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Letterhead Printing


In Products > Stationery

Personalized letterhead for more professionalism

In a society where everything tends to be dematerialized, letters sent by post remain more impactful than emails and allow to to convey a more professional image. A personalised designer letterhead allows you to accentuate this high quality and neat look. With COPYMAGE, make sure you always have printed letterheads available for all your administrative and commercial correspondence.

In a society where everything tends to be dematerialized, letters sent by post remain more impactful than emails and allow to to convey a more professional image. A personalised designer letterhead allows you to accentuate this high quality and neat look. With COPYMAGE, make sure you always have printed letterheads available for all your administrative and commercial correspondence.

  • Time limit 4h
  • From 50 to 20,000 copies
  • Amalgam print option
  • Wide choice of papers

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Letterhead printing for companies and individuals

The different types of paper and formats available to you

In order for each company to be able to carry out all its projects without any constraints, we offer you several choices of formats and papers for the printing of company letterheads. The different formats available for this type of printing are as follows

  • The A4 formatThis is the most popular format for company letterheads as it is the classic format used for letters.
  • The A5 formatformat, which is smaller and more compact, and can be sent easily by post but can also be slipped into a pocket or a delivery parcel.

Regarding the choice of paper weight, we offer several options for customizing your prints: 

  • Printing 100g white paper100g white paper, classic and slightly thicker than the paper commonly used for mailings
  • Option 100g opal white papermore luxurious, offers a satin touch and a high quality finish
  • The 100g Conqueror extra white paperwith a slight texture, for a prestigious and professional look

Other printing options include personalise only the front side of your of your letterhead or both sides. You can also choose between a classic black and white print or a more dynamic and stylish colour print.

Trust COPYMAGE for your custom letterhead printing

Usually printed on A4 format, business letterheads can be printed on a standard inkjet printer. printed using a conventional inkjet printerHowever, this can be very time consuming and costly, especially if you want to print in colour.

Take care of your professional image to the recipients of each personalised letter! Thanks to our different formats, weights and personalised letterheads, we offer you the possibility of reinforcing your visual identity and and make an impression with your letterheads.

By entrusting us with the printing of your design letterheads, you don't have to worry about anything: we check your file and its layout to print your communication materials without error. We will print your order and deliver it to you as quickly as possible. With our express formula, you can even collect your order in 4 hours, ideal for an emergency restocking!

Going to a printer for your printing allows you to go upmarket by using high quality paper and choosing luxurious finishes that are not available through a conventional printer.

Finally, printing using state-of-the-art machines and printers such as those we have in our machines and printers like those we have in our Paris print shop, which allow us to obtain a high definition result and without burrs, with excellent colour rendition.

Create an impactful and recognisable corporate letterhead

As you will have understood, the main role of letterheads for your company is to make your mailings recognisable as soon as the envelope is opened. For this reason, it is essential that the elements of the letterhead are in line with your graphic charter and your visual identity in terms of colours, logo, typography, etc.

Secondly, letterheads ensure that your business partners have your contact details available to contact you easily and quickly after reading your letter. While this feature is a detail for administrative mail, it plays an important role for promotional mail and can trigger an order.

To avoid missing out on a sale and to make it easy for your staff to contact you, remember to include your telephone number and email address on your letterhead. If you wish, you can also include your social networks.your social networks on your letterhead to encourage your employees and partners to join you.

Finally, you should know that French legislation requires certain information to be included on letterheads, for example the SIRET number or the company's contact details. So remember to find out about these procedures when creating your letterhead to avoid any fines.

To complete your office stationery and have everything and have everything you need to correspond with your business partners, your printer COPYMAGE goes one step further: print an order form or a delivery note in just a few clicks. We can also provide you with notepads and ink pads for your daily business needs.

Frequently asked questions about letterheads 

Why use a personalised letterhead instead of plain paper?

Everything about your company helps to to establish its reputation and this is also the case for letters. If a classic blank sheet of paper is enough to show the necessary information for the letter, a letterhead is a communication tool that allows you to convey a serious and professional image. serious and professional image.

In addition, using a company letterhead helps to make the mail immediately recognisable: the recipient only needs a few seconds to know that the letter is from you. In business exchanges (sending quotes, invoices, etc.) it is a real asset that highlights your attention to detail.

Often used in institutional areas such as public administration, letterheads are also used to communicate effectively because your company colours and logo are clearly visible. It is also very practical for your employees to easily file your company documents.

What are the advantages of amalgam printing?

Amalgam printing is a popular option because it allows you to print a large number of communication materials at a low cost. With this option, you can print several versions of your file with different designs in one order for several branches or departments for example.

Not only does this allow you to benefit from discounted ratesbut it is also an excellent way to diversify the messages you send to your customers about the company's news, the breadth of your product and service offer, etc.

Good to know: amalgam printing is also available in express printingThis means you can pick up your order or have it delivered only four hours after placing your order!

How can I personalise a letter further?

Sending mailings on company letterheads is an excellent way to personalise your mailings and make them stand out in the continuous flow of mail. However, COPYMAGE offers you other possibilities to go even further in personalising your mailings.

For this purpose, we offer you personalised envelopes printed in your company's colours. Another option, more flexible in terms of stock management and economical: plain envelopes that you can personalise with either customisable stickers or with a ink pad with which you stamp the envelope.


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