medium to use to communicate and showcase your brand image. These are materials that are not changed very often, so we advise you to create a generalist visual, which will fit perfectly with all periods of the year.

If, on the other hand, you wish to personalise your shirts according to the time of year, such as sales or holidays, or to have different versions available to adapt them to each customer, you can choose amalgam printing, which offers you the possibility of printing different visuals on your shirts in the same order and also benefiting from degressive rates according to the volume.

Our tip: remember to leave a blank area on the front of your flap folder to allow space for writing down the name of the file or the client, for example. You can then stick personalised labels in this area or write in pen. Please note that writing with a pen is more difficult on a laminated surface, so we recommend that you do not apply any here.

How to prepare the file for printing?

As far as office supplies are concerned, the flap folder is a special product because of its template: there are of course pages but also flaps which can be customised. The ideal is to have a technical template that you can find on our site, because you will be able to visualize perfectly the dimensions and technical constraints of your folder and make sure that you have not forgotten anything.

Also, we advise you to take the time to look at the technical specifications we give you for the turning margins, as these will differ depending on the model of shirt you choose.

Once your file has been received, it will be systematically checked by one of our advisers, who will contact you as soon as possible if there are any problems. If you have any questions about your printing project or if you are afraid of making a mistake, do not hesitate to contact our teams by phone or by email.

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