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In Products > Stickers & Labels


Choose stickers to distribute to boost your communication!

Small and stickable on any support, it allows to ensure the visibility of a brand or an information in a shop or in the street. Discover our offer of stickers and stickersOur stickers and stickers are in great demand because they are inexpensive, ultra-resistant, practical and very effective for promoting your brand, your event or your activity!

Small and stickable on any support, it allows to ensure the visibility of a brand or an information in a shop or in the street. Discover our offer of stickers and stickersOur stickers and stickers are in great demand because they are inexpensive, ultra-resistant, practical and very effective for promoting your brand, your event or your activity!


  • Deadline D+4
  • Cutting to the shape of your visual
  • Tough & waterproof
  • Matt, glossy or transparent vinyl
  • From 50 copies


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from Dès 13,00

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How do you think about and design your custom sticker?

COPYMAGE offers you many possibilities to create a personalised sticker. Choose from the following options:

  • Printing : available in very small quantities (from 50 copies), give yourself a treat with a communication medium that can be repeated over and over again.


  • The shape : go for classic shapes... (square, rectangle, round or oval) or even made-to-measure. We can, depending on the case, cut out the shape of your choice.


  • The format : 4 main dimensions exist:
    • 50mm x 50mm
    • 75mm x 75mm
    • 100mm x 100mm
    • 125mm x 125mm

If you wish, you can choose customised dimensions.

  • The print medium : There are many choices of media:
  • White monomeric vinyl: more economical and dedicated to indoor use or one-off events
  • White polymer vinyl: more resistant and ideal for outdoor use
  • Transparent vinyl : to let the light through and give a translucent effect to your sticker
  • But also vinyls in different colours: black, gold, silver, frosted
  • Finishing touches: Laminating adds an extra layer to the sticker, increasing its life span. Opt for a matt or glossy lamination depending on the desired result:
    • The gloss will bring vivacity to your colours and enhance them
    • The matte finish will bring modernity and sobriety to the printing of your custom sticker

The advantages of using COPYMAGE for custom sticker printing

We will cut out your visual for you according to the shape you have given us.

With COPYMAGE you save precious time thanks to a service accessible from a distance. You can order online and collect your stickers via our click and collect.

Expect a delay of 4 days to receive your personalised stickers but it is also possible to benefit from our express delivery service for your urgent orders with a reduced to 4 hours. Indeed, at COPYMAGE everything is produced on site in Paris, thanks to a large fleet of ultra-modern machines. This proximity, combined with a high production rate, guarantees you record delivery times.

You can produce from 50 copies onwardsYou can produce small series for one-off events or for restocking. If your needs are greater, we can meet requests of up to 10,000 copies. This ability to adapt makes COPYMAGE a partner that combines flexibility and proximity with the solidity of a professional printing company.

We also offer you a amalgam print to place several different stickers on the same sheet. A real mark of diversity for your prospects who will want to stick several! By increasing the print volume in this way, you can also benefit from degressive rates with COPYMAGE.

If you wish, you can control your documents by editing a proof (ready for printing) and ensure that the printing is in accordance with your expectations.

Get a striking result with the guarantee of a durable and waterproof backing from a variety variety of vinyls that only a professional can provide.

Need to extend your range of stickers and labels? Discover our other products by browsing this section: die-cut stickers, stickers for bumpers, stickers cut to size, transparent models, with transfer film, window stickersor even personalized label !

Why create stickers and stickers?

Why use a customised sticker to make your brand or products visible? Here are 5 reasons to convince you:

  • They are inexpensive to produce: With COPYMAGE, you can have print quantities from the lowest to the highest volume. This allows you to avoid stocks of personalised labels and to renew your messages frequently. This capacity to distribute small to large series makes it a strong ally for all your one-off operations, from events to promotions.
  • They are 100% customisable: your personalised sticker can take any form in terms of message, medium and size. Choose your options to personalise it according to your expectations. So you can let your creativity run wild!
  • They will fit in all your marketing campaigns: Customised sticker printing is an excellent tool for all communication operations. Distribute your stickers from hand to hand during your street-marketing campaigns, at your trade shows or during the organisation of fairs, concerts or festivals. Stick them on your products to highlight your promotions.
  • They are more than ever in the air: With the meteoric rise of emojis on social networks, brands have understood that they can capitalise on this trend. With the help of young people, they can now be used anywhere in an original way: on computers, phones, cars... in short, the possibilities are endless.
  • They make excellent goodies: Receiving a gift is always a pleasure. The personalised sticker is one of those discreet but much appreciated gifts. You can give them to new employees as part of their welcome kit so that they can stick them on their diary or computer, for example.

Distribute personalised stickers at your seminars, sports or cultural events. Leave them on the counter for self-service, you'll be surprised by the take-up rate! You can also systematically include them in your parcels sent to your customers. In short, the possibilities are endless.

Frequently asked questions about custom sticker printing

How do you create an attractive personalised sticker?

Whether it's to embellish your packaging or raise awareness of your brand, a customised sticker will contribute to a positive customer experience. Here are a few tips for successful design:

    • Prepare your elements Why are you going to print stickers? Will your personalised sticker be used to promote one of your products? Think about gathering all the important information that will have to be included, such as the date of manufacture or expiry date for stickers for food products
    • Go for minimalism The personalised sticker is a small surface. Your message should therefore be short and impactful. You can opt for different types of message such as a catchphrase or slogan or use an attractive visual to hold attention and make people want to stick your sticker on as many surfaces as possible. You can use your logo of course, and all the codes that will allow your personalised sticker to be associated with your company as quickly as possible: colour codes, charter elements, icons, etc.
  • Think about the consistency of images and text on your custom label For your message to be effective, images or illustrations must make sense and appear with consistent text.
  • Some mistakes to avoid: Common mistakes made when creating a personalised adhesive label often include the following:
    • Tackle the visual The personalised sticker is a small tool that can be attached anywhere. The visual must therefore be striking at first sight
    • Inserting too much information The key words when designing a custom sticker are simplicity and simplicity. Don't drown your message with too much text. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

How to print a customised sticker?

Do you want a customised shape? To match the objective of your communication campaign, nothing beats a customised and adapted sticker.

Pour cela, ajoutez une 5ème couleur appelée “Découpe” avec un ton direct noir 100% ou magenta 100% et un filet de 0,2 point d’épaisseur. Le nombre de points correspondra à l’épaisseur de votre trait sur Illustrator ou Photoshop.

This information will enable us to cut out the perfect shape for your personalised label.

For a custom shape, you must respect a maximum size of size of 125 x 125 mm. We advise you to work on a grid of this size to ensure that your customised format does not exceed these constraints.

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