At Copymage, we believe that by being close to you, both geographically and ethically, we can offer you the best value for money for all your printing needs.

By choosing to set up our printing plant in France, in the heart of the capital, we have decided to produce 100% in France, combining proximity to our customers, a guarantee of impeccable quality, respect for our commitment to environmental protection and support for the French economy.

By entrusting us with your printing work, you benefit from the results of these deep commitments and we accompany you in the respect of common values.

Print in FranceA printing plant in France: a guarantee of reliability and responsiveness

We know that, because they involve your image and allow you to develop your business, each printing job you entrust to us is essential for you. We also know that the quality of our work and the respect of your sometimes tight deadlines are the main reasons for your satisfaction and your unfailing loyalty for over 30 years.

At Copymage, we make it a point of honour to provide you with a quality of service that enjoys all the advantages of geographical proximity:

  • You have a question, you wonder how to make your poster, which print run to choose for your poster? We are at your disposal both online and at the printing counter in France. At Copymage, there are no telephone exchanges or inexperienced advisors. You benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our specialist consultants and technicians. Better yet, the same consultant will follow up on your work throughout your order. No lost information, all your requests will be satisfied.
  • Do you need your leaflets for your sales event the next day? Do your employees run out of business cards on the eve of an important trade show? Your printing company in France, Copymage, is at your service. Our latest generation of machines will enable us to produce your communication materials in 4 hours.
  • You can also take advantage of our D+1 delivery service throughout France. If you prefer to come and collect them directly from the workshop, the short distances involved will ensure that the deadlines are met.

Print in FranceA printing plant in France, a gesture for the preservation of the environment

Respect for the environment is a central concern for Copymage. Keeping the printing plant in France means working with virtuous suppliers, using environmentally friendly raw materials and reducing the transport of resources (inks and paper) and finished products. By favouring short supply circuits, we are helping to reduce the CO2 footprint of our production.

At Copymage we only use paper from forests that have been awarded the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) labels. The former certifies that the wood comes from a properly managed forest. The latter indicates that the wood comes from forests whose owners are committed to respecting the rules of sustainable forest management.

In addition, we have chosen to work with machines that do not use solvents and to use latex ink, which is made up of vegetable latex and water for greater respect for the environment.

By entrusting us with your printing work, you will be assured of respecting your own commitments to the environment, such as reducing your carbon footprint by delivering by bicycle in Paris.

As a printing company in France, we accompany you in the production of communication supports that respect your convictions and your principles in terms of nature preservation, as demonstrated by the fact that Copymage has obtained the Imprim'Vert label. Indeed, this label certifies the implementation, by your printing company in France, of concrete actions aimed at reducing the impact of our professional activity on the environment. For example, at Copymage, we recycle 100% of our waste whether it is paper, cardboard or plastic.


A printing plant in France, 6 examples of products made in France

  • Business cards made in France

An essential marker of your professional identity, create memorable business cards. Available in different sizes and thicknesses. Selective varnish, 3D varnish, gilding.

  •  Flyers made in France

For direct and local communication. The flyer is a simple and effective medium. Available in different sizes and paper weights.

  • Bound files, magazines, catalogues made in France

Present your products or services in a professional way with a stapled binding: magazines, catalogues, brochures. Glossy paper for photos or matte for a comfortable reading experience.

  • Posters made in France

Essential for being visible from afar. From A4 to A0, tailor-made, urban or bus posters. For indoor or outdoor use.

  • Rectangular stickers made in France

A clever and modern communication medium. To offer to your customers or partners and make them ambassadors of your brand or to stick your brand on all your packaging and delivery bags. Different sizes and finishes available.

  • Leaflets made in France

A simple and effective communication tool. Essential information on your offers. Multiple folding options according to size.

At Copymage, we guarantee you 100% made-in-France printing. By choosing our printing company in France, you will benefit from our commitments in terms of quality, responsiveness, proximity and respect for the environment and the French economy.

Print in FranceA printing company in France, a player in the French economic fabric

As a French printer, we at Copymage are committed to supporting the French economy. This commitment is essential for several reasons:

  • There is a great deal of printing know-how in France which we want all our customers to benefit from. By having our French partners and suppliers work for us, we are helping to maintain this specific professional skill and contributing to preserving national employment in our sectors.
  • By sourcing all the raw materials that will be used in your printing project in France, we guarantee the highest quality for both the inks and the papers that will be used by Copymage, your printing company in France.
  • By ordering the paper we use to make your 100% made in France prints in France, we are helping to support the French wood industry. This sector of activity is one of France's richest assets and we wish to support its development for the benefit of our customers.
  • By working with French partners and suppliers, we benefit from the quality of their production and the relevance of their advice. Like you, we need our suppliers to be both expert and responsive. So, in the same way that you use the services of Copymage, your printing company in France, we work with French economic actors who are accessible, informed and reliable.