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Printing of advertising banners


In Products > Tarpaulins & Banners

Low cost and high visibility: choose the advertising tarpaulin

Used by professionals as well as by associations or individuals, the personalised advertising canvas allows massive communication because it is visible from far away. Resistant to sun, wind and rain, they are distinguished by the quality of their printing and their excellent colour rendering which attracts the eye.


Used by professionals as well as by associations or individuals, the personalised advertising canvas allows massive communication because it is visible from far away. Resistant to sun, wind and rain, they are distinguished by the quality of their printing and their excellent colour rendering which attracts the eye.


  • Fireproof and resistant M1 support 
  • Wide range of formats
  • Optional metal eyelets 
  • Indoor and outdoor exhibition

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Available formats for customised tarpaulin printing

If they are all intended to be seen from several seen from a distance of several metresare available in a variety of available in many different formats in order to adapt perfectly to all the constraints of professionals and private individuals. You can then decide on the orientation of your printing: vertical or horizontal.

Here are the different formats we offer: 

  • The A2 format (42 x 59.4 cm)
  • The A1 format (59.4 x 84 cm)
  • A0 format (84.1 x 118.9 cm)
  • 65 x 200 cm
  • 100 x 300 cm
  • 135 x 400 cm
  • Tailor-made format

You can choose the size of your advertising banner yourself, but it must be between : 

  • 20 to 150 cm for the width 
  • 20 cm to 10 metres for length

The different types of tarpaulins 

When it comes to the type of tarpaulin on which to print your visual, you have two options: 

  • The standard 440g M1tarpaulin (fire resistant) Covered with a special product, this fire-resistant tarpaulin does not produce flames or drips in the event of a fire, thus limiting the damage caused in the event of a fire. In addition to its safety aspect, this tarpaulin is preferable when participating in trade fairs or exhibitions in enclosed areas open to the public. This is often a requirement. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use but for a shorter period (3 months)
  • Ferrari 375g M1 (fire resistant) prestressed tarpaulin: This high quality pre-stressed tarpaulin is constructed on a stretched mesh from start to finish. This technique gives it superior properties: it is thinner and lighter, yet stronger. It does not curl or crease. It is particularly suitable for indoor use. 
  • The 510g M2 outdoor tarpaulin: A thick, highly resistant coatedtarpaulin for all uses. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a longer lifespan (about 3 years)

The different uses of PVC advertising banners

The most common place to find advertising banners as a communication medium is in the communication support, is during associative or cultural events. Ideal for promoting a fair, an everything fair or a sports tournament, the advertising tarpaulin is often used because it is simple to use and inexpensive.

In the world of retail, an advertising banner is an excellent way to inform passers-by of excellent way to inform passers-by of a clearance period of a clearance period or a change of owner, but also to make your shop easily visible in case of works with scaffolding on the frontage for example.

At trade fairs and exhibitions, the banner is an effective complement to kakemonos and posters in order to make your stand visible and recognisableThis is an excellent way to stand out from the competition.

Finally, customisedtarpaulin printing can be useful when organising private events such as retirements, birthdays or weddings. For event professionals, having a tarpaulin printed "long live the bride and groom" or "welcome to our wedding" that can be reused over and over again is an excellent investment.

With the tarpaulins and banners and banners offered by COPYMAGE, you are able to cover all your communication and information needs. Discover also our printing services for adhesive banner and our offer of micro-perforated tarpaulin !

Frequently asked questions about tarpaulin printing

How to design your advertising banner graphically?

Before you design your advertising banner and place your order for printing, it is essential to answer a few logistical questions: 

  • On which surface will your banner be hung? Is it legal? Your banner can be attached to a fence, a grill or a facade. against a fence, a grill or a façadeHowever, it cannot be installed against trees, electricity poles or listed monuments for example. If it is installed in a public place, it may be necessary to obtain permission from the Town Hall.
  • How far away will passers-by see it? Depending on the answer to this question, you can adapt the size of the font but also the necessary resolution for the images.
  • How long will passers-by have to read it? If the answer is a few seconds, as with a roadside tarpaulin for example, the message should be very brief. However, near a square or a traffic light, you can afford to to include more information.

Once you have found the answers to these questions, you can consider how best to get your message across quickly and effectively, according to your target audience and your objective. Also consider how to make your banner easily associated with your company by using elements that are consistent with your corporate identity.

How do you fix a tarpaulin securely without it tearing?

Vinyl tarpaulins have an excellent lifespan, even if they are installed outdoors and face UV, rain or wind. However, poor fixing can cause tears due to the weight of the tarpaulin.

To prevent this from happening, we strongly advise against using tape or wire. The best way to put up your advertising banner is to opt for the "metal eyelets" option and fix it with a rope or plastic clamps.

The eyelets are evenly distributed all around the banner, allowing the banner can be fixed and stretched efficiently and without the risk of tearing due to weight or weather.

How to prepare the printing file for your advertising banners?

As with all materials that need to be cut after printing, it is strongly recommended that cutting lines and 5 mm bleeds on the contours of your file. 5 mm bleeds on the contours of your file. These elements will be used to ensure that no part of your visual is cut out during the cutting process, without leaving a white band around the edges.

Unlike other large-format communication materials that are intended to be seen at close range, it is not necessary to use very high definition images for the creation of a tarpaulin. If it is supposed to be one or two metres away from passers-by, you can opt for images with a resolution of 200 dpi. Beyond that, you can afford to go down to 150 or even 75 dpi, the result will still be sharp and perfectly readable from a distance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone, our advisors will be happy to answer them. You will also find a guide to cut lines and bleeds at the bottom of the page.

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